a big thank you from twochubbycubs!

Well, this is exciting, is it not?

It’s been exactly two years since our first recipe – a curry loaf that looked like someone had pooed out a polysterene brick and presented in that awful comic-book style we thought was a great, unique idea. It wasn’t. You don’t know stress until you’ve attempted to distil a complex risotto recipe into four pictures and five speech-bubbles.

It was never going to last, we thought, because who wants to read about two fat mincers from Newcastle who do very little and moan all the time?

Turns out quite a lot of you, actually! We’ve grown in these last two years from a tiny little blog into something that we can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of doing. I remember getting to 100 subscribers, then into the low thousands and now we’re over 11,000 of you who want us to come in your inbox once a day. We can’t manage that anymore (we’re getting old) but we usually manage to get it up for you at least four times a week, and that’s not bad. The focus of the blog shifted right at the start – we planned on being a ‘recipe’ bank, posting a new recipe every day (we’ve got over 370 now!), but give me a platform and I start chuntering – most blogs fall on their arse within a few weeks because of lack of comments and feedback – not a problem with me. I’d cheerfully talk to a brick wall.  We’ve got 26,000 in our group on Facebook (which we only allow a few people in at a time to stop all the posts about how many syns in a fucking Brooklea yoghurt) and, incredibly, 100,000 likes on Facebook. I find that mind-blowing and I could not be more grateful.

One thing that I hope runs right through this blog is our love of Slimming World. Christ knows that, as a diet, it has some major flaws (avocado anyone? Tweaking? Sweetener in a bolognese?) but we remain members and love the ethos of it all. I do like to think we provide a bit of a counter for all the sugary flim-flam they’re keen on pushing – no-one is on a journey, for goodness sake, we’re all just big balls of fat and muscle trying to fit into an aeroplane seat without them having to let the stitching out on the chairs. I dread to think what Slimming World think of us, but I like to imagine that occasionally our Fierce Overlord “Mags” puts down her gold-plated Chat magazine, lights up her 60th prison-rollie of the day with her penis-shaped SHAGALUF lighter and cackles and coughs her way through our posts like everyone else. There’s a love and a warmth in Slimming World that doesn’t come through in other diets and that’s why we stick with it, even if we don’t really follow the diet 100% all the time. I hope that shows. We certainly get plenty of messages from consultants who chuckle at our descriptions…aah SW, you should have returned my calls, all my disposable income and sass could have been yours! Right, some memories…

All links below will open in new windows, don’t worry.

I asked our facebook group and page for some memories and the feedback was amazing – the time Paul got bitten by a horse was a favourite, as was the night we got caught getting up to dickens by a farmer in the quietest tractor ever. The cats have featured heavily, as you’d expect, and Bowser’s trip to the vets or Sola’s hankerin’ for a spankin’ getting top billing. You’ve come with us to Ireland, Corsica, New York, Iceland, Cornwall and er…Peterborough. Who could forget our wonderful day out at Lands End (not me, I’m still paying for the counselling) or Paul dealing with the rep in Corsica with his cock hanging out?

You’ve hopefully laughed along with us as I shut a fart in a cupboard, fell out of a hammock, shouted uuuuuuuuuuuunt at a car, met the in-laws, exposed my hairy arse to a station load of waiting Germans, went accidental dogging, had an MRI scan (“vulnerable as I am on a metal tray being slid into a giant Samsung-branded sphincter”), explained in no uncertain terms what I think of tweaking, accidentally put a gaping bumhole up on facebook instead of a steak recipe, absolutely nailed what it is like to be a Slimming World member, created a new enemy in the car park, spent five hours not buying a caravan, ruined a tourist’s selfies…the list goes on! We’ve certainly had fun.

Actually, that’s one of the best things about this blog for me and Paul – we’ve now got a record of the last two years of our lives that we can look back on and enjoy. We have always said that we’ll keep doing the blog as long as it stays fun to do and, thanks in absolutely no small part to the wonderful folk in our group, page and who comment, it is fun. We love to laugh and hope that we’ve tickled you at some point. We’ve had about six complaints in all of the time we’ve done this blog – three of those were because we swear too much, which I abso-fucking-lutely took on board. One was about advertising but I’ve always kept that subtle:


Another complaint came because I made a poor taste gag (“shaking like Josef Fritzl on Through the Keyhole“) and the clincher complaint was some moon-faced harlot whinging because we didn’t do enough to support her despite sending her recipes, advising her on what to eat and checking on her. I presume she wanted us to get a bus to Leeds, chew her food for her and spit it in her mouth like a fucking swallow. Ha!

