100 syn free recipes – the two stone before Christmas challenge

Syn free recipes you say? Well, yes…

syn free recipes

I know, I’m an absolute stinker for talking about Christmas in September but look, I have a good reason. I do! I’m not sure when I publish a new page as opposed to a post whether it gets sent out to everyone on our mailing list so apologies if you already know this, but I’ve collected together 100 of our syn-free recipes in one handy place. Why? Because I get wet over copying and pasting, naturally.

No, it’s for a Christmas challenge. We are a weight loss blog after all! If you lose 2lb a week from now until Christmas, you’ll lose two stone. That’s two stone of empty stomach that you can stuff full of Celebrations, booze and roast dinners on Christmas Day in preparation for the New Year New You nonsense we’ll all invariably sign up to.

You can find the recipes by clicking right here!

Now, the favour I ask of you all is to send on this email – or post the link to the recipe page (www.twochubbycubs.com/christmas) – to whoever you want to do the challenge with. Post it in FB groups, share it on twitter. We’ll be doing this plan too so you can expect to see the tree a few times more!

Thanks all – I hope this helps!