ginger nuts

god, sometimes you just need to shake the icing sugar / male pattern baldness out of your hair and cut loose in your kitchen. I love to bake and before we started this diet, I was forever baking biscuits and bread and delicious things. Now, the official Slimming World line is that you can still have treats on your diet and you can, but really, not these bad boys, given they only contain butter, golden syrup, ginger, 1 egg and a bit of bicarb. I was asked to make 50 ginger snaps for a harvest festival (not my thing, but it’s work), and who am I to say no? So, in the nature of this being NAUGHTY and DIRTY and FORBIDDEN on a diet blog, I’ve made the recipe card a bit saucy.

I say a bit, it’s just filth.


Recipe: 115g unsalted butter, 85g golden syrup, medium egg, 200g caster sugar, 350g self-raising flour, two teaspoons of chopped stem ginger in syrup, tablespoon of ginger, teaspoon of bicarb. Melt butter and syrup, let that cool. Add all dry ingredients into mixer. Add cold butter/syrup and one beaten egg. Beat in the mixer until one big lump. Divide into 20, cook for 15 mins on 170. Easy! Enjoy with a dry sherry, a teabag or a Cleveland steamer, whatever takes your fancy.

Oh, and for heaven’s sake, if you are prudish, please don’t google what a Cleveland steamer is. No, don’t. Seriously.

This makes 20 biscuits. SEE? Admire my tin!


Back to slimming tomorrow! This shows though, you can still carry on your normal life whilst on slimming world – I had one biscuit and counted it as ten syns. Of course I was thick, I should have had ten syns and counted as one. Leave and learn.