100 syn free recipes: slim for Christmas!

syn free recipes

Here for the syn free recipes? Now just listen for a moment. Depending on when you’re arriving here, there’s not a lot of time until Christmas! I’m writing this in September and you have fourteen weeks to lose weight before the big day is here and you’re spending it smiling wanly at your guests whilst secretly wishing they’d bugger off home so you could let your belly hang out and watch Doctor Who. Don’t pretend!

If you started at the time of me writing this, you could lose two pounds a week and thus, two stone before Christmas came around. That’d show that cow in accounts, wouldn’t it? You know the one, gazelle legs, lovely hair…you’re just itching to push her down the stairs. Ssssh it’s OK I understand.

These recipes have been chosen from our giant bank of recipes which can be found right here – here at twochubbycubs we generally don’t worry about spending a syn or two and I personally don’t think you need to stress about making sure everything is syn free, but you know, perhaps you prefer syn-free meals – so here we are. I’ve carefully and lovingly copied links to 100 of our most fabulous syn free dinners.

things to remember about our syn free recipes:

  • most of our syn free recipes will serve four people unless we indicate otherwise, although don’t be frightened to eat double portions if you want – no-one is judging you as long as you’re not blending a cottage pie with extra gravy just to get it in your gob quicker
  • as a rule, we actually tend not to tweak – we prefer good honest ingredients rather than using things like Smash to make a crust or couscous to build a car to the fish and chip shop – where we do tweak it’s usually very clearly marked
  • on the theme of good ingredients, you’ll not find any complicated sweeteners, impossible to find ingredients or other such nonsense in our syn free recipes – we prefer to cook with decent stuff you can find in most supermarkets
  • we can’t stand Frylight – it reminds me of a sweaty arse – we prefer to use sprayable olive oil – we use the Filippo Berio stuff which comes in at half a syn per seven squirts, just like my husband
  • I’ve tried to include some veggie syn free recipes but if you need more, click on our main recipes page, there’s tonnes on there
  • we’re not official Slimming World consultants but we love Slimming World and have been going for nine years – I reckon we’re single-handedly paying off the payments on Mags’ bronze-level caravan in Scunthorpe – we check our syn values regularly but if there’s anything you’re unsure of, CHECK THEM YOURSELF
  • share, share and share alike: please feel free to give this link to anyone who needs it – but do not copy everything and pass it off as your own work – we do this for free and anyone who is found profiting from it, well, we’ll come after you hard, I promise
  • we love feedback – please do leave comments!
  • finally, a word of caution: we’re a blog about two fat blokes first and foremost, and the language is a little fruity. Actually, it’s downright blue. Please don’t get yourself in a tizz over the swearing, we’re all adults here. The same applies for the often frank descriptions of naugty activities…

Our syn free recipes often use lots of meat – we have some genuinely amazing deals with the excellent folk at Musclefood that are exclusive to us – take a moment to look at what we can offer you by clicking here – don’t worry, it’ll open in a new window! We do massive boxes full of chicken, extra lean mince, beef strips, sausages, all sorts. Easy way to prepare yourself!

You don’t need any fancy gadgets for our recipes – the only things we ever recommend are:

  • a fine microplane mincer – useful for garlic, lemon, ginger, all sorts – we use these a lot, but a normal grater works just fine
  • a mandolin slicer – easy to use and makes perfect slicing much quicker and easier
  • an actifry – that’s how we do our chips – teaspoon of oil, teaspoon of worcestershire sauce – you’ll never look back, I promise. That’s it!

UPDATE: I’ve added two colouring charts if you want to track your progress  – at the bottom of the page under the recipes! Even if you want to make your own, we have you covered!

RIGHT. That’s the house-keeping done, is it not? HERE’S THE SYN FREE RECIPES! You can also click here if you want a whole raft of overnight oat recipes too!