Of course, it hasn’t all been shits and giggles – there’s been some sad times too, and having this blog has given me an outlet I previously struggled to find. The week my gran died was both a low and a high point, when not a day goes by that I don’t miss her, I was able to pour out my grief in the only way I could – laughter and fondness. She died before the blog really took off, but I reckon she would have been tickled pink had I told her about getting a mention, albeit she probably would have preferred to be alive first.

There’s also been a couple of posts that touch on my anxiety, too – I struggle with health anxiety and whilst I’m usually very up, when the downs come, they come hard. Just like Paul. But here’s an interesting thing. When I ‘lapse’ now and start fretting, I can look back at previous entries where I mentioned I definitely had something awful and see, with hindsight, how silly it was. I feel fantastic at the moment. Let that be a quick message to anyone else suffering with anxiety – it can, does and definitely will get better. It never seems like it when you’re low, but trust this big old gay, it absolutely does.

Perhaps the lowest point of all though – even surpassing death and anxiety – was what happened this March. Even now it makes me feel sick, worried and regretful, and I’m a bloody strong person. It’ll absolutely take some getting used to, I know that, but I reckon I’m not going to be right for another couple of years. Changed my life? Yep. Ruined my life? Almost. But see, Paul was so desperate for change. So we bought a fucking Smart car.

Of course, you can read all of our previous entries in a lovely book, available right here!

Finally, let’s get this wrapped up – we owe the biggest thanks to YOU lot. No, honestly, we do! As I said before, I’d type even if no-one read what I garbled onto the page, but our page-views (now easily 60,000 – 70,000 a day) says we’re doing something right. We get so many lovely messages from folk who enjoy what we do and tell us it’s invigorated them or lit a spark in their dieting, private messages with ideas and thoughts, comments left on the blog from you good folk about what you like. We’re massive softies under the cynical, jaded fronts we put out and some of the stuff proper moves us, which as anyone on a Slimming World diet knows, is bloody important. We do read every comment and although we’re crap at replying (we work full time!) don’t think we’re not grateful! We love what this blog has become and we love you all – so thank you, thank you very much 🙂

A final favour, and this would REALLY make us happy – please do leave a comment on this post, either via WordPress or Facebook, just letting us know of a moment or bit of wording that has made you laugh. We forget so many that it really does wonders for us! We’re not looking for anyone to stroke our egos but it would just be brilliant!

Here’s to another year!

James, and of course, Paul



131 thoughts on “a big thank you from twochubbycubs!

  1. I love the emails, I love the humour. I love the recipes and the Facebook page. Thank you for everything you do. It makes me smile every day.

  2. I don’t normally comment ( well only in my head…coz I’m never wrong then am I?!?) but Thank you!
    You have mad me laugh,cry,cringe and shout out loud with joy. But I have recommended and encouraged all Slimming worlders to go on and join in with your dose of recipes, tips and regular chuckles galore?.
    Like you 2 I am up and down with my commitment to SW but can always turn it on when needed!!!
    Thank you again but please…..Dont Stop!!xx

  3. Everything you do shows two guys who love life, love food, struggling with it at the same time, but willing to share some fab recipes you have adapted. Thank you for that. It has been a pleasure to be part of this and I love the blogs……………………always make me smile and that is what life is all about xx

  4. Boys I’ve never laughed so much as I do when reading your posts, admittedly I live a very sad life and also find cat videos on YouTube funny so take that how you will. ?

  5. Only found your blog/recipes a few weeks ago but really enjoying catching up with you! Too funny to read at work though !! My favourite recipe so far is the “real” quiche. Amazing! Only problem is my hubby has just tried a bit and loved it…. that’s MY SW food!! Stick to your chicken and chips (actifried) mate. Also I bought a mandolin cos you said so. Keep it up (as they say!)…. and many thanks for the fun and food xxx

  6. Please keep doing what you do , i sit at work waiting for your blog and even re read them just to make me giggle , i have copied so many recipes of your , all have been great and i just love the thought of you both in your smart car xx

  7. I’m very new to ur page but so far so good.im really enjoying looking through all ur recipes.i love your honesty n wording about the “slimming world diet” .I also like the fact that u don’t take it all too seriously either n that sometimes life just gets in the way.keep up the good work x

  8. I accidentally came across your posts after spotting a recipe on FB. I clicked on the link, which took me to the blog and I have been an avid follower since. I get some great ideas for meals, even though I’m not on SW. I’m just a perimenopausal skinny cow with dodgy lungs and a belly that I try and get rid of now and then! Keep up the good work!

