smoky sweet potato and bacon hash

Here for the smoky sweet potato and bacon hash? I won’t keep you! Well, that’s a fib, there’s the usual twochubbycubs’ guff to wade through…

Only a quick post tonight as we have a lot to do – I’m away all next week and we’re trying to spend some nights together. D’aww. Listen, in the almost ten years we’ve been together we’ve probably slept apart from each other less than ten times. Not bad eh! I don’t know if I can drop off without the sound of him choking on his fat-collar during the night and I’m sure he’s equally concerned that sleep will elude him if he doesn’t have the stench of last night’s dinner blasted in his direction in five minute intervals. Paul doesn’t sleep at night, he just passes out from holding his breath for so long. I might have to get room service to wrap a vending machine in 95% polyester and place it on the bed next to me just so I can relax.

In other news, we’ve finally secured tickets to the biggest show in town! Ahem. We applied at some point last year and they’ve finally found us a seat in the audience of…Question Time! No, of course not. We’re going on Judge Rinder. I know! I’m actually very much looking forward to it – it’s all a bit of a nonsense but he does make me laugh and he can do a mean dance, I’m told. I mentioned it in our facebook group and a few people are asking if we can make a sign so they know it’s us. Now come on – just wait for the complaints to OFCOM to roll in about the sofa-sized man with two heads nodding sagely in the background. That’s how you’ll know it’s us. We did apply for the Jeremy Kyle show but once they realised we had our own teeth and didn’t have ALL COPS R BASTURDS tattooed on our faces, we never heard from them again.

I’d love to go on TV, though – it would need to be the right vehicle, however. I certainly couldn’t be part of Geordie Shore for example, given I don’t look like a lump of mahogany varnished with jism. I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before: these people are not real Geordies. They’re barely real people. I’ve applied to go on The Chase but that’s only so I can make coo-eyes at Mark or Paul, but knowing my luck I’ll get The Governess and she’ll make me shit myself live on air before I get through the opening round. That’s not a slight against her, mind, I think she’s absolutely fabulous – she just reminds me too much of Miss Trunchbull from Matilda for comfort.

Paul just stuck his head in from the kitchen (I knew that pump would pay off!) to say he was once on Trisha! GASP. I didn’t know that about him. See, knowing his family as well as I do, I immediately imagined his mother throwing a chair across the studio and wheezing through nicotine-lacquered lungs about infidelity, but actually it turns out he was in the audience. Turns out that a) it’s a very long, boring business and b) Trisha is a right moody cow. Who knew? We’ve been advised that we can’t wear any sporting tops or anything with a big logo emblazoned across the front. I had to stop the chap on the phone right there – we buy our clothes from the garden centre, the worst thing that’s going to be stuck on our jumper is ‘40% OFF OUTSIZE FASHIONS BY STEFAN DENNIS’.

Now, remember our Christmas challenge? Lose 2lb a week until Christmas and that’s two stone lost? We’re both doing it and I’m glad to tell you that Paul lost 3lb and I lost 2.5lb. To say I’m seething is an understatement but don’t worry, I’ll have the last laugh when I’m spooning powdered glass into his Ovaltine later. Look, we went and coloured in our graph!

smoky sweet potato and bacon hash

Yeah, I miss the Knob-o-Meter too. If you want to take part, click here to go to the page with 100 syn free recipes. I’ve also updated the colouring charts at the bottom to take into account folks who want a completely blank one so they can set their own targets and also, because I’m canny, a chart suitable for them slim types who only want to lose 1lb a week. Hey, everyone’s on their own journey, after all.

