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Urgh, my fucking teeth hurt.

728 thoughts on “follow and share

  1. This is the first blog I have ever read and whilst people on the bus think I am bonkers for laughing out loud, you have made my 90 minute commute enjoyable . Please can I follow and share xxx

  2. Found this blog by accident last week and haven’t stopped chuckling yet – all this merriment and SW friendly too!! Just subscribed, thank you xx

  3. Just discovered your blog – best laugh I’ve had in ages! And the recipes are good too. Thanks for cheering up being on a diet.

  4. Oh god every day off I get I’m straight on here reading what you have been up to recently. The streams of consciousness have me chuckling to myself and crying as I try and tell the fella the funny bits. I absolutely love it. Thank you for brightening my days πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, usually at on my lunch break complete with funny and irritated stares from my colleagues when laughing out loud. You have given me the motivation to return to Slimming World – managed to lose 4.9kg on my own since September but now starting to plateau. I’ve picked out some of your syn free recipes to keep me going through the week. I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Ahh, cheers Beckie! Glad you like it! Please do try some recipes and let us know what you think – we’re always looking for feedback both good and bad, and suggestions for improvement! P x

  6. This page always lifts my spirits when I’m having a difficult day and inspires me to do more, I thank you

  7. This is amazing! Thank you so much! You guys are hilarious! I always struggle to incorporate the food I love yet make it healthy; you’ve done just that. X

  8. This is the 1st time I’m gonna follow a blog, you guys r amazing, I’ll be checking it out as often as I can, really looking 4ward 2 trying out the recipes , thank u so much 4 sharing, awesome

  9. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. This is the funniest blog I’ve ever read! I haven’t even reached your recipe section yet, and I’m hooked. ☺

  10. Love the blog boys!! Great to have some light hearted fun whilst on our SW journey and not have to worry about the bitchy tweet police!! A fellow Geordie xx

    • Thank you! Glad you like it! I’m a filthy foreigner for the land of East Anglia so not a proper Geordie though I am working on my Whey Aye Man. Keep coming back and let us know how you get on! πŸ™‚ P x

  11. This blog is A-MAZE-IIIING! I have just posted a link on my sw groups FB page. literally been chuckling out loud to myself all afternoon whilst procrastinating in work.

    • Thank you so much πŸ˜€ we love any publicity but so glad it’s made you chuckle πŸ™‚ that’s all we aim to do! x

  12. What a fab site, I’m a target member at Slimming World and needed some inspiration and new stuff, wow am I glad I found you. Can’t wait to try the sloppy tater tots.

    • Thanks Sheryl! Glad you enjoy it – we were bored of the typical SW fare too so we set out to make it more delicious and fun, and hopefully we have πŸ™‚

  13. I am so glad I found your blog! I’m off work for next 7 weeks following an operation on my foot so plan on working my way through your blogs and recipes – they all look fabulous – and the blogs are hilarious thanks for sharing x

    • No no, thank YOU for reading! I hope the op on your foot goes okay, there’s nowt worse than having a gammy one when trying to get out and about :/

  14. Thank you for cheering my Sunday up! I have seen your recipes dotted around facebook for a while now, but decided to plan my week by using your recipes this week…. Well, my other half thinks I’ve gone slightly mad!! I’ve been sat here reading through the recipes chortling to the point of the odd guffaw for the last hour or so! Let’s hope your recipes are as good as they look – and as good as the crack!!

    • Cheers Hazel! Glad you enjoy the site! Make sure to let us know what you think of the recipes, don’t be afraid to say if they’re shite! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Heidi, just click on the ‘Follow and Share’ link if you want our posts delivered directly to your box (…not that one) and there’s also links to our Facebook page there too! πŸ™‚

    • We don’t have a cookbook unfortunately (yet!) but you can find all of our recipes from the link at the top. We do however have a book about our honeymoon, which you can find here!

  15. I’ve just got back from holiday having completely fallen off the SW wagon and was looking for some motivation to get back onto it. Have really enjoyed reading through your hilarious site and will look forward to your updates x

    • Of course! Just pop your email address into the Subscribe box and you’ll have us easing our way into your box now and again… which we don’t get to say too often…

      • The best advice I can give you is to USE SYNS and enjoy what you’re eating! That’s what this site is all about – good, proper, decent food that everyone loves that isn’t afraid to shove in the odd syn now and then πŸ™‚ keep us updated with how you’re doing!

  16. This is the best thing I have read since sliced egg!! I love the way you write about your days, has me in stitches!
    Welcome into my life with open arms! My SW journey has officially rebooted!!
    I think the angels sent you xx
    Thankyou xx

  17. Just found you today and chuckled my way thru my housework avoidance day…thank you for making me snort like a demented porker!! I just signed up and even love your “welcome” message,wonder how many spotted it as no-one seems to have mentioned it? Anyway,a huge thank you, I will be sampling your wares soon and look forward to hopefully seeing the fruits of your labours in my mirror,clothes and may even venture towards the scales if I can summon up the nerve.

  18. Finding this blog has made my day! Its nice to know there is something there to read and laugh at on the good and bad SW days! I’ve shared it with my group on our members page on facebook, hope thats okay! Thanks for the giggles and yummy recipes!

    • Ah grand – pleased to hear it! We always find the recipes in the magazines and books to be awful, so we started making our own!

