fail to plan, plan to fail

Goodness me, that’s a bit of a fortune-cookie saying, but it raises a very good point! PLAN PLAN PLAN. Paul and I have found previously that if we just make our meals on the fly, we end up spending loads of money in Waitrose as it’s right next to my work or calling on our sugar daddy, Papa John.

So – if you want to succeed, get out your books, get onto the Internet and pick out recipes that actually interest you! Try new things and ideas, step outside your comfort zone and keep things interesting. There’s only so much enthusiasm you can muster for a BLOODY SLIMMING WORLD QUICHE covered in TOMATO BLOODY SAUCE.


You can pick up a blackboard from amazon cheap enough – click here for ours. We don’t normally keep it above the fireplace, but the lighting in the kitchen is all to cock.

Oh, the bake biscuits bit? Harvest Festival at work. So I’ve volunteered to make some ginger biscuits. Normally I’d make chocolate but I can’t resist that, so SUFFER EVERYONE ELSE.

Only a small entry tonight (fnar) as I’ve been working overtime since 1 and I’m absolutely buggered, and not in the good way either.