cheesy baked broccoli bombs – grand for a snack or a side

Cheesy baked broccoli bombs, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t be put off by the thought of broccoli, it’s good for you and these taste fabulous. We’ll get to the recipe in a moment, but may I make a suggestion? Cook these along with the Thai chicken balls from yesterday and have yourself a wee picnic – they keep well in the fridge and they’re great for a snack! In short: never neglect the balls.

A quick serious post tonight as tonight’s tea is almost ready but do you know what I’m bloody sick of reading? Anti Slimming World rhetoric from personal trainers, ‘diet planners’, nutritionists and other such guff. I’m not going to say that some of what they say doesn’t make sense, that there aren’t holes in the SW logic, of course there is, but what vexes me is the obvious cheap shots they take.

See, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’m a fairly big believer in setting up your own business on its own merits instead of taking potshots at others. Calling the diet crap or the company evil or the plan nutritionally bankrupt is a nonsense and people always back it up with the same hoary old lines that get trotted out every time this comes up:

“They don’t teach you portion control”

They do. They tell you to eat until you’re satisfied, but not to eat until you’re bursting. Christmas Full, I believe my old consultant calls it. They can’t control what you do outside of the class, but then see, nor can any amount of personal trainers shouting into a camera on Youtube.

“You can have 10 Muller-lights but you can’t have an avocado”

Yeah, true. On paper that sounds silly, and it’s something I’ll gently mock every now and then, but it’s bollocks. Yeah you can have 10 Mullers and stay within your syns, but people don’t. Why on Earth would you, for goodness sake? You can have avocado too – they’re high in syns because it’s a low-fat diet and it doesn’t matter a hill of beans whether they’re good fats, bad fats, trans fats or Fats Domino, they’re still fats. Slimming World works for folks because it’s a very simple way of keeping an eye on what you’re taking in. Are there better diets out there for losing weight? Possibly. Could they teach more about nutrition? Maybe. But that’s like saying that a learner driver should have a go at driving a double-decker bus – too much, too soon.

“Syns teaches people that some foods are negative”

It doesn’t, though. For a start, the ‘syn’ thing is a contraction of synergy, one of those awful bloody buzzwords that did the rounds back when Mags was a feisty young lass worried about the Jerry’s stealing her hair lacquer. I’m kidding, MMB. But Slimming World’s big thing is that no food is off-limits. Rather than saying you can’t have chocolate or vodka or hot sex, they say you absolutely can, but keep it within a syn bracket – and that’s no different to personal trainers saying ‘treat yourself with almonds’ or other stuff. SW teaches pleasure in moderation, and there’s no harm in that.

“There’s too much reliance on processed or Frankenfood”

I can see where people are coming from on this, because when you look around at some of the slop that people are eating – pasta’n’sauces blitzed into a ‘sauce’, Mug Shitz, Fryshite, Mullers, burgers served between two jacket potatoes, your heart does sink a little. But that isn’t SW’s fault. A lot of members seem to want to aim as low as possible on their syns and so will resort to shite like this. But you don’t have to do it – SW are big on the old ‘make it from scratch’ mantra, even if they have brought out those ‘delicious’ SW ready meals. People aren’t encouraged to keep their syns down at zero – quite the opposite! But it’s the choice of the members to eat the ‘zero syns’ food rather than spending a little of their allowance and having gorgeous recipes.

It’s actually one of the biggest bugbears I have with this site – we can put a wonderful, tasty, nutritionally perfect meal up that uses six syns and I can guarantee it’ll get hardly any likes. Stick up a roulade made with a wheelbarrow of Splenda and jam made from cut-out photos of strawberries blended with water and we’ll need to hook up a new server. But what can you do?

Oh, and as an aside, it’s astonishing the amount of people I see banging on about how nutritionally bankrupt the diet is, but then they’re busy flogging vitamins and shakes and powders and all that shite. Practice what you preach, or shut the hell up.

“They make money from people failing”

This is the one that bugs me the most. People make out as though the whole class structure is set up so that it keeps people going back time after time, barely losing weight. Presumably that’s because you get rebounders who follow the diet, lose weight and then stop going – then boom, all the weight trickles back on and they’re back. But here’s the thing – do you think the personal trainers don’t do exactly the same thing? Are they going to provide their services for free when their client gets skinny and toned? SW allow you to go back to class for free whenever you’re at target, so there’s your incentive to try and keep the weight off.

There’s lots of things I’d change about Slimming World – the classes need a mix-up because spending an hour clapping does my nut in, I can’t bear all the cutesy-poo language that gets used, I think some things are synned when they don’t need to be – so here’s what we do. We tinker with it a bit, and accept that if our weight loss slows, it’s because we’re moving away from the diet. But since we’ve started this blog all of our meals have been amazing – we choose to spend our syns on the food we eat – just like the plan encourages – and we’ll never look back.

