100 syn free recipes – the two stone before Christmas challenge

Syn free recipes you say? Well, yes…

syn free recipes

I know, I’m an absolute stinker for talking about Christmas in September but look, I have a good reason. I do! I’m not sure when I publish a new page as opposed to a post whether it gets sent out to everyone on our mailing list so apologies if you already know this, but I’ve collected together 100 of our syn-free recipes in one handy place. Why? Because I get wet over copying and pasting, naturally.

No, it’s for a Christmas challenge. We are a weight loss blog after all! If you lose 2lb a week from now until Christmas, you’ll lose two stone. That’s two stone of empty stomach that you can stuff full of Celebrations, booze and roast dinners on Christmas Day in preparation for the New Year New You nonsense we’ll all invariably sign up to.

You can find the recipes by clicking right here!

Now, the favour I ask of you all is to send on this email – or post the link to the recipe page (www.twochubbycubs.com/christmas) – to whoever you want to do the challenge with. Post it in FB groups, share it on twitter. We’ll be doing this plan too so you can expect to see the tree a few times more!

Thanks all – I hope this helps!




17 thoughts on “100 syn free recipes – the two stone before Christmas challenge

  1. I think this is brilliant, not too early as Xmas is only 3 pay days away! To be honest I was starting to sneak in “wee treats” so needed to get back on track. Thanks you guys Xx

    • We haven’t got an app unfortunately, Mags would never allow it but just bookmark the page and you’ll always have the recipes to hand 🙂

  2. made the one pot chinese braised beef, well good will be making that over and over did not seam like a slimming recipe .not sure if I can do your challenge though !!

  3. I’ve shared the link and the Christmas tree with a SW friend, so ok, I’ll take up your baton! Except I only (? only – ha! It’s impossible!) need to lose a stone to reach my ultimate target (already lost 50lbs through exercise) so I hope I’m not excluded from the fun.
    September is not too early to mention the C word: I’ve just been making the C crackers. And I’ve bought half of Amazon ready to wrap.

  4. You guys are awesome, I will reach my final target weight following these recipes I am so so glad a friend gave me the link to here from Facebook ….thank you again and again

  5. Love your blog, it always makes me smile no matter what a shit day I’ve had. I’vr no willpower but I am definitely gonna try to lose a pound a week, if only to be able to put up a Christmas tree now and get away with it. X

  6. Hi, I am off sick for the nex 5 weeks recovering from a foot op, so don’t want to wobble back to work…as I have the time I am going to plough through your recipes and tips …well done for making me smile and want to go back to SW as soon as I can walk properly x

  7. Hi, I am taking up the challenge a little late but I have a stone and a half to lose so it will balance out. I have just found your site haven’t laughed so much in years, you are a gifted writer.

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