our fabulous NEW cookbook is available for pre-order: FAST AND FILLING!

You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting to announce this! Following the massive (and totally unexpected) success of our first cookbook earlier in the year, we can FINALLY announce…

Our new cookbook is coming and is available to pre-order now! Even better: it is released on 31 December 2020 so this time round, we’ll be there right with you from day one of 2021!

You can pre-order from Amazon right now by clicking here (it’ll open in a new window) and of course, Amazon comes with a price guarantee – you don’t pay until the day of release, and if the price goes down (which it absolutely will) you’ll pay the lower amount!

You can also pre-order from WH Smith or the good folks at Waterstones if you prefer AND if you want to pick it up in the shops, it will be in all major supermarkets!

Let me tell you a bit about this book: we’ve taken all the best parts of the last book and built on them, whilst listening to the feedback we received as to other things you may want! So:

  • there’s 100 more (in fact, there’s about 120 when you include all the little extra recipes!) low calorie meals – all under 500 calories this time – that don’t taste like diet food but just amazing food you want to eat
  • you know our food, you know it works, you know it’s tasty and we don’t use random ingredients – this is easy cooking that tastes bloody fantastic
  • this isn’t ‘fancy’ food but delicious recipes to serve the whole family – that was the best feedback we received from the last one, and we’ve kept that in mind
  • all the recipes are designed to save you time – whether they cook quickly, or are easy to batch cook, or freeze for later – they are all accompanied by a clear key showing which recipes do what
  • cooking times are included for each recipe (because whoops, we forgot last time!)
  • it is ABSOLUTELY UTTERLY GORGEOUS: you think the last book was colourful – you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • all the recipes come with our usual style of writing and sass and I kid you not, arrogant it may be, we think it’s funnier than the last book
  • plenty of veggie recipes in there and we’ve made sure to make clear which recipes are suitable for those with allergies and intolerances


We are genuinely excited: we’ve seen the finished result and hand-on-heart, absolutely love it. It’s just so very, very us and we know if you liked the first book, you’re going to adore this one! And let us say one more thing and then you can get back to picking your bum. All of this, all our books, recipes and nonsense, would never have amounted to a hill of beans if you guys hadn’t got behind us to support what we do. Your support means the world to us – always has and always will – and I hope you trust us that we will give you the absolute very best book we can possibly can. To every single person who bought our last book and planner, to those who share our recipes, who read our blog, to those who whisper our names in Slimming World circles: the biggest, most heartfelt thank you you can ever imagine. Without you lot, we’d be nothing, and this is us giving back the only way we can without breaking up your marriages.

With love, always