diet coke chicken

Just a quick post tonight as very tired – so here’s the picture and a recipe. It’s another Slimming World classic, may god have mercy on our souls.


This is a recipe from SW’s own website – and well, if you follow their recipe, you’ll end up with that old favourite of SW, watery sauce and no taste at all. How do they do that so consistently – take decent food and add water and sweetener? The mind boggles. So I’ve modified it just slightly (increase the cooking time, reduce the heat) and what comes out isn’t actually half bad.

to make diet coke chicken, you’ll need:

ingredients: touch of oil, one onion, red and green pepper, 2 garlic cloves, 2 chicken breasts, 2tsp of Worcestershire sauce, 4tbsp of tomato puree, half a carton of passata, 1tbsp of dark soy sauce, 1tsp of dried mixed herbs,, 330ml can of diet coke, 200ml of chicken stock and 200g of sugar snap peas.

and to make diet coke chicken, you should:

recipe: chop up the onion, pepper, chicken and garlic. Fry gently, add the liquid and spices, and cook low and slow. The original recipe says to cook it quick for fifteen minutes but you just end up with too much liquid. Serve with rice.

Is it nice? Meh! It was alright, but it just tastes so…Slimming World-y!




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  2. Firstly I’m loving your blog it really makes me laugh so thanks for that. I tried the diet coke chicken and I added a teaspoon of Chinese mixed spice and a sprinke of chilli flakes. Omg it was gorgeous not slimming worldly at all.

    • Oh, you *giggle*

      Glad you liked our recipe and even tweaked it! That’s why we made this site – the usual Slimming World meals you get in the magazine and on the website just turn into watery, shitty mush. We like to take proper, hearty meals fit for a fatty and trim them down a bit 🙂 please do let us know of any other tweaks and additions and we’ll give them a go!

      P x

      • We’ve had this really often for a few years now, your version is way better than SW. I add smoked paprika to it which gives it a really lovely smokey bbq taste.

  3. Just tried this recipe for the first time and everyone in the family just loved it, even my fussy hubby! You are right about the watery sauces from sw which have put me off in the past but I will be doing this one again…thank you for taking the time to post these and make me laugh along the way can’t wait to try your other recipes X

  4. Hi Boys,
    Just started slimming world and have a long way to go to lose weight. Found your website and I am having a good laugh reading it. Okay boys made Diet Coke chicken with rice and it was very very good. I am going to keep looking at the rest of your recipes with the changes best wishes to both of you and the cats.

  5. Im going to attempt this tonight. Do you do it in the slow cooker or just low and slow on the hob?? Loving the blog as well btw. You both make slimming world dieting much more fun and enjoyable 🙂

  6. I find Pepsi Max has a nicer taste to it than Diet Coke with this one. I’ve tried it with diet Dandelion and Burdock too, which was alright. I plan to try Dr Pepper Zero too! 🙂

  7. Do I still need to have this with a third of the plate speed food? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I used to think the speed food in a recipe counted but the scales seem to say different!!

    • It’s always a ‘guideline’ to have a third of the plate as Speed but it isn’t something that you absolutely HAVE to do, we sometimes don’t bother and just ram some chips on there 😉

  8. I add Chinese 5 spice and tend to use Pepsi max or Coke Zero as think these have a less artificial sweetness. Love this recipe. We tend to use frozen green beans as are t always organised enough to get the sugar snap peas and they work. And I boil up some jasmine rice in our rice cooker – feels like we’re eating a sticky sweet Chinese but I always have to boil it right down

  9. How long did you Cook it for in your modified recipe? . I did the sw recipe diet coke tonight. It was waterly but still nice favour I ate it though as I was hungry but I boiled the sauce left over and it thickened abit which I’ll probably add to chicken or some tomorrow. I’ll have to try the half can recipe and the ginger beer one sounds nice .

    • I definitely cooked for longer than the SW recipe, I follow the instructions but then at the end cook on medium until the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. It’s probably about 10 mins longer

  10. I tried this last night — I had to cook it for an hour to reduce the sauce to something thick. But it was worth it – delicious in a slightly wrong way. It was really fab over chips! I am tempted to try the same thing with beef and Fanta orange zero and some Chinese spices — hopefully it will be a little like the orange beef you can get from American Chinese restaurants.

  11. As I’d bought some Pepsi max with ginger I thought I’d make the SW version of diet coke chicken, utter tasteless Shite! What a waste of good ingredients! 😤 my husband said I don’t know why you try any sweet recipes, they’re all carp, you should stick to the twochubbycubs recipes, they’re the only ones that are any good. Gotta say he has a point, and I get a laugh thrown in too. All hail the twochubbycubs! x

  12. Love this recipe. I use Pepsi Max Cherry, and simmer for at least 45 minutes to reduce it right down. And then right at the end, I chuck in pineapple chunks (I don’t syn them though – they’re only warmed, not cooked, so f**k it). Tastes like sweet and sour from the Chinese!

    Thank you so much for blogging, and being everything PON isn’t.

    Much love

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