the best Slimming World burgers

eight syns for the lot, but it’s worth noting that you can make this meal entirely syn-free by only having one burger and forgoing the condiments, but remember, you have syns – and what is life if you can’t syn it on a meal? I hardly drink anymore since turning a fetching yellow in college (a gentle mustard is how I’d describe myself) so I choose to use the syns on pepping up a meal every now and then.

Here’s the recipe, then:


these burgers are the shizzle though. We call them Geordie Boorgahs, because Paul finds my geordie accent hilarious, even though I’ve barely got one. Before he moved to Newcastle he thought everyone up here spoke like Byker Grove (pronounced By-ka Gruurve). I think he thinks I’m Burger Barry, as evidenced here on Harry Hill.

ingredients: lean mince, onion powder, salt and pepper, mixed herbs, garlic powder – you can chuck any old shite in really (really channeling that Nigella lexicography now) but that works for us, for the coleslaw it’s half a red cabbage, two carrots and a red onion, mixed with as much FAT-FREE fromage frais and lemon juice as you dare, and for the wedges just throw some sweet potato wedges into the Actifry of Wonder.

recipe for burgers: add meat mince to bowl with seasonings, blend by hand, mince by nature, shape into little burgers and stick them under the grill until they’re brown. open your buns, slap the meat in, add mustard and ketchup, we add tomato, onions, gherkins and rocket to ours and stick a wooden skewer through the lot to hold it together.

recipe for coleslaw: painstakingly shred your cabbage, carrot, onion and fingertips into a bowl, or cheat and use the grating function on your fancypants Magimix whilst mopping your brow and having a fit of the vapours. Add your wet ingredients, season to taste.

recipe for wedges: now come on.

extra-easy: yes – but be careful. We use our Healthy Extra A choice for the cheese (28g) across the two burgers and our healthy extra B for ONE breadbun. If you’re greedy like us, you’ll have two burgers, so you’ll need to syn your second bun – 6.5 syns. Add two syns for your condiments as long as you’re not someone who is common enough to drown your food in ketchup, and that comes to 8.5 syns for the meal. You could very easily have one bun, not bother with condiments and forgo the cheese, but I mean, haway. You could pull up the carpet and chew on that, but it doesn’t mean you should!

warning: careful with the mince. 5% fat or under is syn-free. You’ll find that extra lean mince has been phased out thanks to the Illuminati or something, so double check the fat content, because anything higher and the syn bounces right up!

top tips: you can really go to town with gussying these burgers up – why not add an egg (syn-free, fried in Frylight), or bacon (fat cut off, grilled), or a big old mushroom, or sliced peppers? In fact, the more you put onto the burger, the fuller you’ll be, so you might not NEED two burgers…

We’ve been weighed – I’m going to post the results when my new copy of Photoshop arrives and I can fanny about for an hour making a little picture. As you do.

If you’re enjoying these, please let me know!