weigh in week seven – the results are in!

Tale of two fatties tonight!

jaymes – 4lb off

paul – 3.5lb on!

total weight loss – 32lb!

Believe it or not, we’re both happy with this result – going in the right direction. I continue going downwards slow and steady and Paul, despite putting on a quarter of a stone, is content it wasn’t more. See, he’s been away down South on a hen-night and has been eating and drinking terrible things for almost four solid days. I reckon a reet good crap will shift that, and he’s vowed to make a proper effort this week – not least because he’s fucked up my little weight loss chart!

Anyway, because we haven’t seen each other in a few days, we’re having a no-computer night and chicken and chorizo risotto for tea – it’s very easy to make, and rather like at least one of us tonight, packed full of meat. A friend at work suggested we were having TOAD IN THE HOLE with a knowing leer on her face before – she knows us too well! Recipe can be found here.

Before I go, you’ll like this. Paul’s brother has pretty severe autism, which lends itself to the odd little gem. Paul took him out shopping on Saturday and he begged to go to Superdrug – to buy “the shampoo that makes my head feel like it’s sucking on a mint”.

He meant Original Source Tea-Tree. I loved that.