twochubbycubs’ slimming world pop tarts

There’s a title if ever there was one. Remember Pop Tarts? Those crunchy ‘biscuits’ that you’d put into the toaster and then spend eight years waiting for the interior to cool down from the middle-of-the-sun temperature they managed to get up to? We were always too poor for such fancies. I used to get sugar sandwiches and a flea in my ear if I dared to ask for such luxury.

Ah that’s mean and not true. We just used to get the Netto version – Pap Tarts, if you will, or even Plop Tarts. Or ‘Sugared Wafer Molten Jam Toaster Brick’. I dunno. 

Anyway, with the thought of such breakfast decadence in my mind, and partly because I’m sick to my scrotum of seeing that bloody ‘cat food and bread’ ‘steak bake’ getting plastered all over Facebook like genital warts, I thought we could have a bash at something new. 

Before we crack on with the recipe, just a quick message. We used something called Prutella rather than Nutella – Prutella is available from and is half the syns of Nutella (Nutella being 4 syns, Prutella being 2 syns). You can use Nutella just as easy – just hoy on two extra syns or spread the tablespoon a little thinner. We use Musclefood a lot for our meat – that and our local butcher, and they’re genuinely excellent for bulk meat delivery. They’ve kindly looked at our blog and, despite all the gags about anal sex and willies littering the recipes, have provided us with some new products to try. Now listen – we’re not going to turn into a big old advert, don’t you worry. If the meat tastes like I’m chewing on the ring of a condom, I’ll be sure to tell you. We’re our own people here!

Have a look at their opening offer for new customers and see what you think. You can do that by clicking here, and in the next post I’m going to break down what I think the syns are.

SO, where were we? Pop tarts! Go on, take a gander:

slimming world pop tartsRemember to chuck on two extra syns if you’re using Nutella.

to make these pop tarts, you’ll need:

  • one of those Kingsmill Wholemeal thins – one ‘sandwich’ is a HEB
  • a tablespoon of Nutella (4 syns) or Prutella (exactly the same taste but two syns, available here)
  • either a chopped banana or ten mini marshmallows (1 syn)
  • a drop of milk
  • the tiniest pinch of sugar (leave out if you want, but don’t bother with bloody sweetener)

then to assemble the pop tarts, just:

  • ‘butter’ both of the thins on one side with the Nutella/Prutella
  • put in the chopped banana or marshmallows
  • close it up like a sandwich
  • brush with a bit of milk
  • sprinkle with that tiny bit of sugar
  • put in the oven on 180 degree for about ten minutes but keep an eye on them!

It’s that easy!