special post: a favour needed!

Evening all!

Please forgive the brevity of the post and the lateness of the hour, but if any of our readers own a copy of the first book and would be willing to spare us five minutes, we have a little favour to ask.  We have been given a secret project and are looking to hear from you about your experience with the first book, namely any of the below:

  • if you struggle with cooking, how the first book helped you reignite a passion again;
  • if you’ve lost weight following our recipes, especially if you’re doing it for a special cause;
  • if you keep coming back to our recipes because they’re different and not just your average ‘add 100g of sweetener, tears and egg’ bollocks;
  • if you’ve recommended it to anyone else; or
  • if you’ve taught yourself new skills and cooking abilities on the back of it.

You can email us directly on admin@twochubbycubs.com or send us a message via our social media channels. We’d love you forever, and Paul promises not to stare mournfully through your windows if you grant us this one kindness. We have a very tight deadline so the quicker the better!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!




3 thoughts on “special post: a favour needed!

  1. During lockdown you have helped me lose 2st and because of your first cookbook and I’m not putting it on again. SW was a minefield for me but your recipes are straightforward and unbelievably tasty. I do love your sense of humour and all the hints and tips. I have recommended you to several friends, they now follow yo7 on FB. Once lockdown is over, and I can get to Costco, I’m a cheapskate, your Fast and Filling cookbook will be purchased. I can’t wait. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I thought l made a fantastic lasagne till l did your site cooker one!!!! The hubby said this one is so much better?? Gutted!!!! But it was🙂 so thank you❤️, got a really happy hubby😉 Jean

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