weigh in week eight – the results are in!

woohoo! week eight and we’ve lost:

james: 3.5lb off

paul: 3.5lb off

bringing our total weight loss to 39lb! We’re both pretty chuffed with that – remember, we’re both aiming to lose slowly – no rush to look like a melted candle! So we’re on target and doing well. You certainly can’t argue that we’re eating the same old shite – at least five new recipes every week? If that’s not a reason to spread the word and put the twochubbycubs.com everywhere I don’t know what is! And look what I got…


Too sugary for you? Why not post this instead, as a counter to all of those god-awful inspiration quotes you see dotted around on various facebook pages – I made it myself!


Haha. Sorry but I caught a page on another weight-loss blog that was absolutely littered with nonsense like the below, and I reckon it’s where most of my weight loss came from – the inability to eat thanks to my teeth rotted away because of the patronising, fake sentiment. At least you don’t get any of that bollocks with us!

We tried a new class tonight – felt like I was cheating on my old one. I almost bought a second mobile just for the consultant’s number. I’ve never seen a class so big – if there wasn’t 150 people there, I’d be amazed. We didn’t stop because I was hungry but we’re going to stay next week, and I’ll report back. I reckon it’ll be quite unusual! I know the consultant well though and she’s brilliant and funny enough to keep the class going. That said, if it gets to 10pm and I’m still hearing clapping, I’m topping myself.

Off to celebrate our weight loss with a good bit of beef. Recipe tomorrow!

We love you all. Aw.




7 thoughts on “weigh in week eight – the results are in!

  1. Haha love the quote! That’s more like it! Well done to you both, 3.5 is a brilliant loss! Ok enough “! Marks!” Oops
    I almost gave up a few days ago, fed up with losing, putting on, losing, putting on, list 5lbs in nearly a year, it’s pathetic. I wouldn’t mind if I drank or ate takeaways, I don’t even like sweets, I shoukd ge skinny! Anyway you’ve given me a boost to give it another go, any tips?

    • Hi, I’m the same as you. My consultant says eat more and reduce the use of syns on things that made you fat in the first place (for me it’s sweets and cake!). Don’t know if that helps but at least you know you’re not alone. Good luck.

  2. Well done J and P , looking forward to the beef recipe
    It was my weigh in as well tonight 2.5 lbs. off and only 4lbs to go to get to target, then that will be 3 and a half stone off,
    but won’t be doing any thing over the next two weeks as going on holiday, I will be happy with a maintain.

  3. very well done to you both ,hope i have a good loss this morning as well I be well chuffed with the same loss as yousxx

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