slimming world super speed soup

If you’re a fan of dropping something you can’t pick up, or perhaps you like to lie in bed with your partner tormenting them by sounding the fanfare for the Brown King, or even if you’re a fan of air biscuits, this is the soup for you. You’ll be cutting the cheese in no time at all, and trouser coughs will resonate right through the house. You might even end up singeing your knickers with an inverted burp. Luckily, hopefully, you’ll be too busy exclaiming over your weight loss to complain about popping a fluffy.


to make slimming world super speed soup:


This soup is so easy it doesn’t need a whole breakdown. The key is – stuff a load of superfree veg into a pan, top it up with stock, tin of tomatoes, baked beans, lentils, anything – cook it slowly and softly until everything is nicely cooked. Leave to cool and blend it in the Magimix or with a stick blender, but for heaven’s sake LET IT COOL first. Even if the top is cold, it’ll still be packing heat for ages.

I used all the veg I had sitting in the fridge, and it worked really well with a load of chilli added. It does make a genuinely nice soup and a lot of members swear by it. I’ve added it into my lunch this week, so we’ll see.

It is very, very filling and freezes well, too. We’re off to watch The Amazing Race, goodnight!




7 thoughts on “slimming world super speed soup

  1. I love reading your blog never fails to get a chuckle from me your hilarious this soup is well named its the speed you got to run for the toilet after a bowl full

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    • Hi Lynsey, I reckon a chicken or vegetable stock would suffice and enough to cover all the vegetables ­čść

  3. Firstly – I loved this – used everything in the fridge that was starting to look abit dodgy plus store cupboard lentils – didn’t need to buy any new ingredients and it tasted fantastic, really lovely. I chucked in some Harissa powder which made it lovely and smokey.
    As a bonus – I “trod on a duck” and our very old Greyhound sat up and growled at the wall. Xxx
    Love your blog, so glad I found you x

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