weigh in week three – the results are in!

Super quick post tonight because we are having a sofa night. Only two new recipes posted this week, yes, BUT look at the length of the entries! Speaking of a lengthy entry…


Not disappointed – I’ve lost a decent amount and got my stone award (hooray, though boo for having to stand up and get it, think of my fat knees) and Paul had a feeling he’d put on, because he’s had a few big lunches at work. Still, we’re on target for where we want to be – and we have four new recipes for you this week coming.

Hoping you’re all well!




10 thoughts on “weigh in week three – the results are in!

    • Nederlanders hebben zich in Curacao en Suriname weldegelijk met de cultuur bemoeid. Slaven werden gedwongen gekerstend, het winti-geloof was verboden, slavinnen werden verplicht hun hoofd te bedekken omdat hun vlechten als aanstootgevend werden gezien, marrons die gewend waren panji’s (lendendoeken) waren verplicht zich te bedekken in de stad, het spreken van Sranan Tongo was verboden op scholen, etc., etc, etc.Dus ik zou u adviseren eerst eens een gesniiedechsboekje te gaan lezen voor u met zo’n onzinnige stelling komt.

  1. Well done and thanxs your posts do cheer me up I read them out to my partner now my son after listening to me reads the posts as well and your book is great keep up the good work lol xxx

  2. Thanks for blog love it makes me giggle ?
    I’m looking for a recipe I think u posted recently for curry with bacon’s sweet potato & squash??Thought I had saved it but can’t find it ?if you could post again at some stage I’d be grateful
    Keep smiling
    Maria x

  3. hahaha omg i came across your blog by accident and i am so glad i did, i think your hilarious and love reading your antics. i m trying again to do the slimming world diet as i have a rolling hills lard ass with as many rolls in my tummy as greggs has in its warehouse. me and my hubby were just looking at booking into iceland for the northern lights days away or maybe finland or canada not made mind up yet, but when read need to go into lagoon pool naked i dont think i could as we were looking at that as well. keep doing what yous do as its great look forward to reading more not s much the recipes but your banter is class….. Debs

  4. You give me pure jokes, I love how you write. I’m attempting the slow cook lasagne tonight but doing it in the oven and not so slow…..any tips? Temp…how long?

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