‘ey up all: an announcement!

Hi all!

We’re just taking a few days off from the blog – don’t panic! All competition entries and what have you will resume in a couple of weeks! Do try and stay positive, won’t you?

Many thanks




4 thoughts on “‘ey up all: an announcement!

  1. FFS finally managed to get subscribed (Yahoo doesn’t like your blog) and you take a break. Thankfully I’ve got your honeymoon to read, except no reading Chubby Cubs in bed as my guffawing wakes the family. Can’t wait for your next entry!!!

  2. Wow how refreshing just found you to guys,wot a hoot you are , just started Sw a month ago. Lost a little over a stone, probably another stone to go BUT….. starting to struggle, then…….. I’ve just come across you ! I look forward too popping in and out to see wot you have to say and your AMAZING food ideas. A very big well done to you both 🤗

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