weigh in – week two – the results are in!

two weeks into our diet and we have our Monday results!

james: 5.5lb off
paul: 1.5lb off
total: 20.5lb off

Wahey! I got my stone award and Paul is but a whisker away from his half stone! Remember: we’re trying to lose this weight slowly and steadily, although I seem to be running away with it, but then I’m over half a foot taller than Paul and a lot heavier. Plus I could totally take him in a fight.

We’re celebrating with popcorn and Air Crash Investigation. Well no, we’ll watch the crash bit of Air Crash Investigation and then switch over to Celebrity Big Brother, for shame. It’s the same thing – one is the tragic end of so many promising lives, and the other is Air Crash Investigation. Paul pretends not to like it, but then moans when I flick the telly over, so that’s conflicting.

We truly have got some great recipes coming up this week – all new, all delicious. I’ll end the way I always do on a weigh-in night – you can see our recipes are working for us, so share share share! If you have a private slimming world facebook group, drop a link to the blog in there! We’re always delighted to read the comments because well, as I said last week, we’re hussies for attention.

Goodnight then – I’m off to find why a vessel full of men went down in the bush – but that’s Katie Price for you…



6 thoughts on “weigh in – week two – the results are in!

  1. wow, good job on the weight loss, slowly, slowly is best. I made the chicken, bacon, potato and Ranch dish today and it was tasty. It needed the eight hours on LOW, the potatoes took quite sometime to be ready. The chicken and bacon were yummy. I would make it again. I served it with carrots, green beans and peas.

    • Get in! I’m always so nervous when people cook our recipes, which might sound daft but I’m always wary that I’ve got odd tastebuds or something! Glad you enjoyed 🙂 and thank you for keeping us informed!

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