saucy cheeseburger gnocchi bake

I can’t believe it – 1000 followers! Well fuck me! No don’t, actually, I don’t fancy Paul coming at me to cut my knob off for being a hussy and feeding it to the cats. But seriously, 1000 followers is pretty intense. I write this blog because I love nothing more than rambling on about nothing and sharing what we’re eating, so the fact that 1000 of you cared enough to actually follow and have me come in your inbox every day is really quite something. Oh you flirt. A big thank you for that, and to celebrate, I’m uploading a cheese and meat wonder. Be ready.


Let me tell you what I’m not ready for though – idiots. I saw something today which almost made my heart explode, it was simultaneously so sad and so telling of the future to come that I could barely register it. On an online newspaper article, an argument broke out between someone with the inevitable -MAMMYOVLILANGEL’ following her first name and some other painted idiot about spelling. Her reply? What broke my heart? ‘WEL U DNT NEED GRAMAR THS ISN’T A BUK’

I might have slightly paraphrased there, I was that aghast I couldn’t let it sink in. Since when did it become socially acceptable to be thick and fucking proud of it? I’m not some snob who expects everyone to type like Mavis Beacon and never make an error, but it’s just become ‘alright’ to be dense and not make any strides to fix the problem. I appreciate there are plenty of people out there who struggle, and that’s fair enough, but everyone else, make an effort – don’t revel in your stupidity like a dog rolling in fox shit. If I don’t know something, I learn it. I don’t have a go at the people who do know the answer. It’s the equivalent of me going onto The Chase and if the Chaser got a question right and I didn’t, launching myself up the table and calling poor Anne a FAT SLAHG WIV A SHIT HAREKUT. I find it repellent, and I make no apologies for it.

Pardon me a moment.

Ah that’s better – our cat decided to be sick all over our living room carpet as a thank you for us letting her into the house and popping her bed near the fire to warm her up. Bitch. I wouldn’t care but she could have gone outside to be sick but decided that right in the middle of the living room was truly the best place. It doesn’t help that our living room carpet looks like a magic-eye drawing of a kaleidoscope pattern, so as soon as she was sick we immediately lost it amongst the pattern. It truly is a carpet that you’d expect an insane lorry driver to keep behind his cab to wrap his prostitute corpses in. Stare hard enough and you’ll not only see patterns, you’ll lose your fucking mind. We’re too tight to have it replaced though because it’s really quite decent carpet to walk on – easily the best shag this house ever had before us young bucks moved in, am I right?

OK, this recipe – the picture may not make it look like much, but it was delicious – combining cheese, meat, gnocchi and veg. Make it for a weigh-in night treat, although the syns are low low low anyway!

slimming world cheeseburger gnocchi

to make saucy cheeseburger gnocchi bake, you’ll need:

ingredients (this serves four): handful of button mushrooms (sliced), a thinly sliced red pepper and a thinly sliced green pepper, a small onion (diced), 400g of gnocchi (1.5 syns per 100g), 500g of lean mince, salt and pepper, 250g of quark, garlic, splash of worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, a beef stock cube, 280g of light mozzarella, grated. (4 x HEA). Adjust accordingly if you want to make less but for gods sake INDULGE.

to make saucy cheeseburger gnocchi bake, you should:

recipe: cook your gnocchi, which is nothing more than throwing them in boiling water and letting them float to the top. Set aside. Chuck your onions and peppers and garlic into a heavy bottomed pan (suitable for SW) and sweat down, then add your mince and fry it off. You want it fairly dry, so go at it. Crumble a stock cube in for a bit of extra taste. In another bowl, combine the quark, mustard (1syn per tsp, I only added one), worcestershire sauce and salt. Mix it into the beef and veg, chuck in the gnocchi, even it out. Top with all that grated cheese. Into the oven for 15 minutes or so at 180 degrees, then under the grill until you get the top all golden and delicious. Serve. YUM.

extra-easy – well, you’d need to serve it with a salad, as it only has superfree peppers in it. But considering it is so full of goodness, it’s low in syns and tasty! Give it a go. You could up the stakes by using garlic philadelphia (20 syns per tub so only five syns each), but then you’d be a decadent tart.





19 thoughts on “saucy cheeseburger gnocchi bake

  1. And “ect” You forgot “ect” My personal favourite hate. It’s short for fucking et cetera. (Not really, then it’d be “f-etc”) but it’s sure as hell not “ect” Makes me so angry that I get all ranty, red in the face, spiky haired etc. ETC!
    OK, I can breathe again now.

  2. That recipe sounds amazing – and I didn’t realise gnocchi were that low in syns, so thanks for that too!! Will definitely give it a go.

  3. Thank you!! I thought it was just me being a grammar/spelling snob!! Its not the odd misspelling, its the crazy ‘text speak’.
    I LOVE your ‘turn of phrase’ though…’revelling stupidity like a dog in fox shit…..’. You certainly brighten my day! Congrats on your 1000 readers…but it’s obvious why! I’m stopping now before I get called your ‘fag hag’ & you and Paul have trouble getting through doors….head swell, I mean!!! :)x

  4. Yes,bad grammar and poor spelling was not tolerated in my school at all. I fear for the future technology soaked generations. Already social skills are dwindling as everyone shuffles along, noses in their phones using vile shortened text to communicate!

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  6. This sounds really good, im going to give it a go, do you need to put mustard in as i cant stand the taste of it.
    Reading that bit of your blog about the cat being sick had me laughing to myself, dont really know why because i have that problem with one of my dogs, instead of the carpet it usually ends up in my shoe’s……

  7. I blame Orange for their stupidly expensive ‘pay as you go’ text messaging costs of of the late Nineties. I was trying to explain this to my nine year old today. Trying to explain where all of the ‘rofl’, ‘lol, ‘lmao’, ‘roflmao’ disgracefullness came from in the first place; bloody trying to fit a text containing your evening plans into one message so it only cost you 10p, because we only had a fiver top up on our Nokia 3210.
    I’ve always tried to put actual English words and sentences in texts, even dirty ones. Otherwise we might as well give up on life.

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