weigh in week ten-ish – Ich Bin ein Berliner!

Yes indeed.

Knowing that we would have put on weight given we’ve been away on holiday and before the holiday had two Domino’s takeaways, three tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and then proceeded to have amazing German food which was pretty much bread, meet, cheese and butter in as many fantastic combinations as possible…we almost didn’t go.

But that way lies ruin! We decided to go to class, face the music, and made a bit of a decision that, because it’s Christmas, we’re going to stick to the plan for the most part but maybe enjoy more syns, then after Christmas kick it back off again. So we’ll still be doing recipe cards and going to class, but aiming to maintain for a short while and any loss is a bonus.

So – how did we do…well…


Oh my. I’m amazed, absolutely amazed, that I didn’t put more on – and I’ve had lunch today too which I don’t normally do on a weigh in, so I reckon that’ll be off next week. I’m not sure what the chubby hubby has been eating – cement blocks and dual-carriageways by the look of it, but he’s promised to knuckle down a bit. Look – it’s not a sprint, and if you don’t put weight on during a holiday then you’re a stinker.

Finally – the Christmas lights are up save for a set in the kitchen windows, and it looks hilarious – we’ve got them set to strobe and they’re ultra-bright LEDs. That’ll make the nosy dolt shut her blinds, mahaha. Pics soon!