  19. I’m not a slimming club member, but it’s 1-40 in the morning , I can’t sleep, and I’ve stumbled across your blog. A big thank you for making me laugh so much….I must have worked off a whole bunch of calories just laughing ! I’ve given you my email address and will definitely be back . Keep up the good work, x

  20. I just love your style of writing, and your recipes are your cats are adorable! If anything could lure me from my lifelong weight watchers will be your blog! Xx

    • Ah thank you, they’re terrors really. One’s showing me her mary as I type. No idea where she gets that from. Abandon WW and come over to the dark side!

  21. Guys what can I say, think I’ve fallen slightly in love with you ???? you have me in stitches ????????
    Shared to my Facebook, FB skinny minnies page and my Fat Class (Slimming World page) keep up the good work and keeping me sane ????????

    • Hi Wendy – of course! We have added you to the mailing list – you’ll get an email normally once a day when we post! πŸ™‚

  22. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at something so brilliantly written. You are my new favourite people – thank you for cheering up what is currently a v crappy week! As a SW follower too i can’t wait to try some of the immense looking recipies.

    • Liz! That is so kind – thank you πŸ˜€ glad to cheer you up, don’t be glum. Life is too bloody short! Welcome πŸ™‚

  23. Brilliant. Found by accident googling Steak Bake πŸ™‚ Best site I’ve found since joining SW. Fab recipes and hilarious take on things that tells it how it is and leaves us in no danger of not taking it all too seriously and disappearing up our own backsides. Perfect balance and made me smile after a shit week. Well done and thankyou. Subscribed.
    Gerri X

    • Hey, we’re happy to cheer you up! I think thats the key, bit of humour and good food and it feels like less of a diet! πŸ˜€

  24. Did I read somewhere in the comment that you have a book out,I’d love to buy it,I find your hilarious & fairly brighten up being on a diet,please keep up the good work ????X

  25. Been facebook following for a while but only just got around to following here too – so glad I did. Am going to devote some time to reading every. single. thing.

    • Oooh blimey! I counted up a while ago and we’re over 300,000 words now, I’m such a gobby bugger! But good luck and thank you!

  26. What a brilliant blog. I’ve had a little laugh too – love your sense of humour.
    Superb ideas, esp the zinger burger πŸ˜€
    Now get your bums on Instagram so I can share you with all my SW foodie friends. Thank u x

  27. Hello! I found you guys last night when I couldn’t sleep. Googled SW to see about joining, saw the costs of joining and decided to Google SW recipes instead! So, I found you and your humour and your cats. Had to stop reading when I started chuckling out loud and nearly woke my husband. I look forward to trying your recipes and being cheered by your stories. Thank you. Jen (with one husband, one bunny, three cats and four chickens) x

  28. Thank you for making me laugh so much at your quirky ways, I have recently retired as a AE staff nurse, your sarcasim is sooo like how we would react to certain things, love,love how you make SW so easy, looking forward to reading your blogs and trying your recipes

  29. I love your recipes and would be interested very very much if you could do a 3meal a day 1 week menu for those of us on a tight budget everything you post looks wonderful and I have written a few down to try this week xxx

  30. Love your recipes and have made quite a few, they are delicious. Using your recipes to get my head back in the slimming world game! Making the beef chow fun tonight and the takeaway style beef and brocolli another night.
    Been recommending your blog to my slimming world group and I’ll be directly referring to your blog whenever I post the meals I make from here! πŸ˜€ Keep up the awesome work!

  31. I need some help in starting my weight loss journey, I live in Prague (I am English, just work over here) and I think reaching for your blog rather than chocolate will keep me smiling ! Please add me. Thank you :0)

  32. Fantastic blog and excellent posts … I came here following a search for overnight oat recipes and now I’m addicted to the posts and their hilarious content.

    I do have one question though, why is there a slight transparent picture of the cast of Birds of a Feather on the rhubarb and custard overnight oats recipe? (I’m probably missing something) πŸ™‚

    Keep up the fantastic work and look forward to future posts!

  33. I happen to come pass this blog and can say it’s the best one for a while thank you for making dieting so much fun keep up the good work πŸ™‚ x

  34. My sister shared this. I thoughts initially what what the hell is she trying to tell me. Well whatever it was I don’t care because I haven’t stopped laughing !!!! May hope it continue. I’m sure you don’t need any luck because if you continue on your journeys then I will be entertained. Keep up the good work x

  35. Wow! I have never laughed so much! I think you, my dear will be my slimming success. You’ve really grabbed my attention by putting fun into the ‘fat’ topic. Your down to earth, witty and hilarious attitude is refreshing. I have never shown any interest in blogs etc but please, I beg you! Let me join your mad house?
    Thanks so much.xx

  36. Fabulous receipes…..and awesome narratives!! You two have had made crying with laughter this morning….. And made writing the shopping list a whole lot more fun! Thank you ????

  37. Really great page! Or pages I should say! I’m starting Slimming world on Wednesday again! But with this blog of yours I might find it a bit easy then the other 20 times I tried and failed! Some fantastic ideas and recipes. Plus a good fun page to read. Thanks guys xx

  38. So funny and great recipes …love a slimming world.member in Gloucester uk and its great to have such help …thankyou ..x

  39. All these recipes look amazing and I can’t wait to try them and lose weight xx thanks for taking the time to put all this together xx ???

