competition: win ‘a Slimming World Christmas’!


James is in bed (well actually no he’s on the settee under our duvet moaning, mopping his brow theatrically and asking for ice) so unusually, I’m writing tonight’s blog entry. That’s not the normal system – I usually cook, he usually gets all sassy about it on here. So if I’m not up to scratch, forgive me. He is contributing from the sofa so hopefully there’ll be a few bitchy comments.

Anyway, clearly the pain medication has made him delirious and weakened because he’s actually agreed to give something away for free that we can sell on ebay for profit. He is very Geordie that way – when he takes a tenner out of his wallet the Queen blinks in the light. But in the interest of a bit of publicity, here we are. We were given two copies of this book when we recently signed up for a 12-week countdown (pay for 10 weeks, get 2 free). Would have been nicer to get a different book each but that’s the way the low-fat chickpea cookie crumbles.

SO YOU CAN HAVE IT. Now when we say you will win ‘A Slimming World Christmas’ from us, it doesn’t mean that we’ll hop in the car, nip round to yours, criticise your curtains and steal your silver. It’s just the book, delivered by top-priority second-class post to anywhere in the UK. Sorry International Readers but your time will come!


Sixty recipes mind! Each more festive than the last, because what says ‘go on spoil yourself’ then measuring out a single Baileys, thinning it out with fromage frais and crying into your food diary. Santa himself won’t be able to resist as he spots your Christmas cookies by the fire, made of spelt and lament.

I’m doing the book a disservice actually. It’s a great book and the recipes are decent SW fodder. If it means you don’t pig out and ruin that diet of yours, then why not give it a go?

ALL you have to do is:

  • leave a comment under this blog with the answer to this question: ‘What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever had in your mouth – and what do you reckon the syns would be’


  • be a follower of the blog. The sign-up box is on the right. Put the first five letters or so of your email address (not the full thing!) that you use to sign up in with your answer below so I can match up the winner. Existing followers don’t need to do this bit, obviously!

I’ll use a random picking thing to choose a winner! Please take this competition in the spirit it is meant – it’s a £4.95 book, not a trolley dash around ASDA or a new car. Don’t enter if you’re not a slimmer or don’t need the book for yourself or a mate – I’d rather someone who needed it got it!

Good luck!

The competition closes on 25 November and I’ll endeavour to get your book in the post the day after. Feel free to share in your various slimming groups!

OK. That’ll do.




9 thoughts on “competition: win ‘a Slimming World Christmas’!

  1. The most disgusting thing I’ve had in my mouth was my dogs tongue!! She’s very old, she really stinks and is always licking her furry bits! She has a very long tongue and because she has so few teeth left it’s always sticking out. She came over for a cuddle and licked my face and her tongue went in my mouth! I nearly vomited my insides out!! Lol – hope I win the book!! I think you guys are awesome and I adore your blog xxx miss our giggles at fat club lol

  2. Tulan – I have thought long and hard about this (well a couple of minutes). Should I go with rude? Should I go with funny? Sadly though, the worst thing is quark. I understand that it is syn free but it should be bloody illegal.

  3. I already have your blog drop into my inbox on a regular basis and I too did the 12 week sign up so own the book already but just wanted to take a moment to add that sheep testicles are the grossest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth (without being crude) and I don’t even want to think about the syns…. Ever…. EVERRRRR
    Keep up the good work guys, oh and hope the patient survived the night with man flu (seriously hope he gets better soon) xxxx

  4. The worst thing I have ever had in my mouth was dog shit!!!!
    My dog got so scared going to the vets once and had the runs in the back of the car(not that I knew that at the time.). He had his lead on. He wouldn’t sit still and was crying so I grabbed his lead to keep him still. He pulled away and the lead rubbed straight across my face and through my lips.
    It was the worst thing ever! I threw up a lot!
    The only good thing about it was it was prob syn free! Lol

  5. Tripe… was fed it as a kid and hated it…then found out what it was and hated it even more !! ( basic tripe cooked with out the fat is 1.5 syns per 100g ) if you can handle the gag reflexes that follow xx

  6. The worst food item ever was prob mojito cake it was rancid tasted like I imagine garden would ! Was prob around 40 Syns a slice at a guess glad I only tried me nannies slice and opted for the kitkat brownie myself ( this was of course before slimming world )

  7. I think the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth is Smash. What was especially disappointing is that it looked like creamy delicious mash and I was so excited to put an end to all my potato-peeling troubles. Sadly, this was not to be!
    (Although, I am yet to try it in a SW style pizza base-capacity- is this any better??)
    On the up side at least it is syn free, as so many other revolting things are…

  8. The worst thing I’ve had in my mouth is a colostomy bag infested cup of tea. I’m a student nurse and I was on my mental health community placement, I was visiting a patient and they kindly made me a cup of tea. Whilst petting the patient’s lovely dog, after about 10 minutes and numerous swigs of tea, the patient shouts out “oh no don’t pet the dog, my dads shit bag (what he called it) burst all over him yesterday, we managed to wash him in the kitchen sink but he’s not fully clean”.Yep you guessed it, the said kitchen sink was the same one I had seen him pull the cup out of! Needless to say I did not finish my cuppa and wanted to swill my mouth out with bleach, and I’ve lived to tell the tale x

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