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Slimming World is great, because nearly all of the recipes you can make completely from scratch and you don’t need anything ‘specialised’ in your kitchen. Nowt worse than when you go to make a soup and it’s asking you to boil your broccoli in a sous vide for 9 hours in the salty tears of a dying swan. That said, we do have some lovely things in our kitchen (as a result of having that pink pound of ours, go gays!) and they can make things easier. In the interests of absolute full disclosure – you don’t need any of these things for our recipes, not once, not ever. But if you want to treat yourself, do!



You’ll have seen so many people banging on about slimming world chips – the recipe is simple, cut up your potatoes, par-boil them for 5 or so minutes (you just want the edges softened up a bit) and then spray with Frylight. Put in the oven for 30 minutes or so or until they’re done to your liking. Serve.

Alternatively, if you’re a lazy sod like me, buy an Actifry. It’s a kitchen gadget that I can say, hand on heart, we use at least twice a week – cut up chips, put in a tiny drop of oil, cook for twenty five minutes, and to my mind they’re like chip shop chips. We chuck sea salt on ours and leave the skins on – lovely. This is our fourth actifry – and we’ve been getting them since they were released – the other three we were clumsy with and dropped various bits.

There are other airfryers out there, like the Philips Airfryer, and indeed we bought one of them – but you need to get up and shake the basket every now and then and well, we’re too lazy for that. The Actifry can also make omelettes, spag bol, chicken nuggets, all sorts. Sausages come up a treat too. And the best bit for me? Getting all the crunchy bits from under the paddle after cooking. Heavens yes.

Slimming World chips here I come!

Our casserole pot – Le Creuset


This is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever bought. I do believe in buy cheap buy twice and this has never let us down, not least because you can use it in so many different ways, from a casserole pot in the oven or for risotto on the hob. The non stick means that you can sear meat at a high temperature without it sticking, which is important when making stews and the like because it helps to seal in the flavour. Yes, it was very expensive, £140, but it will last many, many years, and if you consider how much money you’ll spend on cheaper pans where the non-stick fails, it’s worth it. You can get cheaper lookalikes which work just as well from Sainsburys. We even use ours as a frying pan if we’re making eggs because the non-stick works that well. That said – it is VERY heavy – it’s a cast-iron pot, it’s not going to float out of the oven – so it might not be suitable if you have problems with grip or feel as weak as a kitten.

If you dare, click here and buy yourself one. You’ll never look back.

Microplane grater

Easily our most used bit of kitchen gadgetry – a nice, simple Microplane grater. If you’re a vampire-dodger like us and love having garlic in absolutely EVERYTHING then you need this – it demolishes a garlic clove in seconds with no fiddly bits like with a press and no faffing on chopping either. An absolute godsend. Also smashing for cheese (the finer you grate it the more surface area you get – therefore the less you need!), and chocolate amongst other things. Treat yourself with this and you’ll never look back – we promise! Also, did you know that chiropodists use these to hack away at manky feet?! If it can sort out your hooves imagine what it can do for your kitchen!

It’s just grate

The soup maker 

soup maker

I LOVE soup. I genuinely think it’s one of the best lunches out there – hence there’s quite a lot of soup recipes on this site. However, because we’re lazy and I don’t want to pay for a cleaner, we never bothered making it because for us, it meant dishes – chopping boards, a pan to cook it in, washing out the blender, washing out the soup container. Nope. You can chuck it in your veg, onions, stock, meat, whatever into this – and it’ll cook it nicely and then you just switch it to blend and you have your soup. To clean it, just put in a bit of boiling water and a drop of Fairy Liquid and blend. It now takes me 5 minutes to prepare my soup and then I can leave it cooking. Again, you can get cheaper ones – hell, you could do the same thing with a hand blender, but this is a very ‘one dirty dish’ way of making soup! Go for it.

I am lazy, and I need this!

A decent mandolin slicer


Why did I caveat that by saying decent? Because a crap mandolin slicer is bloody dangerous. You can lose your fingertips easily. But this one is my favourite – a safety catch hides the blade when not in use, and you have a little ‘gripper’ that holds your vegetable so you won’t slice your fingers. We use this a lot – it’s perfect for slicing onions, leeks, peppers, carrots – even cheese. It’s a tenner and you can have the job of veg prepping done in the time it takes one Enya song to play out. Above all else, I’d recommend one of these – especially if you’ve got shit knives.

