weigh in week six – the results are in!

Not so exciting results this week!

jaymes – stayed the same

paul – -1lb off

total weight loss – 31.5lb!

Now, I should caveat those amounts by saying that I’m surprised, massively surprised, that I didn’t put on, given that I must have had a kilo of sweets last week thanks to the pick and mix debacle. Plus – staying the same isn’t the same as putting on, so I’m still happy – and Paul is pleased to toddle along!

That said – strict week for me. I’m off out on Friday night but will stick to vodka, hopefully. Paul is away at a hen weekend so he’ll probably come back Ten Ton Tessie, but that’s life!

We’re both completely fucked tonight so we’re having a super-early night! Something very tasty coming tomorrow mind… in time.