RIGHT. So tonight’s meal – smoky sweet potato and bacon hash. This was bloody amazing! You can make it all in one pan or actually, you can do it all in an Actifry too! So either way is fine. This makes enough for breakfast for four people or a main meal for two.

smoky sweet potato and bacon hash

to make syn free smoky sweet potato and bacon hash, you’ll need:

  • six thick rashers of bacon, with the fat removed
  • two large sweet potatoes
  • 1 large red onion
  • 1 large red pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • four large eggs
  • a few sprays of oil

to make syn free smoky sweet potato and bacon hash, you should:

  • it’s really a matter of prep: cut your sweet potatoes into 1 inch slices and then into nice diced chunks – doesn’t need to be anything perfect, so just fart about with the knife
  • pop into the oiled pan (make sure it’s oven-proof) and let it cook gently for a little bit
  • slice your onion into reasonable chunks and chuck that in
  • and the pepper, of course, and add that
  • grill the bacon until crispy and then cut that into chunks too and put that into the pan with the paprika and salt – stir
  • on a medium heat, gently saute everything – add a bit more oil if things are running dry
  • you want everything to soften nicely
  • once everything is beginning to soften, take the pan off the heat, make four wells in the mixture and crack an egg into each one
  • cook in the oven on 180 degrees for about 15 minutes until everything is soft, golden and amazing!

Very easy!

ACTIFRY RECIPE: we did ours in the Actifry up until the point where it needed to go in the oven, but actually, we didn’t need to decant it into a pan after all…so if using an Actifry…

  • chop up your sweet potato, onion, pepper, salt and paprika and throw into the Actifry with the paddle in and a few squirts of oil for about 16 minutes until everything has softened nicely
  • take out the paddle
  • crack four eggs into wells you’ve made in the potato mix
  • turn the actifry back on and allow to cook for another 6 minutes or so until the egg is cooked through

We love our Actifry – it can be a bit moody sometimes but it makes perfect food every time. It’s available on Amazon for the lowest I’ve seen it for a while, hence me mentioning it. Click here for that!

Done! Easy, eh? Right, if you’re after more breakfast or other  ideas, give the buttons below a whirl!

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14 thoughts on “smoky sweet potato and bacon hash

  1. All these years I have had an actifry (love it) and I never thought about not using the paddle. I will give this a go – thanks guys.

  2. My week is not complete without a blog from you both – as a newbie on the Slimming World journey – don’t you hate that word, sounds so glam when we all know it’s bloody hard work – discovered you about 4+ weeks when I was causing mayhem in the class just one month in realizing the mood needed a little lift – I was getting annoying with Slimmer of Week each week – lost 1 stone 7lbs in just 6 weeks and my God, there are woman wishing to throw themselves under a bus because they’ve only lost 1/2lb – in my house that’s two poos and a wee – anyway, keeping it real is my motto and with a father who was a big, brash, Scots chef extraordinaire, I needed a “diet” that meant I could still cook and if it did not have chorizo or cheese – forget it – I was pointed in your direction and with my best friend Mark about to marry his long-term partner on Saturday and even doing a SW friendly buffet just for me – what a love – knew as a committed fag hag, I had found nirvana when I read your blog – I’m a 51 year old women who after childbirth needs to careful when I laugh but you made me roar – keep it up and we’ve eaten a week’s worth of your recipe meals and my husband is much impressed – I’ve to lose 8 stone 9lbs – yes, I am THAT FAT – but 20 July next year in Majorca I will not be the fattest around the pool – I wasn’t when last in Greece but not sure they have that many Russians in Majorca – now those women are BIG – keep up the good work you two mad fools.

    • You go girl! You can do it! And EVERYONE needs an enemy in class! Thanks for reading, and keep us posted! I wanna see a photo of you in a bikini by next July!

  3. I made this this evening…twas lush! I think I must have had particularly hard sweet potatoes though as they took ages to cook. It was definitely worth the wait though 🙂

  4. I love your blog. I read your book whilst on holiday this year. I can honestly say I have never laughed aloud so much as I did when reading yours. I’m looking forward to the next one.
    You have inspired me to join slimming world (again) and I love the recipes and your opinion on tweaking.
    Thank you so much, you make dieting a lot easier.

  5. Hi guys, I only stumbled across your blog today .. yes today .. i honestly don’t know how I’ve coped without it over the years. The blog’s interesting and most of all fun. You should write a book!

    Thanks for the fun and the tips.

  6. Only recently found you guys and tried several recipes already! Last night we tried the sweet potato and bacon hash but we added a little twist! Reduced fat corned beef making it 1.5 syns and it was lush. I mean it would of been lush without the corned beef too. You guys are amaing 🙂

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