“how confident are you at eating out?” – weigh in week three!

good lord, of all things to be asked at a Slimming World class, I wasn’t expecting that one. Naturally, my answer should have been ‘Not very, to be frank – I’ve done it once and it was like giving mouth to mouth to a dying squid’ (and I’m sorry but it was!) but instead, I almost bit through my lip trying not to laugh. The conversation was actually about using up syns when dining out, but it certainly made my ears prick up.

only a wee post tonight to show off our new weigh-in banner for week three! recipe tomorrow – chicken wrapped in parma ham served with crunchy cabbage!


we’re both happy with this, and it’s come as a bloody shock that I’ve lost weight, given I’ve eaten more sweets than I care to name at work – I’m surrounded by sugar! When it comes to 11pm and you’re facing amending a 200 page document with nothing more than brown water from the coffee dispenser, suddenly Haribo looks bloody appealing. Paul’s going slow and steady, but I’ve seen him buttering his toast on the sly. The fat sod. Honestly, he’ll regret it when I’m all lithe and lissom and he can’t sink into my back fat to keep warm.

finally, I won Slimmer of the Week again! My fridge is going to be covered in motivational badges. It’ll detract from our tasteful collection of those godawful magnets that show that yes, even we, have spent a weekend in Filey. Old before our time!

Hope you’re all well.