  40. Found your home page and intro hilaripus and delivered with such honesty too.the list of recipes are brilliant and will be so useful.keep it up guys this site is so inspiring to us fat figjters out thete.tjanks again x

  41. Great recipes, and fun to read! Thanks, and I agree with the cooked rhubarb rubbish too, I never have added syns to stewed rhubarb.

  42. I need your blog to sort my meals out – i can’t seem to put slimming meals together out of the ingredients i buy. Also the way you write makes me laugh and i need cheering up after eating my boring attempts! Keep up the good work!

  43. Hi I love you guys you make me smile every day thank you for that. I know you have lists of free and sin food what I would like to know do you have a file for breakfast,lunch,dinner and snacks. I am not that great on phones tablets or computers if you do have a file with that information I apologise. Thanks Mags.

    • Hello! Our subscribe box was missing – it’s now available, so if you don’t mind nipping back and signing up as we’re not allowed to add anyone manually for spam reasons! Booo! And thank you!

  44. For some reason i cannot find the box to add my email to your follow list, but i need a daily dose of twochubbycubs in my inbox please! Can you add me? By far the best SW blog and recipes i have come across!

  45. Hiya, can’t find the “follow me” box, then again I am a bit of a techno dinosaur! Can you help?? Jackie

  46. You’re a hoot! Found your blog by a friend posting a recipe on Facebook – so you’re obviously tech savvy too. Not even started looking at delish culinary masterpieces yet, been too busy laughing . I have absolutely no idea how to follow a blog ( embarrassing admission of my tech stupidity…) but Pretty please will you allow me the pleasure of following your blog? Ps. I’m a bit fat too, hence the request πŸ˜‰

    • Hi! Our subscribe box was missing – it’s now available, so if you don’t mind nipping back and signing up as we’re not allowed to add anyone manually for spam reasons! Booo! And thank you for the lovely words!

  47. In Spain last day of holiday coming home to foul weather and the scales on Tuesday morning, but with a little bit of humerous encouragement I may actually board that plane. Looking forward to your recipes coming in my inbox, so to speak!

  48. I have just subscribed. Your writing is hilarious really laugh out loud funny. You put me in mind of Alexander Burroughs and David Sedaris. I am a ex pat Brit living in Canada with my Canadian Husband. We dont have SW here and i really miss it. Cant wait to try your recipes they look amazing. Keep up the great work.

    • Liz! Thank you for the lovely words – we do try so it’s lovely that we’ve made you chuckle. You’ve also done me a massive favour – I’ve been searching for a chap I heard reading essays on the radio for ages, but I couldn’t remember his name, only his voice. It’s David Sedaris! You’ve solved that for me, thank you!

  49. Got some fab recipes on here as I was getting bored of the same old meals I was making with slimming world and ended up loosing track and putting a stone back on.
    Si if you will please add me,then I’m sure I will get to target this year with these recipes mmmmm.

  50. Im so glad i found your website. I’ve never laughed sooo much, bloody hilarious mun. Also love your recipes keep em coming lol xx

  51. Hi! I don’t follow slimming world but do love some of the recipes as like to make healthier versions of foods I love! I adore this blog! Well done! Do you mind if I share it on my Instagram page? Can tag you in if your on Instagram?
    Kirsty x

  52. Hi again… Just wanted to say that on my first week lost 7lbs….your banter and recipes have been such a blessing to me…cos when I think of the other 14stone to go I just read your blog and look at the fab food (especially syn free) you and Paul create, it gives me the boost that I need….. I will be going to fat free clothes shops before you know it …..thank you so much
    Well done too on your weight losses …..may the cock of the north be forever upstanding…???

  53. omg you are right up my street – I do slimming world but find the meetings stuffy like the womens institute (soz my opinion )looking for fun on my journey and think I have just found it !!!

  54. Just found you by accident….. best thing ever! You are soooo funny!!! Should be on telly! Not got Kindle ….. are your books available hardcopy? Thanks for cheering me up. Love your cats too!

  55. Hi, so happy I found this blog. I would love to follow slimming world but not available in Australia. I known there is a choice from A and B free foods and sync but don’t have any details about what these are so unable to follow it. Please to find your recipes but more info would be great.

  56. Awesomeness all wrapped up! I always laugh at what you have written, you make my day. Thank you for sharing your cool recipes and daily chat. Keep up the great work ?

  57. Just found your blog whilst searching desperately for meal ideas on slimming world: was having a shit day but you have made me laugh so much I snorted. Love you guys.

  58. Have just found your site and I am hooked!!!! Must have been in deepest darkest Africa to MIDs it?? Are your recipes two serving or four? Cheers Sue. X

  59. hi there, i have just started slimming world and i love the fact that you are sharing these receipes!! i cant wait to try them, they sound so scrummy

  60. Hi ,I really love your recipes and you are so funny , you make dieting so much fun. I was following you on Facebook but I for some reason I cant access your page anymore but I am not sure why ?!

  61. Just found you via a forum on MFP – love what I see so far and start slimming world on Tuesday so will be revisiting the site frequently Over the next few weeks! Bought the book too, so looking forward to reading more about your journey!