  9. Love everything you do 🙂 sat in bed in France chuckling away! Its not often my husband is ok with 2 lads from Newcastle coming in my inbox a couple of times a week but there we are…. Keep up the good work!

  10. I only came across you (oo-err Missus) last Friday, having re-joined SW after trying WW and not really liking the bitch group leader, and putting on tons in the interim. So I tried the potato wedges on Saturday night, with steak and they were delicious. Today I did the sweet potato and bacon hash, and have just had it for dinner in work – absolutely lovely (although I put it in too high an oven and had hard eggs, but hey-ho). I forgot – but also realise – that cooking from scratch is quite central to SW and your own success, it’s good to actually see and know what you are putting in your mouth, and you have made it so much easier, and far more fun, than I thought possible. I really look forward to trying all these lovely recipes, and love the whole tone of this website. Winter food is going to be fab. First week – 7.5 lbs off, so I’m chuffed to bits. Thanks for keeping my interest up – I would have been bored already! I love this site. Jude xxx

    • An Australian said never, ever say ‘g’day’ to an Australian because it’s annoying, so I’ll just say CHEERS SHEILA and I hope I get away with it 😉

  11. Love your humour and your books not forgetting the fab recipes. Thanx for all your hard work. Don’t know how you fit it all in!xx

  12. I discovered your blog by accident whilst looking for healthy recipes to help shift some baby weight I’d put on having my little boy. I’m so glad I did discover it. Not only do you give out really good recipes you make me laugh out loud with your stories. Just what I need when I’ve had a shitty day (sometimeS literally) at home with 2 small kids. Keep doing and writing what you do. Love your blog and always happy when my email thing pings and it’s a new email from you xxx

  13. Paul and James, I ‘stumbled’ across your Facebook page a few months back, and to be honest, I haven’t looked back. I enjoy cooking, love my cookbooks BUT your recipes are what I look at first and last and they are real which I love you both for along with your hilarious stories and down to earth attitude. Please keep going because I look forward to ‘seeing’ you each day ?

  14. I read everyone of your posts and really enjoy them . Your recipies are great and I love hearing what you guys have been up to. Always so funny! Thanks xxxxxx

  15. I think you’re absolutely bloody fantastic. Every time I read a post I’m chuckling….

    My partner must think I’ve finally lost the plot! He’s certainly started to give me strange looks over his computer monitor when I’m perusing your site.

    Please keep posting. Xxx

  16. I have been reading your blogs for just over a year and a half now and although I enjoy the recipes what I most look forward to is your story’s on your life I have set in the office at lunch and actually laughed out loud at your blog it just makes my day to actually have a rip roaring laugh so again many thanks keep up the good work xx??

  17. Love your humour, filthy words, pussies (of the feline variety – of course) and general Geordie point of view. Congrats on 2 years of writing and brightening our lives. I giggle out loud at every blog, so much that the response now from my hubby is “Cub update then….so what have the Boys been up to this time?” ❤️?? LOVE LOVE LOVE xxx

  18. Love u guys. Best reads ever nd amazing step by step recipes. Thank you for the funny times guys nd I’ve bought both your books love em xxxx

  19. The colonic irrigation tale made me giggle like an eejit. I love the blog, the recipes, the rants, the drama and everyone’s comments on their experiences of SW. I’ve been having a really shit time recently (although things are now improving) and, although I haven’t commented, the posts have still managed to make me smile. Keep it up (double entendre)… X

  20. I love you guys, and read every post. My favourite was when you were talking about a girl at work who ends every sentence with “eh ” and you said that Pauls ( ?) Dad was the only person you knew who could interrupt himself whilst talking by saying “eh ” in the middle of the sentence . Oh God, I laughed out loud at that ! I had to and I quote ” Go sit on the bog for half an hour with my fist in my gob trying not to laugh ”
    Never ever change guys, we love you EXACTLY the way you are !

