well blow me, it’s finally here – the twochubbycubs cookbook has launched!

Everyone! Our cookbook has finally launched – after what feels like months of writing, planning, photographing and plotting. it’s here! Launched on 2 January 2020 and already a best-seller, to the point where we exhausted Amazon’s stockpile many times over.

I just wanted to write a little bit about what this means to me. I know I speak for Paul too when I say this, but damn it, I’m the writer, these are my words. All of my life I have loved to write: I’ve kept (and keep) diaries, I rattle off short stories when I’m bored, I’ve kept this beast of a blog going for almost six years. I never, ever thought the blog would swell to become what it is today – a clumsily edited, lo-tech, no bells and whistles lumbering collection of nonsense tales and excellent food. There’s just the two of us, both with full time jobs, but we’ve kept this going because the social side of things has been endlessly brilliant. Then, last year, we were approached to make a cookbook and, after much consideration (we looked at Disney holidays, saw the prices and then agreed we must write a cookbook) set about pulling it together. I thought we might sell a thousand copies or so, mainly to my mam (who actually hasn’t bought a copy at all because she wants a free one, the tight mare), but nope. It has soared. The fact that it is published, out and we’re getting so many good reviews and positive comments absolutely melts my heart. I have achieved a genuine, concrete life goal and whatever happens next, I can turn around and say we’re published, best-selling authors – and it means the absolute fucking world to me.

So – seriously now – we might be about the knob jokes, coarse language and cooking – but you have made two very chubby cubs very, very happy indeed. Thank you!

Now – because there was such a colossal spike in sales last week, Amazon are struggling getting so many copies out in one go! We’ve literally depleted their stocks – and so a few of you may be getting an email saying there’s been a delay. WORRY NOT. Our publishers have sent Challenge Anneka down with her lorry and a whole load of new books and these will be hitting in the next few days. As soon as there’s new stock, the delays will be updated and books will be on the way. We had no idea there would be such a surge and this came out of the blue – so please, if this is you and you’ve been told a delay of a few weeks, panic not! Yours will be coming as soon as possible, promise! THANK YOU!

If you’re keen to buy it from Amazon, you can order it now and it’ll be with you soon – click here! There’s also a Kindle version for immediate reading!

If you are struggling with waiting, then please, fret not! You can also order from:

We know Sainsbury’s have them at the moment but they are flying off the shelves so be quick!

Comments from people will follow but we’re hearing good things about the fact they’re family friendly, easy meals and the book looks bloody gorgeous!

So: if you have the book, please do leave us a review, tell people about it, get things made and join in on our social media channels – @twochubbycubs on IG and Twitter and we’re all over Facebook! We really want to hear from you and we REALLY want some reviews!

That’s me for now. But one more time: thank you to each and every single person who reads this, recommends us, kindly leaves us comments and being part of this fucking amazing show in whatever way you have been. You’re amazing!

With love from James (the bearded, handsome, shaved head one with excellent clothes) and Paul (pictured)



36 thoughts on “well blow me, it’s finally here – the twochubbycubs cookbook has launched!

  1. Mine arrived today . Thank you . Only read the introductory pages, but so pleased you have stayed true to the two chubby cubs who we all love . Will start the recipes tomorrow. Well done xx

  2. YAY!!! Mines been ordered months ago and I’ve been patiently waiting…sooo looking forward to getting you two boys into my hands lol.

  3. Boys you are incredible, you’ve done a wonderful job of this book, I’m just so jealous cos I need to wait for payday to get my Kindle copy! Love you to bits, please keep up the good work!

  4. Gutted! Had this on pre order from Amazon. Rushed home today to find no book, just an email saying it’s been delayed.
    Now estimated between 14th & 27th
    Boo hoo

  5. really looking forward to getting my book, my friend is getting me a copy whilst she’s in UK. We live in North Cyprus therefore we rely on your emails for your brilliant blog and fabulous recipes. I recommend your website to everyone here. Keep up the good work and thank you so much xx

  6. Mine arrived today and I’ve sat reading it like a novel! I’ve never laughed at a recipe book before and genuinely been excited to try the recipes. Thanks for another cracking read xx

  7. Mine arrived today, and I love it – bright, beautiful and with lovely pics (just like you two) (omg how sycophantic!). I can only imagine all the hard work that has gone into it and you deserve to be showered with riches. RICHES, I said :). Plus it’s all original content, not snaffled from other blogs like a certain other book does, so major praises for that too! It’ll be a hol to Disneyland in a private jet at this rate, everyone I know (OK OK that’s just me and the cats Orbit and Stella) has a copy. :). Rock on, 2020!

  8. Mine came today and I love it, so easy to choose a recipe and already decided on meals for tomorrow and the weekend, I’ve got to lose a shed load of weight(ideally 12 stone before March) for my sons wedding so hoping I can lose a couple of stones at least, wishing you every success and can’t wait for more recipes in the sequel x

  9. It came today, I love it. Howling laughing at the bubbles in a lava lamp . Cant wait to try
    Some of these recipes . Cheers .

  10. I had this fab book on ‘pre-order’ at Amazon and eagerly awaited its arrival. the book arrived yesterday and it is everything I had hoped for, AND MORE!!!
    A belting book indeed.

  11. The book is great. Just can’t see Syn values in it anywhere? Did SW not allow the values to be added for “legal reasons” ie competition with their books?

  12. Loving the book. Good, honest recipes that will make losing the Christmas weight a lot more pleasurable than normal!
    Oh and as a Sandra, thanks for the name drop 😂

  13. I love your book, we’ve had tea made from recipes in it 3 times this week and even my picky 6 year old hasn’t complained. It’s nice to want to actually read a cookbook, rather than flicking through looking at the pictures too! I’m so glad it’s doing well, you really deserve this success.

  14. My daughter bought your book for me yesterday and my hubby and I spent a glorious couple of hours reading every page and the tears (of laughter) were rolling into our large glasses of wine!!!, truly inspirational stories and first meal from your amazing book is being cooked tonight. Thank you for our night of hilarity and we’ll done on your book.

  15. Just been given your book as a birthday present. Can’t imagine why !? I haven’t heard of you and I have hundreds of cookbooks. Yours is a revelation. Loving it. Can’t put it down. Must be a Northern thing. I am more Northern than you and really relate to the banter. Thank you, All fired up for a thinner year.

  16. Just Ordered the book !
    After visiting mates who RAVED about you Guys!!! Book looks Amazing 🐻😉❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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