campfire stew or cowboy stew


Well, that was bad planning. Having spent the last three days with a full-house and needing a flush thanks to the meat loaf, tuna and beef stew, I resorted to taking a Senokot Max thinking it might gently move things along at some point this evening. Half an hour later, I’m stuck on the thunderbox crying my life away as the world fell out of my bottom. So I’m not venturing far today, and I might spend the day ironing instead. That’s the main problem with Slimming World – you’re never quite sure whether you’ll be coming or going one day to the next.


I finally gave into Paul’s demands and purchased a tumble dryer. I think he was ashamed at having our George boxers sailing gaily around on the rotary dryer in the garden, with their stretched elastic and rubbed gussets. He still has a piece of underwear from when we first met, he claims they’re the most comfortable pair he’s ever owned and refuses to throw them out. I’m actually surprised they don’t walk out on their own. I railed against getting a tumble dryer for bloody ages because I thought we’d get damp in the house (we can’t have a vented one, there’s no space, so we’ve had to go for a condensing unit) but he won out when he promised me he’d tumble my socks and underwear in the morning before I got out the shower, meaning they’d be warm. Come on, that’s true love right there.

Today’s recipe, breaking with tradition and posting my lunch instead of the evening meal, is the WORLD FAMOUS (in Slimming World circles) campfire stew, given a far more Brokeback Mountain based hilarious name. This is syn-free, makes four servings, and is proper delicious. Also – incredibly easy to make if you have a slow-cooker.


to make campfire stew or cowboy stew:

Well – no real need to break down the ingredients – they’re all above, and the recipe is simple – chop the onion and peppers, add everything into a slow cooker, cook on low for eight hours, pull apart with two forks and serve with chips. You will need to add some superfree on the side to make this exactly right, but as a one-off, I didn’t bother, and just had two satsumas on the side. I know, I’m a devil.

A tip though – don’t, for the love of God, put your gammon straight into the slow cooker from the shop. Prepare it a day before by putting it in a pan of cold water, leaving it to sit, and changing the water every six hours or so. This will draw the salt out – you can do the same by boiling it for a bit, but I think that’ll make it tough. Do the cold water rinse for 24 hours and then cook and it’ll taste so, so much better. If you don’t bother, be prepared for your stew to taste like you’ve rinsed it through the sea at Whitley Bay (only without a turd bobbing around in the slow cooker).

Enjoy! I’m off to cry a bit more and put a loo roll in the fridge for later.




24 thoughts on “campfire stew or cowboy stew

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  3. Trying this tonight… OH thought I was mental yesterday, soaking the gammon… He now appreciates it and keeps sniffing the air with anticipation ? *jazz hands* I DO know what I’m doing (and besides which, I’m following TCC to the letter!!!) Thanks lads, keep up the good work xx

  4. Hi I am making campfire stew gammon soaking as I type. Can I add mushrooms or will they produce too much liquid.

  5. I have just stumbled across your blog and can’t read or type for crying with laughter
    Maybe this will finally make me take this SW lark seriously just so I try out the recipes and read more ? Thank you xx

  6. I’ve only recently discovered this blog and am working my way through from the beginning safe in the knowledge that some of the more recent blogs have almost had me fall off my seat laughing at work. Such a fun look at what could be considered a dull topic, the recipes are fab and the preamble is incredibly funny. Thank you for all the hard work.
    Quick Q re this recipe – is there a way to make this without using a slow cooker please?

    • Ah cheers! 😀 I reckon this’d be fine on the hob but I haven’t got a clue about times I’m afraid!

  7. I have used more calories laughing at your blog in the past couple of weeks than I have all year attempting to exercise..

    ‘Tis a triumph. Fabliss.

  8. Hi I’m making this recipe for a large group of people so I’d like to make it go further. Do u think if I doubled everything (apart from the gammon! Cos I’m tight!😜) it’ll turn out ok?

    • Ha, sorry! I think this was our second ever post and we didn’t know any better! I’d say a tsp of garlic powder, and a tbsp of Worcestershire sauce should do it!

  9. Hi, was just wondering if anyone had made this successfully in an Instant Pot? Have been making it in the slow cooker and love it, but when I tried in the Instant Pot I kept getting a ‘burn’ alarm and so had to convert it to slow cooking.

    If anyone has made it past the burn stage, any tips or tricks would be very gratefully received!

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