weigh in week five – the results are in!

And it doesn’t make for spectacular reading, this week! TIME FOR WEIGH IN:

james – 1lb off

paul – stayed the same

total weight loss – 30.5lb

But fuck it, it’s unsurprising because we’ve both been hammering the sweets at work. I’m surprised I still lost simply because I’ve got more flavoured cow hoof in me than a Farmfoods sausage. But remember this – we’re only aiming to lose 2lb a week (well me 2lb to Paul’s 1lb so we’re in credit) – this isn’t a numbers game. We’ve lost weight before, quickly, and hoyed it all back on again!

Also – I see I have a whole flood of new readers ready to listen to me ramble on about bowel movements and other high-class topics. Well, I promise it’s not all glamour, but here’s a request – SHARE. Share this blog far and wide – if you’re a member of a facebook slimming group, put a link to the recipes page on there for everyone else. If you’re on Pinterest or Twitter, stick a link on there. I love to help, and we look to cook, so please, share! Do my evil bidding!

Finally, tonight’s picture is a shocker!


Although sugar free jelly is synned (1.5 for a packet of orange jelly), this made four jelly men so it’s less than half a syn per portion, so I can’t be fussed. I stuck a raspberry in for the brain. Then I stuck the knife home! Haha. DIE JELLY MAN DIE. It’s actually a jelly baby mould but bigger, but it seemed unseemly to call it a jelly baby. The mould works really well but this one melted a smidge because I was too impatient. You can buy the giant jelly baby moulds from Amazon, right here!

Tomorrow’s recipe is a fucking treasure, I promise you that!