COMPETITION: win a soup maker!

That’s right, you can win a soup maker! Alright, it’s not like winning a fancy car or getting the chance to motorboat a supermodel’s boobs / Tom Hardy’s bollocks, but listen, soup is good for the soul and, done well, it’s also good for your slimming regime. You’ll eat, you’ll fart, you’ll gasp as you get on the scales and they don’t audibly grown. Or perhaps you enjoy your house smelling like a condemned care home and the idea of thick vegetable soup at the touch of a button is your thing? Either way, who cares. We’re giving away a soup maker (this very model!), and it really couldn’t be more simple. But please: READ THE FRICKIN’ RULES.

All we need you to do is FIND THE QUEEN’S QUEEN. We’ve hidden that most joyous, always-smiling old dear that is The Queen somewhere in one of our soup photos. We’re often hiding people – I’m still proud of the fact no-one spotted when I hid Phil Mitchell in a baked bean – but the Queen is certainly the most regal celebrity we’ve ever dipped in our dinner.


  • don’t share the answer – please – if we see you doing it, we’ll disqualify you
  • complete the form below – the only mandatory option is to tell us the page where she’s hidden and to visit and like our facebook page but you can get extra chances to win by completing the other steps!
  • be within the UK – i.e. make sure will deliver to you
  • keep an eye on your inbox – if you win, we’ll email you – but if we don’t hear within four days, we’ll pick someone else!

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Good luck!

PS: you want a top tip? Easy. All of our soup recipes are indexed on our recipe page (it’ll open in a new window!) Might be a good place to start…!