well, welcome to 2021, everyone!

Hello all!

I hope you’re all keeping well – if you’re anything like us, you’re still clutching your belly and wondering whether or not you’re going to need a new lavatory to cope with all the Christmas excess. I do hope so, because Christmas is meant to be about spoiling yourself and after the previous year, we absolutely all needed it. And no – I don’t know why I’m typing this little blog post as though I’m your mad Auntie writing her yearly round-robin from her villa in Benidorm, but fuck it, we’re here now so let’s keep going. I am well, having spent most of the festive period picking Christmas dinner out of my beard and sulking because I couldn’t open my presents early. Paul remains pallid and smelling of soil, but confesses himself reasonably happy. The kids are quiet, but that’s more than likely because we’ve never had them.

Enough of that though. This is just a very quick post to celebrate the launch of our new book, and the excellent reviews it has already received. You can buy it in all supermarkets right now, or otherwise, nip onto Amazon where it is (at the time of writing) £12 delivered. If you paid extra on Amazon, please be reassured the difference will be refunded back to your card! Click the banner to be taken straight there (in a new window, mind, I’m not finished with you yet). It’s a best-seller already, and feedback has been utterly glorious – if you liked the first book, you’re absolutely gonna love this. We genuinely could not be happier with how people have received it – thank you!

If you have it, and you love it, please consider leaving us a review: it makes all the difference! And, please, if you’re a member of any facebook groups, do share us! Spread the word. It’s just me and Paul here and there’s only so much we can do!

Also, if you haven’t already, our first cookbook is currently only £8 on Amazon too! You can click here to buy it – it’s out of stock at the moment but they’ve ordered a tonne more, so it’ll dispatch soon! That plus the new cookbook means over 220 recipes for £20 delivered! Give the gift of cubs!

And finally: well, it all goes without saying at this point. So, because it’s me, let me say it by video. If you’re a fan, I really want you to hear this!

We love you all, very much. Have an amazing New Year!