mustard chicken

apologies for not updating yesterday, but I sat down at my computer chair at 8am and didn’t it until 1am today. Bit tired. I bet I end up being one of the unlucky fuckers who end up getting DVT from working on the sixth floor. My office is absolutely littered with sweets – Haribo on one desk, Celebrations on the other. One of my colleagues seems to be systemically buying out the sweets counter at the Sainsbury’s next door. Not that I mind, she’s a very kind soul and I’m a proper greedy sod.

So, because it’s late, let’s have a simple recipe for mustard chicken:


At first look, it looks boring as hell. It isn’t! The key is microwaving the turnip/swede. Cut a little hole in the top, and stick it in the microwave for 15 minutes. After a while, it’ll start whistling. Take it out, spoon out the flesh, mash it and mash it hard. Chicken was just fromage frais and a tiny dollop of mustard. Maybe a syn for the mustard but come on.

Now – I’ve got to cut a dash. It’s a night off, I want to watch Alan Sugar fire people, and Paul has bought me a new Pedegg after I wore the last one out. Eeep.




6 thoughts on “mustard chicken

    • I like the alliteration! Good work! got sick of having to cleave my way through the turnip so someone in class recommended microwaving et voila! Plus, it whistles and sings as it cooks. It’s probably outstanding dangerous and my house will blow up like Hiroshima soon, only smelling of farts, but until then…

      And yep! I wore a ped egg out. I’m always barefoot so my feet are tough as nails. Reinforced steel blades are no match!

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  3. Can I do the microwave thingie with a squash – the times I have nearly cut myself when the knife has slipped. Turnip is a nightmare usually buy the already done stuff because of this but not anymore. I appreciate ready made will have a syn value.

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