  62. I have just stumbled across you guys and already I think we could be friends!!!! my sense of humour, totally πŸ˜‰

  63. First week on SW and I am so glad I found you x you made me laugh out loud – looking forward to blether and recipes

  64. Just started following you & have seen all your slimming world recipes, I’m really excited as I am starting to do slimming world by following your recipes daily. Do you recommend any quick meals & snacks as I have a young family & this would make it a lot easier for me on some days?

  65. Your recipes are so easy and quick which takes the onus out of cooking from scratch when I get home from work. Thank you.

  66. I have been doing slimming world for awhile and haven’t got very far with weight loss – I know what a yoyo feels like! I am told by a member of the class I go to that I will find wonderful recipes and people who feel like I do proving that I am not alone and I really hope I’m not.

  67. Fab, laughing so loud I started reading it out loud, my 14 yr old didn’t appreciate it much and I have spent the last few minutes apologising……didnt think it was possible stuffy SW feels fun and almost naughty ?. Love you guys, please add me to your mailing list x x x

  68. I’ve been a target member now for just over two years after losing over six stone. Having only recently found this site, I’m having great fun reading your comments and following new recipes. I’ll certainly pass on the site details to other members of the group I attend and friends. Thankyou for a welcome fun relief to the ‘serious’ side of losing weight and keeping it off.

  69. Having recently found your website, I thoroughly enjoying following the blog, recipes and comments. I have been a target member for two years, after losing over six stone, but still need encouragement and inspiration to continue keeping off the weight. Your site certainly helps with the humour and recipes. I will certainly pass on the details to group members and friends. Thankyou for the light relief in the very serious side of losing weight and keeping it off

  70. Was planning on joining slimming world with a feeling of dread till I found your blog . Am now contemplating a diet with a smile on my face , might even go to my first meeting wearing a T shirt saying “OOO .. I could mash a banana “!

  71. I laughed so hard I nearly choked …you’re such a find. Will definitely share you later with my friends. ..but only after losing the weight and look fantastic!! They can keep sweating it out on the treadmill ….supposed to be asleep…5am alarm for work….but I’m going to keep reading. You’re priceless x

  72. I’ve just come across your blog searching for recipies on Pinterest & I am already hooked. Looks like I’ll be spending the rest of my night catching up and making shopping lists!
    Brilliant read x

  73. Wonderful, funny, inspirational and useful !!! Thank you guys, I look forward to reading more and having a giggle too !!

  74. Love your blog. I’m on lots of SW Facebook groups but this is much more entertaining. Going out now to buy some Smash ! Fancy your salt and pepper chicken for tea tonight.

  75. I’ve had to stop reading your blog at work as I’m in tears of laughter by the end of it and people look at me funny (well more than usual). I’m trying out the satay chicken tonight πŸ™‚

  76. Hello! My hubby Phil and I are also two chubby cubs who have joined Slimming World! We joined in January this year, and are doing well so far!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and I’ve subscribed πŸ™‚

  77. Only just found you after it was posted by another sw momber in our group, so so funny and fab looking recipes, cheered me up no end πŸ˜€ x

  78. Wow after scrolling thro a gazillion ( yes I know that number it’s linked to my calorific intake!) I finally found this box!! So I hope this means I’m following you ( please don’t go too fast it’ll turn into a boot camp πŸ˜‰

  79. Just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for SW inspiration. Amazing recipes and you are as funny as f***.Will tell all my chubster buds about you. By the way if you enjoy geocaching you might like Google Ingress (if you get into it make sure you join the green team)

  80. I do hope been subscribed? I’m absolutely hooked on your blog…..At last some men who understand lmao ???

  81. Fabulous! I reached target just before Xmas 2015, still on track and managing ok, but when I need some inspiration I’ll read your blog, well done and thanks x

  82. Wow, you guys are 100% brilliant!! Haven’t laughed this much since my, now departed, staffy ran full speed into the patio doors almost knocking him clean out.

    My other half decided to do the SW thing and as a big foodie myself, thought i’d give it a go. I’ve grew a pretty impressive beer gut since leaving the forces back in ’06 and even more so driving trucks the last 5 years!!

    Recipes look amazing, cant wait to try some of those. Oh and if you’re ever in and around the West Midlands, I’d love for you to come have a lite beer and a SW barbecue with us!!

  83. If laughing helped me lose weights I’d be a real skinny minny. Thanks boys. Love that you say it as it is. Xx

  84. I just happened to come across your webpage and ive been laughing from start to finish. its wonderful how you make so many comments that feel like you have pulled them from our own brains. you come across so genuine about your weightloss journey and it resonates with so many people. love it keep doing what your doing it makes the journey I’m following myself much easier knowing other people have stumbled on the same hurdles I have.