As an aside, don’t buy shit knives. Buy ONE good knife. Two if you’re generous. Do some research.

Who needs fingertips anyway?

Sky Planters


I beg your pardon – I never promised you a herb garden? Well that’s a pity, because we have one outside, with rosemary, sage, bay, thyme and all sorts of other nonsense growing in it. I can’t recommend growing your own herbs enough because by god it’s easy and you’ll notice the difference. Get a little planter from the garden centre and a few starter plants and you’ll be away.

However, some plants don’t grow easily in our climate outside, so we have two of these suckers hanging from our kitchen ceiling, with basil growing in one and mint in the other (don’t plant mint in the garden, it’ll take over!). They’re easy to water, up off the worktops and because they look pretty, we actually use them, as opposed to the usual buying a plant in Sainsbury’s and letting it rot on the windowsill.

Because everyone needs a hanging herb!

Tefal Optigrill

Like a George Foreman grill but won’t leave your chicken as dry as a nun’s snatch. This really is a marvellous bit of kit and something that truly could not be without – simply press the button for whatever it is you’re making (this comes with options for burgers, steak, sandwiches, sausages, fish, poultry, seafood, bacon and pork chops), whack your meat in and let it do it’s thing. The big light on the right shows you in real-time the ‘doneness’ of the food – so if you like your steak rare you can yank it out when it’s yellow, or if you like it well done wait until it’s red. The best thing about this is the chicken setting though – it stays juicy and cooked to perfection without the risk of you having the shits. I mean, really – what else do you need?! It’s even got a handy grease trap so you can see how much shite is running out of your food.

I love a good grilling, me.

Julienne peeler


Look, this one is an extravagance. You don’t really need one of these, but it’s only £8. Quite a few recipes, especially stir fries and the like, ask for carrot matchsticks – and one of these buggers will get you those in a flash. We like decent presentation in our food but we don’t like effort. So this will help!

I like uniform carrot matchsticks! I’m OCD. Help me.

Samsung fridge


This was something that I really had to battle Paul over, who was content with a normal sized fridge. I, however, won him around with tales of chilled ice and water on command, which is like manna from heaven for a fat bloke. When it arrived, they had to take it all apart, move it into our kitchen and put it back together, cursing us all the while. We originally filled it up with lovely bottles of wine, Tab cola and glass bottles of coke, but now, like everyone else’s fridge, it has that weird big of spilt milk, a limp leek rolling around in the bottom and a funny smell. At least it’s giant monolith appearance lends itself to being covered in slimming world certificates and “inspirational” fridge magnets. Yes Margaret, you’re right – I AM amazing.

I’ve got chills – they’re multiplying

Kenwood stand mixer


This was a total vanity buy, I’m not going to lie, but it has served us incredibly well. Before I went on this diet I used to do a lot of baking (can’t now, as I always work on the make two, eat one principle of baking), and I am far too lazy to mix things by hand. We saw these on the Great British Bake Off and it had to be done. It’s great, and well worth the money, especially once I had remembered there was more than one paddle in the box. It creams butters and sugar together wonderfully, it whisks for meringues and it stirs bread, Christmas cake and heavy dough without breaking a sweat. It’s also a lovely shade of cherry red, just in case you suspected that there wasn’t a stereotypically homosexual reason for buying it as well. We use it now mainly for making SW friendly pizza dough. Yum.

Yes, I’m in the Bake Off

Magimix XL


Like the above, this was another vanity buy – you can buy a hell of a lot of other much cheaper food processors out there that will do the same job. But this is an absolute bloody beast. You can chuck anything at it – soft veg, hard veg, pastry, cats – and it’ll slice and dice quicker than you can turn the dial. It’s handled my cack-handling of it with aplomb, it’s never failed me yet. And it looks…so…pretty!

Chop chop

 The Egg Squarer


Remember my square egg recipe? This is how I did it. Entirely pointless. No really it is. But if you have a spare fiver, why not throw one in to amaze and delight your friends? Because well, why not?

An oval egg doesn’t satisfy me anymore. I need angles on my breakfast!

Reusable food containers


These food containers are fantastic if you’re a busy working gal or if you like to batch cook, you can put them in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher and use them all over again! A pack of ten will last you absolutely ages and are just what you need to prepare throughout the day. They’re partitioned off too so you can make it even easier to make sure you’re getting enough Speed food.

