70 mullerlight yoghurts

now, since I was working overtime yesterday, I sent Paul to the shops to ‘stock up the fridge’. This is what he came back with.


That’s seventy yoghurts. Well no, you can’t see 70, but the bloody salad drawer, drinks shelf and egg shelf are also full of yoghurts. Great work! Still, it gave me an idea, so I fired off a letter to Muller, as seen below:


Haha! Muller yoghurts are perfect for a free or a low-syn snack, and even better, if you stick them in the freezer, it’ll take you an age to eat them and you get an ‘ice-cream’ feeling. Don’t get me wrong, compared to eating dulce de leche Häagen-Dazs, it’s like switching from Andrex to Izal, but if it scratches that itch…

Be careful though – the Muller Rice and Muller Corner yoghurts are full of syns. You’re looking for lights and lights only. Rule of thumb is if it has cheesecake bits, it’ll add an extra syn or so, but most of the ‘plain’ fruit flavours are good to go. A sprinkling of chocolate doesn’t equal a syn!

Enjoy. Weigh-in chat tomorrow and a new recipe card (I’ve made two tonight!)