  85. I have laughed, nay roared with laughter these past few months. I have had to start buying Tena I laugh so much at lunch reading your exploits. Like the hairy bikers but without bikes, one Smart car and a crush on Tyrone from Corrie who don’t like fish ( well it’s a good bloody job you are gay then lol) *was that too rude?* ppfft! Plus your SW recipes are sh*t hot . Merci beaucoup mes amis! Xx

  86. You guys are amazing! I giggle my way thru to the recipe which are fantastic! Thank you for making it real! I adore u lol

  87. Looking forward to trying ur recipes . From reading the comments it looks like I’m going to have lots of laughs.. Really looking forward to reading your blog. Hugs Tara.. X

    • Thank you! Don’t forget that we have a group on Facebook too if you want to come along and keep us updated with your progress! πŸ™‚

  88. Love it! I have been doing slimming world for 5 weeks and have lost 1st 1lb, more then I could ever imagine.
    Now I have found you I will be looking forward to lose the next stone. Doing a online shop today!
    Please add me x

  89. I stumbled across your site today and absolutely love it!
    I have done SW off and on for many years. I moved to Australia last September and gained lots of extra weight I’m struggling to get off. The fact there are no groups over here is killer! :'( This is why I’m back online searching for SW recipes etc. Thank you for sharing your experience. I, for one, really appreciate it πŸ™‚ xxx

  90. Your sense of humour is too bloody funny…love it!!! Starting sw tomorrow so looking forward to trying your recipes. I’m having a busy day today stuffing down all the remaining chocolate biscuits, cake and pizza :)))))

  91. I’m quite new to SW (4 weeks in) and have just found your blog – never has slimming been so funny!! Can’t wait to try your recipes and read your posts ? Xx

  92. Just found this via one of my friends on Facebook.
    I am going to try these recipes as my husband, myself and son are diabetics and my son is waiting for an operation to help him lose weight but it would be great if we can all lose some and support him on his journey.

  93. Just found your page by luck on Facebook….and after only a few pages….I love you!! Hopefully you’ll inspire me to loose loads of weight. I’m doing Slimming World Online as I’m hard of hearing and couldn’t hear in the class. Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Off to read more!!

  94. I really need to lose weight so I am going to have a read of your blog and see if I can get some inspiration.

  95. Love your ideas and you do make me laugh. Would love some more sun free snack ideas as this is my major downfall. Well that and a few glasses of Prosecco


  96. This is a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to read more. I’m new dieting but no longer like the body I’m in so bring it on. SW seems complicated to thought I would just pinch your recipes and see what happens. Wish me luck!

  97. I love your pages and recipes! I’m just starting out with SW and your recipes have made the prospect a hell of a lot more exciting! Plus several chuckles and chortles along the way… thank you!

  98. Hi guys, couldn’t find an UNSUBSCRIBE button anywhere so I’ve resorted to this. I’ve been ticked off by my manager at work for receiving your blog, (bad language content) so need to be removed from your ‘mailing list’ please. I love reading your emails while tucking into my lunch but will have to re-join at home address. So sorry, but urgent removal would be appreciated. Thanks for all the laughs, keep it up!

    • Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the mailing list, it seems to be an internal thing by the site host BUT there should be a link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe. Hope this helps!

  99. Oh my days…. Have just joined SW and whilst looking for recipe ideas I have come across your site, bloody brilliant, peed my pants laughing so much. Can only imagine what a night on the fizzy stuff with you guys would be like. Thank you, I feel that your site will help me when I may struggle x ????

  100. Hello! on a dreich Sunday morning your blog is a breath of fresh air {or is that a whiff fae your trainers I just got} from a Scot who has never subscribed to a blog before I think I may just have a belly laugh or 2 before I do any cooking. Luving you guys already.SlΓ‘inte!

    • To be fair, my trainers do smell like something died in them! πŸ˜€

      Glad to have someone from fair Scotland reading – hope you enjoy! Know that I’m jealous of where you live!

  101. Been a member of Slimming World on and off for quiet a few years reach target and then got bored with my menus. Gained some the weight I lost so would like to join your blog and perhaps it will give me the kick I need to get back on track .

  102. Just stumbled on this blog looking for slimming world recipes. OMG , i was crying with laughter , plus the Tena lady was working overtime! Top 10 dislikes DITTO! my niece has dyslexia,she has alphabet magnets on her fridge , no kids ( I KNOW meh) so i put up “Dyslexics of the world untie” she went daft???? especially when i asked how she was able to read it properly ( btw shes an English teacher!!!! you couldnt make it up) Will be buying every book you publish. Thanks for making me laugh. x

  103. Found myself looking for recipes at first.
    Then having a giggle at the posts.
    Awesome blog and lovely recipes

  104. Please may I be subscribed to your daily postings please? I love reading your recipes and I shall be trying out some overnightoats tonight
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  105. I have just found you blog it is just what I was looking for how do I Follow and Share please
    big hugs Toni from France who lives in England

    • Thank you! I’ve added your email to our mailing list – just keep an eye out for an email – there’ll be a link in there you need to click to accept. We’ve also got a facebook group, just toddle along to: πŸ™‚

  106. So enjoy reading your blog….I am telling everyone how funny you are…..definitely slimming world with a smile….thank you.

  107. Just joined SW looked for meal ideas. What a refreshing site, love the banter and the fabulous recipes. Have got a few to try out on the family.

  108. Gents – have signed up to the blog, ordered my first meaty box (ooh err) and go to Slimming World class No.1 this evening.

    Hats off to you both – cracking posts, super recipes and far and away the best SW related site I’ve found…more power to your elbows!

  109. afternoon, I don’t do “SW” as I don’t diet per se but these recipes are fab and I will be using some of them in my healthy eating regime, I came across your blog whilst researching for some SW BBQ recipes so my friend who does follow SW does not cancel my BBQ invite for her (big not 49 but the next one) birthday! So far chicken souvlaki and Mongolian beef have made the menu with potato salad, rainbow coleslaw and pitta chips but I keep getting sidetracked by your fab blog! I love it. Keep up the great motivation words and slim on!