Put a lid on it

Oil sprayer


We hate Frylight just as much as you do. It’s pricey, it makes your pans all claggy and then strips off all the good stuff. We don’t think we should have to buy all the different varieties for whatever you’re doing and then faff on with turning the heat down, so we just use this instead and it’s a million times better. Fill it with your own oil and spray away – you get a nice mist rather than a squirt so you really do use less of it too. It pays for itself after no time at all!

Spray it all over



We totally went along with the bandwagon when it came around to spiralising the hell out of everything and we have no regrets. Ok, it’s a bit of a gimmick but if you want to get extra veg into your diet, it really does help having them on your plate looking all curly and pretty, rather than just sliced and smeared on the edge. They’re pretty cheap and this particular model comes with a lifetime guarantee, so even the clumsiest twat is covered. G’wan, treat yourself.

Curl one off

Potato ricer


Everyone loves nice, smooth mash! Get it nice and silky by using one of these, it takes no time at all! Crack an egg into the mix and you’ll have the best mash ever!

Do the mash

Measuring spoons

These don’t really need much of an intro, do they? Decent measuring spoons are essential for Slimming World – it’s way too easy to go overboard when using standard cutlery. Get these and you’ll keep yourself on track! These are less than a fiver, so treat yourself!

Spoon me daddy

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    • I love the planter, My son learnt the mistake about mint last year, wow, I took the lot of him last week and replanted it in 100s of yogurt cartons and people in group going take them next week, I love your page. On again today to find the huge burger you showed us last year I cant find anywhere. Down 8 st 4.5 lb in 3 years and as mum of 8 sons all with healthy appetites and always looking to make some thing different. You page is awesome. Oh and I am mum of Mr Gay Ireland 2016 Konrad Im, so I am always busy and house full of mad people.

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  3. Hi Guys

    In my second week of SW and now look at your recipes more often and with more enthusiasm than the SW ones. fat bastard burgers last night were prety OMG yes yes yeeesssssssss (Think of the famous scene from “When Harry met Sally”
    I’d def join your group if you were SW consultants! 🙂

    • Well aren’t you a love! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it – we realised that SW recipes are actually rather shite so set out to make decent, proper food that people would love and we’re so glad to hear when people do! Keep us updated with your progress! P x

  4. I love this site. If I ever get bored with the minutiae of life (which is all the time) I think “I know – I’ll have a look and see what the cubs are up to!” v v funny and so realistic. Keep on keeping on, boys!

  5. Guys I’m giving myself a stern talking to, in prep of going back to class to shift the 2nd stone of the pesky 4 that jumped on overnight! !! A friend shared your site and I had a look. THANK YOU, I’m ready to brave the class with you guys behind me and your fab recipes I know I can make me proud. Why aren’t you lecturing?? You should be! Thank you. Stay classy. Xxxx

  6. This is the best read and has also inspired me to get back to slimming world!!! Just brilliant well done and thank you xxx

  7. I’ve been at this game for over 4 years & lost quite a bit, then I got bored & complacent & realise I’ve been paying to put the pounds back on. Ouch! I was introduced to your fabulous blog yesterday & have devoured it! I’ve woken this morning excited about SW for the first time in ages, thank you for that, the amazing recipes & the giggles. Now let me get to my Rocky road oats… 🙂

  8. Just started slimming world and came across this site, I can imagine I’m going to be doing your recipies a lot they all look so good, I’m also loving reading about your days so I’m going to get your book ??

  9. Just stumbled across your page after searching for recipes. Absolutely brilliant. When I go through your recipes I actually read them out to my partner because you are so funny ?. You guys share some great recipes. Thanks for spending the time to do this. ??

  10. I’m possibly coming to the party a little late, but thank you for some wonderful recipes, and one-liners that are making me cry laughing! Keep it up boys :))

  11. My friend recommended your blog and I’m so glad she did. Looking forward to trying your recipes and reading about your adventures. And hearing about the cats. We are a two woman, two cat household also trying to shed pound on SW.

    • Ah, you give me hope! We have yet to find that wonderful loving and untsderanding soul whom we will trust to be with our Wren. She’s just turned two and although we love every moment of our time with her…we do know the value of time as a couple and really look forward to being comfortable taking that time when the right person comes into our lives.Sounds like date night was delicious all around. Here’s to many more of those special moments.

