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Well hello there – so you enjoy the blog and the thought of two strong men coming daily in your mailbox is what you’re after. Of course it is! Well, to follow this blog, just put your email address into the follow me box which will be:

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I never spam or send out nonsense but you’ll get a little email everytime I posted, which so far is once daily. I mean, I’m a young guy but I have limits, you know?

It would be amazing if you could share the blog and the recipes – scatter them in the wind like so many disposed tissues. Give them out in your slimming class, post a link to the blog on your Facebook groups, go crazy – the more shares the better!

Finally, if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear, don’t fret – we have to moderate them and that can take up to 24hours – but we always get round to it and we’re always very thankful.

Cheesy though it is, we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for everyone else.

Urgh, my fucking teeth hurt.