a quick update!

Hello, good afternoon, good luck, good riddance!

Perhaps you thought we had died – but no, just dieted, though I can understand why you might have been mistaken. It’s been altogether too long since we last updated, and for that, our profuse apologies. But life found a way, and we forgot, and then it felt that we had been away too long.

So just some very quick news and updates, and then an important message / warning to share.

Firstly, our fourth book is out! And the reviews have been utterly incredible – over 1,150 5* reviews in a month, and that is beyond glorious to see. The book is focused on the one thing we’re known for: delicious meals! It’s called Full On Flavour because that’s what the recipes are: bursting with flavour, with no rubbish ingredients or diet swaps. All under 500 calories, including all the puddings and breakfasts. Plus, some lovely photos of Paul and I to put you off your dinner. What more could you want? And for today only (Sunday 4 February) it’s only 99p on Kindle – you don’t need a Kindle, just download the app. If you prefer the hard copy, that’s only £10.50 on Amazon. Either way, you can get both offers by clicking on the book below!

Next, you can find us on our usual social media channels:

  • on our Instagram channel, where we are posting regular recipe videos and food pictures;
  • on our Facebook page, where those same recipe videos are posted, plus lots of little extras
  • via our Facebook group, which has become a brilliant little group of people posting their food pictures and helping each other out – it’s really quite brilliant

We used to update Twitter but I’d sooner staple my tongue to a moving train than give that human laxative any traffic.

Then, our final bit of news – we’re going to (after ten years!) give twochubbycubs a makeover to make our recipes searchable and more user-friendly. Once that is done, we’ll be updating on the regular (I know, I know, but updating the site in its current form is a ballache beyond compare, so we need to make it easier!) – this will involve taking the site offline for a bit. Not entirely sure when, and we will give a heads-up before it happens, but a plea: if there’s a regular recipe you use from here, take a copy of it – all the recipes will return, but we don’t want you missing out!

And that’s all I have to say on the matter. Hope everyone is keeping well 🙂