  110. hi there I don’t really know where to start lol with the questions I have, I have clicked to follow you but not sure if I have done that right lol, I have also clicked on the star on my laptop screen which I hope will bring me back here, I stumbled onto you (sorry if it hurt) by looking through my twitter account.

    I am a crazy Welsh woman desperately trying to shift some more weight, I was 20 stone and now I am down to about 15 and a half. I have joined slimming world and I am enjoying the recipes. I am so glad I found someone ‘blogging’ about it but I have no idea how this blogging thing works, so do you have a facebook page I can be added to (I understand face book lol).

    I absolutely love the banter you all have going and look forward to reading more …. you sound AWESOME …

    • Eeh well done you! Keep it up! If you ever want to keep up-to-date just type ‘twochubbycubs’ into Google and it’ll bring you straight here πŸ™‚ make sure to spell it correctly though, otherwise it’ll take you to porn (though I suppose you could always strum yourself thin…) I’ll add your email to the mailing list just in case so you can always gets the newest posts straight into your box. no, not that box….

  111. At last! I’m so happy to see a blog that’s updated, and still in full action – a blog about loosing weight, recipes and all the “fine” things that come with being a gay chubby bear/guy.
    This blog will help me in my journey to loose weight, so keep up the good work, I adore the blog!

    Big hugzzz xxx

  112. I just woke up yesterday and decided fat’s enough…..:@( Desperate to find non-boring stuff to eat I searched the internet and found you both, lucky me. I am cooking for England and found so many lovely easy ideas. Simply brilliant – brilliantly simple. My 19 year old son claims his farts smell like yesterdays quiche, might teach him not to eat it all. My husband is well into the Mojitos, says they are better than the cocktail bars! Not quite the support I was looking for but to be fair to them, they are eating and enjoying everything I’m putting in front of them. Well done for making an interesting, fun to use site. Looking forward to seeing results, I certainly feel inspired !

  113. Hi, just found you guys, I live in Australia where I don’t think we have slimming world, my sister in England told me about it, what fantastic recipe’s you have on here, cant wait to start and looking forward to getting your emails.

  114. I’m following the SW plan and saw you’re posts on friends fb pages πŸ™‚ I am struggling at the minute as I work long hours and can’t always be bothered to cook when I get home . I’m hoping you can give me fresh inspiration πŸ™‚

  115. I am trying this slimming world but am on blinkin steroids ,so hope it will work also gave an under active thyroid too urrgghh ,

  116. Your blogs are awesome and so are your recipes. What a winning combination you both are – witty & talented! It’s refreshing to hear someone say it like it is πŸ™‚

  117. At the start of my slimming world journey and the recipes are getting a bit blah, the twist you guys put on them look amazing and can’t wait to try. The sticky soy glazed meatballs look amazing

    • Cheers! We got sick of all the watery shite too, that’s why we made this site so it’s always good to hear when it’s helped someone! πŸ˜€ if you try the meatballs (and they really are lovely), please come back and let us know what you thought! πŸ˜€

  118. Not sure if I’ve done this right, but could you add me to your mailing list please. Can’t find any other way to do it lol

  119. Hope I have done this right. Clicked the follow. I found your page through another slimming world group on Facebook. Great recipes ?

  120. So your ‘human beef’ with kale has delicious flavours, but as I have a particular skill of making all beef tough as old boots I was wondering if you think this would work with chicken? Also any recipes I can use the 3 stone of kale I have left over as the shop only sold it by the crate load ?? thankings you x

  121. Found your website on Pinterest. I’m just about to go on the Slimming World bandwagon for the third time! It doesn’t exactly fill me with joy and enthusiasm, however, after finding your website perhaps all is not lost?

    • Our philosophy is all about making tasty, wholesome food that isn’t the usual watery, sweetener-and-egg shite you get elsewhere! We hope you find us useful, keep us updated! πŸ˜€

  122. Laughed out loud at your blogs and comment replies this morning….and not even started the recipes yet. Thanks for cheering up my morning and look forward to getting cooking. Shared with my SW group and I’m sure a few more shares are on the cards πŸ™‚

  123. What a great change, loads of humour instead of all the heavy stuff. Gives me a giggle while learning new recipes. Thank you so much. ?

  124. Can’t believe I’ve only come across your blog. Your recipes and banter give this new (this time) member to SW hope for some tasty grub. Thanks!

  125. Morning gents

    Am new to SW having tried other clubs in the past (not to name names but it rhymes with Shmeight Shmatchers).

    Looking forward to reading the blogs and hopefully losing a bit of weight too!

  126. It’s a long way to Tipper … sorry, scroll to the bottom of the page (all those comments!) however, I am sniggering all the way down. First dinner cooked tonight and it smells goooooood! Many thanks for keeping a weary slimmer’s pecker up!! πŸ™‚

  127. Well this has made me smile! ?
    I have to say the entries made laugh out loud.. At first I was a little taken back when the first recipe I read was the cheesy garlic bread especially as this site was recommended by our SW consultant.
    All I can say is that it’s an honest and Frank blog which has made me smile ..shared and liked thanks

  128. HI guys, I would love to follow your posts they are hilarious and the recipes are fab too. Don’t know if this is how I subscribe but if not I’d appreciate some advice if not. Thanks keep up the good work. Gaynor.xx

  129. Laughing as I cook delicious recipes and hopefully lose weight, whats not to love x

    thanks from the Gold Coast, Australia. (Where are you guys based?)

