syn free ratatouille

First of all, I’ve learned more today about vaginal pessaries today than I ever thought possible. Decency forbids me saying more but jaysus.

You know, it must be so easy to make a Gordon Ramsey cookery show. He turns up, you get a few shots of his face looking like an unmade bed, he huffs and puffs, they paint the eatery a shade of cream and chuck a few linen tablecloths around, and you’re done. His new show has to be the cheapest programme yet but still quite watchable, if only to laugh at posh people falling on their arse.

Anyway, that’s not why we are here, is it? Just a quick one from me today, as yet again I have been working late so it’s a quick supper. This is a perfect quick meal because you’re essentially just roasting veg, boiling pasta and adding a creamy sauce. You can beef it out with the usual superfree heroes – peppers, onions, most veg, peas, any old shite you can in the vegetable drawer. Recipe…

to make syn free ratatouille, you’ll need:

Paul and I are going to have a ban on chips next week, but they’re so easy with an Actifry!

Not going to lie, I’m not expecting to lose next week, I have done nothing but pick at sweets all day because my desk is surrounded by them and, working late, means I get so hungry! There’s no reason of course to pick at sweets, so next week I’m going to cover a few snacks.

Anyway. I’ve got to go to bed early as I need to be up again at 7am to take the car for a new tyre. I know what you’re thinking, it surprises me too that I’m so fat with this rock and roll lifestyle! Hey, do me a favour though if you’re enjoying this blog, and share share share! My readership is creeping up sons aim thankful to each of you for that! Sleep well.