slimming world fried breakfast

it’s the weekend, so only a quick post from me today as I have a busy day of watching UK Border Force on Sky Atlantic and giving the puppy-dog-eyes to Paul so he’ll bring me a frozen Mullerlight, load the washing, unload the washing, peg out the washing…you get the idea. Pegging in our house means nothing more than a chore.

Today’s breakfast, which was actually lunch because we got out of bed after noon like the somnolent slatterns that we are, was a one syn fry-up.


I’m not entirely sure why Paul cooked the bacon until it resembled the skin on a burnt scrotal sack, but hey ho. It’s all fairly self-explanatory, so I’ll not bother with the recipe, but:

to make a slimming world fried breakfast:

warning: make sure your sausages are low-syn or free. Quorn low-fat sausages are syn free, others well, google is your friend but always choose the low-fat versions and work backwards from there. Your eggs can be scrambled (watch your milk allowance if you add your milk, only add cream if you’re insane, poached (syn-free) or friend (syn-free if you use frylight). Tomatoes and mushrooms all syn free of course.

second warning: don’t bother trying to actifry a weight-watchers sausage. Firstly, they taste bloody awful, and second, it’ll end up really breaking down in your actifry, and looking a bit like this. Bleurgh.


Oh delicious!