  130. This blog is amazing and so funny. I am trying to loose weight and up until now have not done too badly. Now I am at a standstill and need a boost to lose the last few inches of lard. . So this Geordie in exile is off to Slimming World tomorrow on “Flab Attack 2016”

  131. This blog is amazing and so funny. I am trying to loose weight and up until now have not done too badly. Now I am at a standstill and need a boost to lose the last few inches of lard. You have inspired me with your wit and down to earth approach to what can be a very depressing subject. Well done lads!. So this Geordie in exile is off to Slimming World tomorrow on “Flab Attack 2016”

  132. Congratulations, you are my new obsession! (Not in a weird stalker way, I too lazy for that sort of nonsense) Your posts are a barbed delight and have kept me entertained on a lengthy rail journey today, for which you deserve a medal. Given that it is an early train and train folk have no decency, I can enjoy your stories whilst smelling some the unpleasant things that you describe.

    I joined SW last week so am also on the quest to lose 2 stone by Christmas, being an organised sort with the will power of a flip-flop, there is every chance I will find that 2 stone in the new year though! I wish you all the very best and look forward to reading your adventures going forward.


  133. Please add me, I started slimming world two weeks ago and I’m loving your recipes they look amazing, can’t wait to try them for myself.

  134. Hi, I put my details in a few weeks ago but nothing seems be coming to my email address. Your blogs are so uplifting and gives me such a giggle, thank you so much.

  135. Oh my sweet Jesus. I’ve just discovered you guys from a link on another Facebook page about syn free lasagne/lasagna (yeah I too struggle with that. Spelling not eating obviously else I’d not be needing Slimming World!) It’s 3.30am and I’m on Facebook because my darling son is being an arsehole and decided to wake up all full of beans at midnight and has only just gone back to bed. Have kids they said. It’ll enrich your life they said. I’ve literally had to bite down on the pillow so I don’t wake the hubs by laughing. Abso-fookin-lutely hilarious. Thank you for the laughs, great recipes and getting me through the last few hours with an overtired but won’t pissin’ sleep 16 month old.

  136. Absolutely love the blog, going to try out sloppy joe tater tots tomorrow for me and my mum. Been an on and off SWer forever but going to stick to it this time round! I mean unlimited bacon, what’s not to love? I’ve felt the same way about sweeteners and ‘frankenfood’ when looking at other sites, so happy to see real food! Glad i made the right call not joining in with 1/2 syn roulade party.

    Wonder how your actual weight losses are going?

    Please add me to your mailing list.

    Thank you for the lovely recipes!

  137. Can’t find a follow me box, please can you add me? Just discovered your blog and amazeballs recipes via my friend who follows you.

  138. OMG – I am a complete convert to overnight oats! Just made them with Turkish Delight Muller Light and mushed up some raspberries, it was delicious. I take them to work in a plastic pot and they really are filling, great for cholesterol too! Love your blogs and your recipes so thank you and keep up the good work.

  139. The one-pot chinese beef is in the oven and smells delicious. Can’t wait! I’m going it alone after many years in and out of Slimming World groups. Like you, I love the main concept of SW and the cooking from scratch, but the fake cakes, endless sweetener and synning a mashed banana whilst overdosing on bacon did start to get to me. Finding your site has been fantastic, love your approach and your humour. Thanks a lot!

    • So I don’t normally believe in fate or serendipity doo-dar, but making the slow-cooked beef last night was a life saver. At 5pm we got a call from our 12 year-old’s school to say he’d had an accident at a rugby match and can we meet them at A&E. A very long story, many sick and whingy children, a pitifully under-resourced Children’s A&E ward full of angels in disguise (every one of them) and a very sorry boy with a broken collarbone we arrived home at 9.30pm to the most delicious smell. Our 17 year old had the good sense to turn it off at some point then on again for our arrival but wow – it was delicious and even better for the extended cooking time.

  140. Hi . Its me gain the Geordie in exile and I have just lost two and a half pounds of unwanted lard in my first week at Slimming world. The thing is I didn’t really get started until late on the third day as I did not want to waste the synnie things which were in the fridge. So here goes for week two. I also managed to try some almond milk added to home made soup and porridge.

  141. So happy I found this site, you should be prescribed as a cure for depression! I cant wait to start back at Slimming World tomorrow, thanks guys.

  142. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to find you – I have not stopped laughing reading your blogs, cannot wait to make some of your scrumptious recipes and get going with Droptober – totally love it, thank you.

  143. Hi, just signed up to follow your blog and liked your facebook page – have already shared with friends and family – love it – thanks so much – I havent laughed so much in ages – if my SW class was run the way your ideal one would be I would probably stay to group too!! I love the idea of a sticker for being able to see your toes :O) Loved the overnight oats ideas – I laughed so much about the cooked rubarb I think a little pee came out!!!!
    Much love
    Lisa x

  144. Hi. I have just been out to Kent’s answer to Garrads of Bond Street – Claires Accessories . This was to buy ring snuggies to make my rings fit again . My wedding ring was starting to become dangerously loose following the first four weeks of my Slimming World diet. Result

    • Sorry! We both hit a very busy patch at work and then we both fell unwell too :'( but we’ll be back up and running soon!

