cheap-ass syn-free onion jam

proper proud of myself and my penny pinching. Normally I don’t give the reduced section in the supermarket a second glance – not because I’m a snob but because I don’t like fearing for my life and jostling with people with no teeth for 13p off a fizzy egg and ham bap. I mean honestly. I shit you not when I say I’ve seen a proper physical fight over a Whoops trifle in Asda in Blyth, with security being called and everything. I do love the fact they call their reductions ‘Whoops’ though – it’s so camp – you might as well stick ‘What am I like’ after it and have a small photo of a man holding his fingertips to his lips. In Waitrose you don’t get any of that puff and bluster, just a discreet sticker that you can hide under your copy of the Daily Mail and quinoa-soaked-in-tears salad. Anyway the reason for all of this is because I managed to get a 2kg bag of red onions from Morrisons after class yesterday for the grand sum of 35p! yes, 35p for a bag of on-the-turn onion already chopped up and ready for action. I couldn’t freeze them as our freezer is full of lollies, dough and about eighty-eight bags of cod fillet that we keep buying at the supermarket and telling ourselves we’ll eat more fish. We never do, you’d think we’d learn.

So, I put out a question onto a SW group on FB, which has been invaluable in providing tips, and the general consensus was that I should make a chutney. Someone very thoughtfully provided a recipe, so as one good turn deserves another, here is a recipe card:

to make onion jam:


Because I’m a bit prissy, I generally don’t like sweetener as it’s an awful amount of chemicals for nothing at all. Just use a bit of sugar or even better, honey. If you want to make it with sugar, add a good tablespoon and call it five syns, but sweetener will be free. Add to sterilised jars (dishwasher, highest temp, leave to air dry) and it’ll keep for a few days in the fridge. Perfect with meat!




14 thoughts on “cheap-ass syn-free onion jam

  1. I am with you on sweeteners but feel the same about FryLight! I’ve started using the pure olive oil sprays – 2 calories per spray but I wipe around the pan with kitchen roll to ensure the pan is coated but the excess is removed. Not sure it’s Syn free like FryLight but I’m treating it the same!

    • Ooh now I’ve never really considered Frylight before – the pure olive oil spray sounds much better! If I’m completely honest, we actually do tend to just use oil when cooking and take the hit on the syns, as I’m not keen on the frylight taste – reckon a teaspoon of oil between two isn’t going to derail us! I’m going to have a look for the spray though, thank you 🙂

      • Tesco sell a british rapeseed oil one, Sainsbury & Waitrose sell 2 by Filipo Berrio – light olive oil & extra virgin olive oil. Unfortunately all squirt rather than spray!

    • Not a bad idea – it would work! I use the Filipo Berio sprays now or just normal olive oil. I know you should syn olive oil but the amount I use I don’t bother, plus I think it’s good for you! Certainly better than Frylight!

      • I use the plastic bottles with the spray top you get in the set you can take in your hand luggage as I don’t use them. I put oil in them. I also have one with garlic in and of with chilli in as I’m a fancy tart 😁 xx

    • I do this because I hate frylight and all the added crap they put into fat free ‘healthy’ foods. I watched that sugar movie (actual title) the guy at a healthy diet for 60 days after being sugar free for years and he put loads of weight on around his stomach.

  2. There’s a real coconut oil spray which is free. Seen it on a taster table at a group I visited. Think it’s in sainsburys.. hang on I’ll have a look

      • Hi chubby cubs, yes it does have a coconut taste, but for some things that works fine …. curries etc coconutty fried eggs is a bit of an acquired taste so probably best to get another spray as well, sometimes I just put a drop of ordinary cooking oil in the pan and brush it around with a pastry brush to get a fine coating, … keep up the good work fellas!

  3. I have a question, hope that’s okay? We have a glut of butternut squash and green tomatoes. Could I make a mixed chutney by substituting the onions for butternut squash and green tomatoes? Does anyone think that would work? ????

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