weigh in week eight – Mr Sleek will see you now

Firstly, the results of week eight:


Remember Sooty, because I’ll get to him in a second.

Only a quick post tonight as I’m about to have my tea (chicken burger – Heck variety from Tesco for 1 syn each) but just wanted to put it out there that between Paul and I, we’ve lost two stone in eight weeks. Now, the weightloss hasn’t been rocketing along, but that’s how we like it – slow and steady will always win the race. Slow, breathless and clutching my left arm will almost certainly win too. We’re going to have a strict week starting from tomorrow though and aim for at least 2.5 each next week. Go go go…

Also, I won Mr Sleek! I know it was a shoo-in as there are very few men who come to my group but it was still a lovely honour. Many words can be used to describe me: cheerful, effervescent, roly-poly, jolly, prepossessing, modest – but sleek? No. I’ve never been called that. I got a new fancy sticker on my book and a certificate to wave in Paul’s face whenever he wants me to rub his feet and/or move.

Finally, I mentioned above that we’ve lost the equivalent of a cat called Sooty. Well, here he is – this will help visualise what it is we have lost…


A two stone cat! I want him.