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Since our blog began, we’ve managed to negotiate four excellent deals with Musclefood for meat boxes truly suitable for a Slimming World diet! We’re not just shills for the company, we truly do use their meat and can vouch for the quality and standard of their products. The chicken breasts are huge, the mince isn’t full of water and everything tastes good. To help you out, I’ve set out all four deals in a handy infographic style – just click which one you want!

Obligatory note: we are not Slimming World consultants – all of the syns we have checked via their online syns calculator and well, everything in the packs is low in fat or fat free, but please, if you’re concerned, do double check the syns. But well, we’ve been doing this nearly four years now, we know what we’re doing! Also, we do get a tiny commission for each meat pack you buy – just enough to keep us in gin, hard sex and gadgets. ENJOY!

UPDATE: whilst our hampers are amazing, you might find that they have things you’re not keen on and you want to swap them out. Well now you can build your own hamper! Pick which slimming items you want and go go go! To help, we’ve done you a full list of syn values!

Click HERE to build your own hamper!



1 x 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breast Fillets Free
3 x 500g Hickory BBQ Chicken Breasts Free
3 x 500g Dragon Fire Chicken Breasts Free
3 x 500g Chilli & Lime Chicken Breasts Free
8 x 170g Premium Turkey Breast Steaks Free
4 x 400g Extra Lean Steak Mince Free
6 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks Free
10 x 113g Extra Lean Steak Burgers 1 each
2 x 170g Matured Free Range Rump Steaks Free
2 x 170g Matured Free Range Sirloin Steaks Free
2 x 170g Matured Pure Rump Steaks™ Free
2 x 170g Matured Pure Sirloin Steaks™ Free
2 x 170g Matured Free Range New York Strips Free
2 x 125g Fresh Salmon Fillets Free
2 x 125g Fresh Tuna Fillets Free
Whole Fresh British Chicken – 1.2 kg Free Skin removed
2 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks Free
2 x 170g Dragon Fire Hache Steaks Free
1 x 400g Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince Free
4 x 100g Premium Pork Medallion Steaks Free
1 x 400g Extra Lean Free Range Diced Beef Free
2 x 141g Melt in the Middle Steak Burgers 2
1 x 500g Hickory BBQ Chicken Breasts Free
1 x 500g Dragon Fire Glazed Chicken Breasts Free
1 x 400g Chilli & Lime Chicken Mini Fillets Free
1 x 400g Premium Chicken Mini Fillets Free
6 x 75g Low Fat Pork Sausages Free
6 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages 0.5
20 x 20g Extra Lean Free Range Meatballs 0.5 Two balls
10 x 35g Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions Free
2 x 113g Extra Lean Steak Burgers 1
2 x 113g Lite Beef™ Minute Steaks Free
2 x 113g Extra Lean Steak Burgers 1
2 x 113g Extra Lean Chicken Burgers 2 Each
10 x 35g Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions Free
20 x 20g Extra Lean Free Range Meatballs 0.5 Two balls
12 x 30g Chicken & Sweet Chilli Meatballs Free
2 x 113g Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers 1
2 x 170g Low Fat Smoked Bacon Steaks Free
2 x 113g Fat Free Venison Burgers Free
1 x 250g Broccoli Florets Free
1 x 250g Curly Green Kale Free
1 x 400g Whole Mixed Peppers Free
1 x 1kg Whole Red Onions Free
1 x 30g High Protein Pork Scratchings 8
1 x 50g Lemon Crunch Protein Bar 9.5
1 x 45g Coconut Crunch Protein Bar 8.5
1 x 42g Caramel Delight Protein Bar 7.5



musclefood deal



How does Musclefood work then?

To me, Musclefood are like Amazon, but instead of getting books, sex-toys and televisions bigger than the side of an articulated lorry (is that just my shopping habits?), you get meat (and other things such as fruit and veg) delivered promptly and well-packaged. If you go to their website, pick what you need, and pick a suitable delivery date. If you spend over £75 you’ll find that delivery is free (or it’s included in a couple of our deals) if not, it’s nearly always £4.95. You can pick the day you want and they’ll package up your order into a great big insulated box and send it out via their courier. Don’t panic if you’re not going to be in, the box is insulated, packed with frozen gel packs and will happily stay frozen all day long, so even if you’re not in, you can have it delivered somewhere safe and it’ll be fine. Unless you work in a sauna, and if that’s the case, you’ll be used to a hot meat delivery. There’s more indepth detail here on their website but look, I’ve been chucked a handy graphic together below for your viewing pleasure.


What can I do with the contents of our meat boxes? Well! That part of it is easy.


chicken stuffed with tomato and spinach










chicken chow mein slimming world


chicken orzo moonblush tomatoes risotto


beef mince

reuben burger


tater tots slimming world friendly

http://twochubbycubs.com/2015/07/05/dippy-tater-tots/ (probably the best recipe yet)



baked spaghetti


baked spaghetti pie


beef strips

mongolian beef




beef in honey and black pepper sauce






http://twochubbycubs.com/2015/07/14/the-reuben-burger-and-perfect-chips/ (the perfect chips to go with a steak)

I recommend just cooking the steaks plain, serving with chips and peas. Classy!




sliced pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon


spicy sw pasta




rainbow salad


turkey meatballs with bacon





pimped macaroni cheese


spicy slimming world sausage rigatoni


Done! Now come on, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to find something to eat with the contents of your Musclefood package! Just click here to be taken to Musclefood’s site and enjoy!