“all I’ve learned has overturned” – weigh in week four!

well blow me (lie back and think of the Body Magic). after all my moaning and picking fitfully at Paul’s shirt in the car and telling him to turn it around and “we’ll go next week”, we’ve only both gone and lost. Admittedly, not massive losses, but its going in the right direction! SEE:


Based on a stat I found somewhere. really impressed with ourselves – in a month we’ve lost 1 stone and a half, and I reckon I can get my stone award next week. I’m not quite sure what happens when I get that other than I get a sticker on my book. But there’s a lesson here! I was adamant that I’d ruined my week and didn’t want to go so that I wouldn’t ruin my streak, but that’s stupid, and we would have been face-down in a tub of ice-cream quicker than you could say ‘have a bit of respect’. Get your arse to class every week and never put it off. Only that way can you stay in control.

Recipe card tomorrow – apologies for the double post!


ham and superfree veg muffins

Firstly, I apologise for not updating the blog last night but we were both stuck at work! Off to Fatfighters soon so only a very quick post but here is a recipe card for a good snack idea. I know I’ll be putting weight on because I have had too much crap this week thanks to being constantly at work. Sad times.

Paul is my superfree muffin! Enjoy, and I’ll check in later to confirm what damage I’ve done…muffins ahoy!