  145. just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site, keeps me going on the long hard slog. Any chance you or you followers have any gluten free biscuit/cake recipes that i can make that aren’t loaded in bags of sugar. My evening in with Mrs Crimble and her cakes costs about 7 to 9 syns for a pretty small biscuit . and stopping at one doesn’t seem to happen for me! Hope Paul is soon better

    • Ah thank you πŸ™‚ we haven’t got a gluten-free biscuit recipe yet but we’ll see if we can work one out πŸ™‚

  146. Wow,that would be great , I am sure all those GFfffers out there would appreciate it. All my old GF recipes ,pre SW days, contain Xantham gum , sort of corsets for cakes to hold them up. So don’t be perturbed if everything looks like a house brick that’s just par for the course! Xantham gum did fool the SW online site it obviously has a fettish for wine gums. Just tried baking chocolate orange slimming world oat cookies. A recipe off the internet ,It contains the obligatory orange sprinkled with chocolate yoghurt ,looked like something the dog had brought up and has baked like a flattish thick soft biscuit. At just over one syn per biscuit tastes a bit eggy but hey ho…….Mrs Crimble eat your heart out

  147. Oh my days… you have made a miserable old bint very happy…. hilarious but had to stop after the first two reads as I was wetting myself, my face was soaking (with tears of laughter and not the other I assure you) and my tummy hurt. Going to tell everyone I know with a sense of humour to get on board…. bloody fab

  148. Love ur blog- here to subscribe. Just tried your chicken, sweet potato and chive risotto. Absolutely delicious! Started back to slimming world today and this blog has made me really excited about it all. Keep doing what your doing. ?

  149. Friend of mine told me of you both so I checked you out lol so glad I did I’m struggling at mo with the whole syn and food thing at the moment and your recipe are the nuts you are both such a inspiration your posts are quirky and funny you’ve certainly cheered me up , love you guys ? Xxxx

  150. Hoping to become sylphlike so the lads on the construction site stop taking the piss and shouting “wide load coming through” due to the size of my arse.

  151. Could do with a kick in the butt, I was doing so well Untill I had surgery on both of my feet, 3 weeks off work andI have probably put about a stone back on. So need to get back into healthy eating before Christmas.

  152. This site is so funny. But as a slimming world member the recipes are brill. Long may it continue. You make me laugh with every blog you write.

  153. I came across this site by accident, however having looked more closely, I found myself glued to it, (araldite strength). It made me laugh so much, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Absolute quality. The other let’s say, sites which help you shed fat, are so boring, they have as much personality not dissimilar to a root vegetable. This site is going to make me lose the extra pounds I have put on. I just love reading it.

  154. I feel soooo bad, I’ve got a repeat of children in need diy sos on and I’m in stitches reading your blog ( I am going to hell ) you two are fab, I love you both

  155. Hello fellow Northumbrians – but I am originally welsh!!! Thank you so much for a fantastic site, which I found by accident. I have not laughed so much in months, the recipes are so inspiring and you make everything sound so simple! Thank you also for your suggestions instead of fry-lite, many baking trays etc ruined, but not anymore thanks to you! I have a fair way to go on the losing weight side, but had a jolt to the old body on 16 December when I went into heart failure just before a routine op! Thankfully I was in the right place at the right time as they say, and am here to tell the story, your blog has cheered me up no end and you’ve given me fantastic ideas for healthy meals! Once again – thank you from the bottom of my heart (yes its still ticking!!)

  156. Fab recipes and an uplifting read to distract me when the going gets tough & I want to break out the bread & biscuits! I think a telly channel should offer you a series……

  157. Trying to get added to your blog page. I have input my address into the box a couple of times but haven’t received any activation mail from you. Can you help, please?

  158. Just got my two stone award at Slimming World. Only half a stone to go to target and always on the look out for new recipes.

  159. I must have lost quite a few ounces laughing at your blog. Who knew losing weight could be such fun? Thanks guys. You have cheered up a miserable Sunday evening for me and I’m in awe of all these great recipes. Thanks for all your hard work. πŸ˜€

  160. So refreshing to find you guys! Just finished reading all your blog and other stuff. The recipes are great. Definitely my kind of dieting.

    Do you like your followers to share their own recipes with you?

    Today is a first step to a 2-3 stone weight loss … with help from you!

    Thank you ?

    • You can do it! And we LOVE it when people share recipes with us – we sometimes find it hard to think of new stuff so suggestions are always welcome!

  161. This is an honest funny site, I like the food ideas, might even try cooking( no just kidding) I’ll stick to eating fried eggs in a bowl with beans and spaghetti hoops.
    Please add me to your blog?
    I’m all a long way away, well ok maybe not on the other end of the A69.

  162. I’ve just discovered you – fantastic. I need to lose weight and this is such a friendly way of doing it, so thanks in advance.

  163. I was actually crying with laughter reading SW Frequently Asked Questions and the recipes are great
    I thought opposites were meant to attract, i,m 5ft 10in and my better half 5ft AND 1/2 inch, what happened with you two? As a bloke i can understand her always wanting to put emphasis on the extra half inch. Keep up the great work and i hope you are both living the lifestyle i’d like to be accustomed too.

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