  1. mcdonalds style chicken wraps
  2. chicken and pea lasagne
  3. chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon
  4. sweet potato, chicken and chive risotto
  5. baked chicken parmesan 
  6. houmous coated chicken
  7. garlic, chicken and bacon pasta
  8. tandoori chicken with roasted romanesco and onion rice
  9. asian chicken nuggets
  10. juicy paprika chicken
  11. pizza topped chicken
  12. chicken, orzo and sunblush tomato risotto
  13. salt & pepper chicken
  14. diet coke chicken
  15. kfc style chicken
  16. chicken chow mein
  17. chicken gyros
  18. courgette and turkey meatloaf


  1. onions stuffed with a gorgeous mince mixture
  2. philly cheesesteak burgers
  3. slow cooker lasagne
  4. sweet potato and spinach beef bowls
  5. easy peasy beef curry
  6. absolutely amazing sloppy joe mac and cheese tater tots
  7. mince ‘n’ mash
  8. steak au poivre with a rich sauce and hasselback potatoes
  9. potato crust meat pies
  10. asian garlic beef
  11. reuben burger
  12. sloppy joe tater tots
  13. cottage pie
  14. baked spaghetti pie
  15. beef chow fun
  16. cheesy meatball one-pot dish
  17. rolled stuffed meatloaf with sweet potato, sprouts and mushroom stuffing
  18. mini lasagne cups
  19. one-pot super quick cheat’s lasagne
  20. syn free beef burgers


  1. baked new potatoes with crispy bacon and cheese
  2. ham and egg breakfast bites
  3. loaded potato wedges
  4. sausage stroganoff
  5. ham and potato hash
  6. brussell sprouts and bacon risotto
  7. speedy breakfast bake
  8. slimming world carbonara
  9. bacon wrapped hotdogs with cheese sauce
  10. pork tenderloin with strawberry and balsamic glaze
  11. parmesan crusted pork chops with garlic broccoli and smashed potatoes
  12. breakfast burritos
  13. blte bap
  14. oaty breakfast omelette with houmous and ham
  15. leek, samphire, mushroom pea and bacon frittata
  16. knocked-up tomato sausage bake
  17. stuffed omelette – so tasty
  18. proper ham, cheese and onion quiche 


  1. hash browns
  2. rainbow coleslaw
  3. kale and sweet potato cheesy mash
  4. colourful mash
  5. lentil shepherd’s pie with smoky cheesy mash
  6. goats cheese, spinach, mushroom and caramelised onion pizza
  7. quinoa porridge with roasted tomatoes and garlic
  8. butternut squash spaghetti sauce
  9. syn free breakfast muffins
  10. spinach dip
  11. tomato soup
  12. perfect roast potatoes
  13. red lentil dahl
  14. bubble and squeak rostis
  15. warm rocket, pea and mint sala
  16. cheese and asparagus french toast dippers with soft boiled eggs
  17. cheesy smash scones
  18. baked bean lasagne
  19. mushy pea curry with onion rice
  20. houmous


  1. loaded potato wedges
  2. easy peasy beef curry
  3. goats cheese, spinach, mushroom and caramelised onion pizza
  4. black bean and quinoa burgers
  5. syn free pizza
  6. reuben burger
  7. meatball marinara sandwich
  8. spicy egg curry
  9. lamb kofta
  10. easy chicken curry with spicy broccoli
  11. spiced lamb mince and potato aloo kheema
  12. mushy pea curry with onion rice
  13. cheesy garlic bread
  14. falafel burger with tzatziki
  15. doner kebab
  16. perfect egg fried rice
  17. chicken korma and saag aloo
  18. spring rolls
  19. spinach and chickpea curry


  1. creamy tomato soup
  2. carrot, swede and potato soup
  3. tomato, fennel and feta soup
  4. super speedy ‘just like Heinz’ tomato soup
  5. super speed soup

ENJOY! Good luck and everything. Please do remember to share us, you’ll put a big beaming smile on this big fat bloke’s face.


I’ve quickly knocked together something which you can print off and colour in as you go – hope this helps! You’ll need to choose between naughty or nice  – naughty has some naughty words on it, nice is something you could print off and put up in a church hall without summoning the Antichrist! So take your pick – naughty or nice – each one will take you to

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