weigh in – week one – the results are in!

well, after a week of following Slimming World properly, we can announce our weight losses for this week:

james: 8.5lb off
paul: 5lb off
total: 13.5lb off

Absolutely fucking chuffed. I know we always get a good loss in the first week, but I wasn’t expecting such good results – we have been having our syns, a bit more bread than perhaps we should, the odd treat here and there – plus we shared a pot of Ben & Jerrys on Paul’s birthday! Clearly that two hour walk did us the world of good.

I’m not going to do those little weight loss banners because it was getting a bit tying trying to think of ‘equivalent weight losses’ every week, but if I think of something, I’ll be sure to draw it! I plan to do a decent graph once we’ve got a bit more data. What can I say, I’m a giant nerd who spends a bit more time than most pushing his glasses back up his nose – I love graphs! I thought the little image on the right was a smidge more subtle!

Best part of this? I hadn’t even gone for a Thora before weigh-in – I reckon there is probably another 1lb ready to be birthed.

RIGHT, anyway – off for tea, the recipe of which I’ll post tomorrow. I have a favour to ask of anyone who is reading this – please, please share the blog or the facebook group (which we’re still tinkering with – search for Two Chubby Cubs: Sliming World, Syns and Sass). If you want to share the blog, the link is a simple www.twochubbycubs.com. Post it in your facebook groups, anything to do with Slimming World, throw it onto Pinterest, anything at all. We’re total attention whores and we love it.

Sleep well!