weigh in week five

Honestly, sometimes it’s just too easy to get the innuendo in class. The actual quote was ‘using both hands’ but I mean, no-one likes a boaster.

Well, here it is, in alarming red – our first weight gain. Gasp. Time for our weigh results:


Bloody Paul and his jeans! Given it takes two sailors four minutes to fold his shirts, a great expanse of denim clad over his arse is definitely going to add to his weight. So we’ll gently say that really, between us, we’ve only gained 2lb. But still! It’s not like I can say that I’ve got water retention, or even better, that it’s my lingonberry week. No, we’ve both gained weight because although we’ve been following the plan with our meals, we’ve had a few too many syns – I’ve been stuffing my face at work (through a combination of overtime = takeaway and sweets) and not moving around very much. Paul’s much the same, and he shamefully confessed that he’d been indiscreet in a service station on the way to London and had a Nutella dip. Which I very much hope was a chocolate spread snack. We’ve both become complacent. Weigh ourselves at home perhaps?

So, to kick us up the arse a bit, we each bought a twelve week countdown (so members of our group, you’ve got at LEAST another 12 weeks of us looking confused/bald/heavy) as a commitment, and I’ve got a pan of Slimming World Super Speed Soup on the hob, which frankly smells like a rotten arse but is supposed to do wonders for the weight loss. I’ve said I’ll lose 5lb next week and Paul reckons 3lb.

Time to dig in.

Recipes coming this week – steak and chips, burger in a bowl, baked canneloni, speed soup and others. Wish us luck!