I have no horse in this race. We’re not sponsored by Slimming World, we pay our membership fees like everyone else, and god knows this blog takes the piss out of the silliness more than most out there. But I’ve seen the difference the classes make to people’s confidence, figures, minds and life with my own eyes. SW isn’t perfect but how about all those people knocking it and making sly digs about the members just turn their eyes and focus on building their own business on their own merits? Even with its flaws it brings comfort and fun to millions of people – and I don’t think they should be knocked for that.

We’re not ashamed to say we love Slimming World. When you follow it, for the most part, it works. It’s easy to knock and it’s fun to tease, but stop trying to run it into the bloody ground.

Right, broccoli bombs anyone?

cheesy baked broccoli bombs

cheesy baked broccoli bombs

The recipe makes enough for eight or so.

to make cheesy baked broccoli bombs you will need:

  • 1 broccoli, cut into florets
  • 80g reduced-fat cheddar (2x HeA)
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 25g panko (BREADCRUMBS. THEY’RE BLOODY BREADCRUMBS. Make yer own breadcrumbs if panko is too fancy for you) (4.5 syns)
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper

to make cheesy baked broccoli bombs you should:

These are great as a snack, and kids will love them too! Do you know what else they’ll love? Two Chubby Cub dinners everynight! Spoil ’em rotten with some of our grub by clicking the buttons below:

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16 thoughts on “cheesy baked broccoli bombs – grand for a snack or a side

  1. I just want to say I recommend you guys to everyone I know…I’ve never been to SW in my life and I’m lucky enough to not need a diet but in my defence, I’m now of that age when it comes down to maintainance. I want to stay the weight I am, enjoy fucking good food and ultimately stay happy and healthy…isn’t that what life is about? Keep doing what you are doing and people will see the light eventually xxx sorry off my soapbox now 😉

  2. It’s my first time on SW. I always avoided it because of red and green days and I just couldn’t be arsed with all that. Then a college at work started it and we got chatting, it sounded so easy and here I am 9lbs
    lost in 4weeks and loving your blog 😁

  3. well said, gents, well said. All that bloody clapping does my head in plus I can’t bear listening to Susan who’s had one cough sweet and put on 5lbs!! As for the food optimising when eating out ( like it!) bloody hell NO! If I get the chance of a restaurant meal then I want all the bells and whistles available not a plain steak and limp leaves. I do my best to keep within the syns and, believe me, your recipes are really scrummy but I do like gin too! It’s a dilemma. Keep doing what you’re doing , love your blogs and the (majority) of your recipes too. 🙂

  4. I totally get, what you guys are saying, but to be honest, your class is only as good as its consultant. For my ‘syns’ I was a consultant and Area Manager back in the ’90’s and when anyone talks about (as above the cough sweet ) the consultant is supposed to stop them and get them to focus on something positive. This said, it rarely happens. But I for one, need the class, yes the happy clappy is annoying, but, in the class I go, to there is a lot of support and some cracking ideas. I have lost 5 stone, and over the last 6 months gained 1 stone and I kept going, paying my money whilst gaining. Waste of money? No! It kept me from sticking my head in the sand, I know eventually the switch in my head will switch back on, in the meantime I have been hovering around a number and not got any further. I refuse to put it all back on, I ‘will’ get there……… eventually!

  5. Very well said, I cannot bear the happy clappy crap – what are we? 5 years old? Anyway, thank you again for your lovely recipes and your blog – love it! I need to get back on track and lose my wobbly bits 🙄 there’s too much for me to declare it as this winter’s insulating layer 😂
    Have a fab weekend everyone x

  6. Look forward to reading your emails, even though they sometimes make me cringe a bit. Love the recipes and agree with your comments on the anti slimmimg world brigade.
    Love you both xxx

  7. Well said. The diet industry is a huge money making machine anyway, but at least SW teaches you to eat much more healthily and does advocate cooking from scratch. Nobody makes us buy processed food and SW shows us we can have homemade takeaways from scratch which taste better and are healthier for us as we know exactly what has gone in. Life is tough sometimes and we need treats to keep us going and sane, but what it also teaches us is moderation. Boy oh boy do you really appreciate your alcohol or chococolates/sweet treats when you savour smaller portions rather than mindlessly shovelling huge quantities down yer neck. Love your blogs and recipes guys, keep em coming please. 😀👍🏻

  8. Will this recipe give me gas? 😷 I made some veg soup this week with broccoli in it & I’ve had it 3 days on the trot…I’ve been trumping like a trombone ever since! My husband said to me the other night “You are not a lady!”. Can’t believe he’s only just noticed 😂. I decided in future to leave the broccoli out. 😳

  9. Amazing site and recipes. U guy are wile craic 🙂

    Can I use cabbage instead of broccoli? My Dad, the veg pusher in our house, just admitted he doesn’t like broccoli! My world has crashed…………. If not cabbage then can you recommend another veg? Cauliflower? The recipe is sooooooooo good I don’t want to spoil it!

    • Cabbage should be fine, though maybe boil it up for a bit first to soften it – our use sprouts! Cauliflower would work but would taste a bit farty :-/

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