  12. Love reading your blogs and recipes so much that I bought your book; it’s so funny I actually lol for real. Thanks and keep up the good work 😀

  13. Just re-joined Slimming World last night after a year on Primal/Paleo, was ok, but you so miss the, wheat and grains and beans and proper bread, lost 1 and 1/2 stone, but it has seemed to stop now, have been reading your blog at work and laughing out loud and bosses keep looking round like, what is she looking at ha ha…my secret.

    Like many others, love your recipes, and you will help me to make a success of this diet…. thank you. I went to buy the Actifry from your link but it’s over £200 now, so might wait to see if it goes on special.

  14. Just re-joined Slimming World last night after a year on Primal/Paleo, was ok, but you so miss the, wheat and grains and beans and proper bread, lost 1 and 1/2 stone, but it has seemed to stop now, have been reading your blog at work and laughing out loud and bosses keep looking round like, what is she looking at ha ha…my secret.

    Like many others, love your recipes, and you will help me to make a success of this diet…. thank you. I went to buy the Actifry from your link but it’s over £200 now, so might wait to see if it goes on special.

      • Go to Argos or Amazon they are the cheapest.my one went down to £100 from Argos some months ago. They are great and easy to use.

  15. I think I just lost a stone giggling at your blog!
    Your wit makes the tediousness of weight loss so much easier. Thank you! I think I may become as addicted to you as I did to sugar. ?

  16. Your blog has truly inspired me to give sw a go! Have really enjoyed all the recipes I have looked at so far and your humour is infectious xx

  17. Looking for the recipe for “bachelor rice”. Please email it to me . Enjoy this site so much. Thanks so much.

  18. done the slimming world thing cant stand the weekly weigh in regime but need to loose weight then i found your page ,bloody funny and so un pc love it you have inspired me to get back to dieting keep up the good work

  19. Just found your site…….I am back at sw for the umpteenth time, you never know I might actually crack it this time, ha ha haaa, just don’t hold your breath……..love your humour, looking forward to following you guys xxxxxx

  20. Great blog and fabulous recipes, you have inspired me to join SW again and with the help of your recipes I think I’ll stick to it this time. Thank you very much! X

  21. fairly new to SW, just 7 weeks with 7lb loss.
    I think that will change for the better with your blog and amazing recipes !
    How are you guys doing? have you lost much? Keep us updated on your progress and cheers for a brill blog

    • Excellent – 7lb is still a very good achievement! We’re doing…okay. Our weakness has always been snacks and takeaways but we’re trying our best!

  22. Persuaded me now to buy a Kenwood, but I cannot get on with my Actifry
    ( Tefal copy) not had any successful chips yet!
    Love the blog, love the recipes ( one pot lasagna being a family favourite) keep up the great work!

  23. I am a newbie and love you already, love your blog, fantastic humour, thank you for the recipes, I am sure I will use you everyday.

  24. Hi, I thought I saw a new year muscle food package with a whopping amount of meat advertised on FB somewhere through yourselves? Any ideas, as im one fatty and in need of some good meat!

  25. Dear TCC, I haven’t read all the comments, apologies (I know, me bad), but having just joined the actifry gang, I wondered if you wash and dry each time, or just cut and chuck in??

  26. I’ve been on Slimming World since May 2015 (I’m 6st 7lbs lighter) and your blog & Facebook page are my favourites. I’ve got the mandolin, Amazon sold me it’s julienne brother too. My son has bought me the mist sprayer. I love your Overnight Oats & just recently the Ikea Meatballs. Thanks Guys!!!

  27. Oh what a pleasant find !!!
    Laughed lots and lots at your humour and outlook. In a world of negative people this is such a great find, and I’m not even at Slimming world !! Was just browsing for diet recipes and came across you two funny guys.
    Think I’ll try a few of your recipes and follow your page….you’ve cheered me up on a cold February night. !! Cheers…Fantastic site. x

    • Sure! There’s four main ‘types’ of airfryers…

      1. You’ve got the Tefal Actifry which is the ‘standard’ – it works by blowing hot air over the food, which is stirred by a paddle to cook it evenly.

      2. The next type is the ‘basket’ (e.g. Philips Airfryer) which operates in the same way, but doesn’t use a paddle. Upside is that the food is in a basket so the fat can drain away, downside is you have to shake the food to cook it evenly.

