super speedy “just like heinz” tomato soup

I was told by Paul, with no uncertain terms, that I had to have a recipe done, comic-booked and onto the blog before 11pm or there would be no mattress polka for anyone, given he’s tired. SO, imagine this done in the style of 24 – it’s going to be a quick post, and instead of Jack Bauer yelling at terrorists, you’ve got me accidentally tipping over a whole Magimix XL of cold soup with Roxette’s Dangerous playing in the background. Not QUITE the same high-stakes but well, that passes for drama in our house. I love Roxette, my old flatmate used to play her songs all the time. Mind she also used to leave her dirty knickers behind the radiator in her bedroom, which made the whole house smell of hot shredded wheat whenever the heating went on. I know your business, but I don’t know your name…

ANYWAY. I’ve seen plenty of people on facebook talking about this wonder soup – meant to taste EXACTLY like Heinz soup. I’m always so wary of this type of recipe – I’d rather have a bowl of Heinz rather than a knockoff, but actually…it’s pretty decent! Recipe card:

Tomato Soup


to make super speedy “just like heinz” tomato soup you will need:

two tins of beans, two tins of chopped tomatoes, two tins of carrots (with the water), a few pickled onions, a veg stock cube and worcestershire source.

to make super speedy “just like heinz” tomato soup you should:

Throw it all in the blender, pulse it until blended, heat and serve. It does taste creamy, oddly, but I’d maybe omit the carrot water as it makes it a bit starchy. BRILLIANT super-free meal though – onion, carrots and tomatoes all being cracking weight loss food, and baked beans are great for filling you up. There’s nothing more to it! It’ll do for a lunch, after all!

11pm now. Off to bed before Paul kicks off.




28 thoughts on “super speedy “just like heinz” tomato soup

  1. I found you blog through a group link,omg let me say I have now been reading it for 90 mins & the last thing I remember is the recipes,I have laughed so loud that the tears are streaming down my face,thank you so much for a glimpse into your world,your amazing talent of making people feel they are not alone on this journey but most of all for making my day x x x
    Now I’m going back to look at the recipes 😉

    Jean x

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  4. Found this site whilst looking for slimming world recipies, spent hours reading the blogs, you guys should be on TV, thats a show I would pay to watch, laughed till I cried! so witty-makes dieting fun! Love the recipies too, got my friends and collegues checking it out too ( we’re all psych nurses so have wicked senses of humour, and appreciate a good laugh) must get your book xxx

  5. Just made this for lunch…..was a bit mmmm about the recipe but it was fantastic. I added a solo of 0/0% quark too when served ??? Your recipes are great Thanks???

  6. Hi, please could you tell me how many pickled onions is a few please? Approximately? ? Thank you, love your food & sarcasm. x?

  7. Hi there your soup sounds great and loads of good feedback! I’m wanting to know if I make it can I heat it up in the microwave as I would like to take it to work for my lunch over a couple of days! X

  8. love, love, love you two chubby cubs!
    when are you going to put your blogs and recipes in a book?
    I bet there are thousands of us out there that would buy it.

  9. Love, love your blog! I can’t tell you how many times this clever recipe has saved me when I think I have nothing in for lunch/dinner. My daughter loves it and asks when we’re going to have it again :). Thank you for making meal times fun! x

  10. She who must be obeyed won the raffle at her local SW. 2 tins toms, 1 tin farting fodder, 1 tin of see in the dark, and a jar of pickled onions. Pickled bloody onions?? “For a tomato soup'” sez she. “Oh aye?” sez me? Being of the male persuasion I was a bit dubious……well, a big bit tbh. The proof the pudding etc etc. Damned marvellous! Thanks x

  11. Just made this and am astounded at how good it is. Glad I made the full quantity so I can freeze some for another day. Think I’ll also use it like a base for Bolognese Tec. Thank you so much.

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