new book to pre-order: twochubbycubs: dinner time!


After months of being squirrelled away, variously in the house, Scarborough, London and hotels, Paul and I are pleased to announce our third cookbook, twochubbycubs: dinner time is coming soon – 26 May 2022 – and is available to pre-order right now! Simply click on the fabulous cover below to be whisked straight to Amazon to order your copy! For a little more detail about what the book is about, look below!

twochubbycubs: dinner time is a book absolutely rammed full of new recipes focusing on the one meal that matters most – the evening meal! Now listen, if you’re one of those normal people who call dinner ‘tea’ then we are right with you, but if we put out a book called ‘twochubbycubs on tea’ some people might get the wrong idea. Cracking weight loss path though. But no, dinner tends to be the meal that everyone plans for the most, brings people together, the one meal you’ll buy the good ingredients for, the bringer of comfort on dark days and delight on sunny ones. It’s OK, I got goosebumps too.

As you would expect from our book:

  • there’s plenty of vegetarian recipes to get your teeth into;
  • the recipes do not use crap like artificial sweetener or margarine to be low-calorie – they’re just good, decent recipes using proper ingredients;
  • all the meals are easy to cook – nothing complicated, just clear instructions for delicious food
  • there’s so much ‘us’ in this book that it’ll feel like you’re sat down with us for dinner, you poor sods;
  • there’s actually more than 100 recipes in there – I included my fudge recipe as a bonus, and we’ve got you covered with over twenty ideas for sides to go with your dinner too; and
  • listen, if you loved the last two books, you’ll adore this one!

It’s currently £20 on Amazon, but that’s the price that all pre-orders get set at – as more people order it, the price will come down, and then that’s what you will pay (on release) – so don’t be put off by the £20 tag!

We really couldn’t be prouder of dinner time – and we would love your support! So if you know someone who has our book, tell them about the new one – and if you see any of our posts on social media, be sure to share them!

Love you all,