      3. The third type is the ‘Halo‘ style ones – these are the same as the Actifry but use a halogen lamp to heat the food instead of just hot air. They’re basically the same but have a different heat source.

      4. The fourth type is the halogen oven – this is just a glass bowl with a halogen lamp on top. You will need to stir the food.

      Personally, my choice is the Actifry, specifically the 1.2kg version based on what we use it for which is mostly chips and sausages. We’ve had the basket type before but didn’t really like it, it was a pain to keep getting up to shake the food and even then it never cooked evenly. The halogen ones (Halo and standard) are popular but I’ve heard negative things about the build quality, and also they’re bright green. But, then people absolutely love them so it’s a personal choice.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  28. Love this site & love ur gadget list (they make things a hell of a lot easier for ‘the disaster in the kitchen’ that is me.
    Just got myself a samsung fridge (2yrs old & got it for £75!! Beat that!) which is perfect to store ur musclefood deals in.
    Keep up the good work ❤

  29. Thank god I have found your blog. I started SW in 2015 after having my third bub and gaining 4 stone. Oops. I lost 3.5 stone in 8 months and kept in target for 11.5 mths. Then xmas happened. I ate literally everything because, oh it was xmas and the mentality just carried on.
    I stopped going to group because I had hit a bit of a low but am determined to get back to target. I just needed a bit of fresh perspective and some new recipes. I could literally live on potato’s and pasta but you still need some variety for it to work.
    So thank you for sharing some really tasty looking food plus making me giggle like a school girl beforehand.
    Keep the recipes coming please! x

  30. Love your site guys, you make me howl and your recipe’s are amazing. I am struggling at the moment and feeling like losing the plot. Will have another look at your recipe’s to try and motivate myself. Musclefood deals are also fab xx

  31. Thanks to you two arses……I’ve just spent £193.82p on fucking gadgets on Amazon….I hope you get a bonus off them! And if I find out they’re useless I’ll be coming round to your gaff (in my nifty Micra) and giving you a surgical enema with the fuckin spiralizer 🙂

  32. Been tryin to motivate myself to go to SW club 😢But it just never happened 😭I hate bein amongst loads of chatty women all askin the same stupid question and gettin the same stupid answers 😡!! I’m not the worlds most unsociable person really 🙀My daughter told me about ur site and I love it !!!! U guys are hilarious and the pics and recipes are so tasty lookin 😂That’s it I’ve found my motivation so me and hubby starting tomo once I plan meals and get shopping in . Love u already 💘X

  33. I started slimming world in Jauary and felt super motivated and then….ya know…..life happened and I sort of gave up! But now I’ve found your blog I am buzzing g to get up and go again!!! Hopefully this’ll be the start of a better SW journey!!!!

  34. Tell me more about your oil sprayer…do you use normal oil? Is frylite really just because it sprays? Share your info…☺

    • I use proper olive oil in it, and syn it at 0.5 syns per five squirts. Sometimes I only get four squirts but then I’m getting old!

  35. Hiya – I’m also new to your site and love the recipies. I did do slimming world a while ago and lost a bit but got bored with the same old – same old – stuff.
    I do need to get motivate and think now that I have found your site will be more inspired and motivated.
    Thanks also for the chit chat – as it makes me laugh!
    Keep up th good work guys!!!

  36. Hi TCCs! I’ve got an Actifry and my chips didn’t come out as crispy, what am I doing wrong? I didn’t parboil them first and just chucked them in (I did wash them and soak them and dried them and then patted them dry also beforehand…Madge would be so proud) but nope no crispiness. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Do you have to pre-heat actifry to make it hot first?

  37. Have you seen this:


    It’s my most favourite ‘pointless’ kitchen gadget ever! I’ve binned the conventional potato masher.

    Thanks for your recommendations, I’ve just ordered the spray oil dispenser because frylight is RANK.

    Also, I’m loving the mid-sentence comedy in the recipe instructions, almost spat my gin out! Haha!

    Laura x

  38. I love this site!!! The recipes on it are so good! And I love the ‘things we love’ page. What an easy way to make things. And so time saving!
    I’m in love!!

  39. I have everything from the big fridge up ,( I would like a big fridge if anyone has one spare ) tell a lie I dont have a sky planter but Im good at gardening so I could make a herb one ,dont need or have the room for anything from the big fridge down .. Im rambling now sorry

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