weigh-in – week two!

Wahey! FINALLY Photoshop turns up and I can knock out some images to accompany our weigh in results! Week two brings the news that we have lost just shy of a stone between us in a fortnight, following the plan and indulging in the odd syn. Not bad for £10 each. Think of the money we’re saving in petrol! I based the above calculation on the average street price of a gram of coke in 2013. I once said that in response to ‘how did you lose all the weight’ – I replied hard drugs and casual sex. THAT’LL be why I didn’t win Slimmer of the Year.

In the interest of balance, this was week one. I really wanted to put ‘Paul and I have lost a baby’ but I’m a sensitive new-age man and realised that would look so crass.


Now I’ve got the weigh-in banners sorted, the plan is to post the weight losses on a Monday night and recipes and bits and pieces for the rest of the week. We must have order!

Finally, the ginger biscuits I made yesterday? 50 biscuits were turned into five packs of ten, and sold for almost a tenner each! £50 for charity. I have to admit, I was surprised and chuffed. I’d love to bake for a living, but I couldn’t – within days I’d be someone who needed to be lifted out of the house through their bedroom window on a pallet.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start Body Magic, the entirely optional bit of Slimming World where you incorporate a little bit of exercise into your day. I’m not one for exercise. I get out of breath from sweating. But needs must, I’ll be mincing across the town moor tomorrow at dawn. Newcastle, if you wake to the smell of bacon, it won’t be a romantic gesture by a loved one, no, it’ll be my thighs chaffing through my polyester mix jogging bottoms. I hope no-one confuses my flushed red-faced and mincing gait for a come-on.

If you’re enjoying the blog, please share it via facebook – I’m getting a lot more views than I anticipated and it’s truly encouraging! I adore feedback too, because I’m a big fat narcissist. More recipes tomorrow!