wahey! our second book has been published!

Just a quick post to give you all some exciting news – just like last year, we have bundled together all our stories, nonsense, flim-flam, travel tales and other posts into one massive eBook and it’s now available on Amazon for the same price as the old one – no rises in the cost of laughing here! We get so many comments from people who bought our old book and want another that it seemed appropriate! Just click on the tasteful picture below to order!


Also included in this new book are the complete travel stories for New York and Cornwall which I didn’t get round to finishing on the blog! I hope you all enjoy! No recipes – we’re not allowed to publish recipes otherwise Mags gets her drawers in a twist – but over 110,000 words of fun!

Have an amazing New Year you lot!




13 thoughts on “wahey! our second book has been published!

  1. Congratulations, and thanks so much for all the laughs in 2016.
    Please take up politics – you talk alot of sense + the country would be a happier, better nourished place 😉

    Best wishes for 2017 xx

  2. Weyhey……..just stumbled onto your website. Blinking brilliant, if I may be so bold. I can feel the urge slowly (verrry) slowly coming on to get back to my pre Christmas weight……
    Thank you guys.


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