weigh in, we’re back, and it’s time for classics week!

So, we’re back, having had a lovely ten days away filling our bodies full of Irish stout, rich food and service station Ginsters pasties. I’m going to be prattling on about Ireland for a couple of entries starting tomorrow (I’ve got handwritten notes – old school, me) but before that, let me introduce classics week, starting tomorrow.

The idea behind classics week is simple – we’re going to make seven recipes that are synonymous with Slimming World – the recipes you always hear new people asking for, or posted all over Instagram like some other nonsense. Tomorrow’s recipe, for instance, is mushy pea curry, or as I like to call it, the colon-cleanser. We’re also going to have a bash at making that bloody half-syn cake that I keep seeing bandied about all over Facebook like the second coming of Jesus.

Now, before we start all of that, let me say this – we’ve been for our weigh in! We were originally going to wait until Saturday to get weighed but frankly, we had to nip all of the over-eating and snacks in the bud before the axles on the car snapped. If we had left it until Saturday, we’d be at serious risk of derailing completely. How did we do…?

james – 8lb on

paul – 5lb on

Now I feel I should add caveats to this. So, put succinctly:

  • the last time we were weighed was a Saturday morning;
  • we’re both wearing jeans and a hoodie as opposed to the normal work trousers and light shirt;
  • normally we don’t eat on a weigh-day – today we’ve both had an all-you-can-eat breakfast and a pub lunch (my bad);
  • our cottage was a ten minute drive from an ice-cream factory;
  • oh, and a chocolate factory;
  • we’ve been on holiday;
  • neither of us had been for a poo and I had a pot of tea sloshing around;
  • this arrived when we were away and was waiting for our return:11108953_10153535552626509_4636721915659285734_n
  • like I said, we’ve been on holiday – we’ve eaten out every other night, plus driving 600 miles means that the car is knee-deep in travel sweets, opal fruit wrappers, coke bottles and sour pastilles; and
  • it was Ireland! How could we not drink? Honestly.

A little explanation on those sweets – Paul and I are part of the Reddit Gift Swap movement, where you select a ‘category’ (in our case this month it was sweets – it can be other things, like pens, buttons, gadgets…) and you’re randomly assigned both someone that you send a ‘package’ to and someone else who sends a parcel to you. It’s like a giant secret santa, only every month, and you invariably get something amazing – our package this month came with a wonderful handwritten note and loads of thought put into it – we were both chuffed to bits, not least because we had to eat everything quickly before class! Haha. Brilliant though!

So, now we are back, we’re back on it, and I want to lose seven pounds by next week. I reckon most of my ‘gain’ is poo, water and food from today so we’ll be OK. Off to sleep now, but tomorrow, a post about driving, service stations and our ferry trip, plus that mushy pea curry I’ve been threatening you with. I bet you can’t wait…




18 thoughts on “weigh in, we’re back, and it’s time for classics week!

  1. Whoops accidentally wrote on the wrong day will try again lol .

    I thought something was missing from my emails last week !
    I really look forward to your entries they make me smile .
    Thank you .
    I too am looking at a gain this Thursday coming ….as had time away family do’s yesterday and my inability to say no to dam Chocolate .
    Looking forward to reading how you get on this week guys good luck x

    • Ah well thank you, aren’t you a love 🙂 we spent the whole week eating pretty rubbish food – not because we wanted to, but because of the convenience and for once I didn’t really enjoy it that much (well, the ice cream I did) so we’re looking forward to getting back on it! Chocolate is my downfall too. It’s just so damn delicious. Let us know how you get on!


  2. Nice to see you back and glad you enjoyed yourselves!
    Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to drop the holiday weight too quickly, you know it’ll go!!
    Happy pooping

    • At least half of it was gone after a horrid and anxious experience at a Brewers Fayre, believe me. Lifted a spare bog roll though as part way to some compo.


    • Oh you *blush*

      We really missed doing this! We did try when we were over there to make a Slimming World meal but the choice was so limited it was all we could do to stock up the trolley with crisps and ice cream.


  3. Well I am pleased your back in Blighty I have had withdrawls not seeing my chubby Cubs emails to cheer me up just before the lights go out no I am not in prison and no I don’t have a ten Bob metre

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