  21. Boys, I have honestly had one of the worst years of my life. But your blog has a) stopped me from eating my feelings like Bridget Jones on a bender and more importantly b) made me cry laughing (once, awkwardly while having a sneaky look at work). Thanks for keeping me the right side of chubby and sane!

  22. I loved your honeymoon report on the Dibb and have only just found your blog and the Peterborough trip made me howl. Think your idea of a trip blog is excellent. Keep it up! (Ahem!)

  23. As a couple we started ‘unofficial SW’ in April after being given the 7 day kick start from a friend. The same friend signposted us to you guys and we haven’t looked back! We have each lost 2 stone and laugh together at your blogs. Everything we cook is either yours or s a SW recipe! Whilst on a recent holiday to Italy read your fb post for the Chinese beef and can’t wait to try this at the weekend. I am now sending links to my son! Please don’t stop the blog or the recipe posts it gives us inspiration and humour to the everyday diet!

  24. Thank you guys I love your recipies Your blogs make me laugh out loud so often, it’s a good job I live alone. I have also got both you books,

  25. As a middle aged fatty woman, I should probably be shocked, or even a little outraged at some of the….directness of your posts! Instead they are witty, clever, life affirming and downright fabulous. I am trying and failing to follow SW at the moment, but find your recipes inspiring, even if I have only tried one or two, oops. Your zest (insert Amazon link here!) for life is a lesson to everyone, I love how you obviously love each other, and cats, which makes everything right in the world. Thanks, and keep ’em coming! (Julian Clary eat your heart out….)

  26. Your such a breathe of fresh air, NOT, your too rude for that kind of comment haha ! you just always make me laugh , I quite often nearly choke on my drinks or spit them half way across the room, when reading your blog xx I love your wit and wicked sense of humour x Please boys, don’t ever stop !

  27. Just love u both .Please keep ur blog going u make me laugh ,and losing weight doesn’t seem so bad at times Keep up the brilliant work u are doingJ ,Jean xx

  28. I’ve only been reading your blogs for a short time (on recommendation of my daughter who absolutely loves you) and you’ve made each day a joy. I love your wicked sense of humour and the recipes. Keep em coming boys, by the way how many fucking syns are there in a Brooklea yoghurt???

  29. Just love you guys. You’re so hilarious and have a way with words that is unique. Love SW too and the recipes are excellent. Don’t care about swearing-life’s too @&$*$&@$ short for that. Oh and I’ve lost 4 stone of blubber. X??

  30. Love you guys! Sitting here in bed on my lonesome ownsome as hubby is away working….open up my emails and here you are! There’s nothing (well, almost nothing) like a good laugh before bed….no rude comments please! Keep up the good work, l know you put a lot of time and effort into this and it is very much appreciated, xxxxx

  31. I smile immediately when your blog pops into my mail box and loved your book, just brilliant. very soon I will get back on ‘the plan’ with your recipes xx

  32. Your blog always puts a smile on my face and your recipes are always at hand when I struggle with inspiration. You lay your lives out in print in a candid and humorous way that I think we all enjoy. Chubby cubs is regularly mentioned in my SW class as a page to check out when anyone is struggling to know what to cook. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping the blog going and the recipes coming. xx

  33. Every time i see a post from you guys, i know im in for fits of laughter! I love your point of view on the world and each other. The recipes were how i found you (and i love them), but the humor is why i come back for every post!

  34. Taking sugar tits out for dinner!!! Nearly peed myself laughing. I am bipolar, was having a bad day and I swear that one comment kept me going all day. Thanks for the bitching and the humour. Love it xx

  35. Love love your blog and your recipes, some of my very favourite reads are the spats with your neighbour, your descriptions are so vivid I can picture him and put my own face to him, probably nothing like him in reality but oh how I laugh. Keep them coming please we need more like You guys in our lives xxx

  36. Love the recipes – and am very into tweaking or is that twerking??? Have also enjoyed reading about your exploits and the places you have travelled to. Keep up the good work you make an awful lot of people smile x

  37. I absolutely love you guys. I can’t say that there is one particular thing that makes me laugh as there have been so many. Just know that as soon as I see twochubbycubs in my inbox it is opened up straight away as I know I will usually have a good giggle as well as another amazing recipe. Thank you so much and please don’t stop. xxx

  38. I only found you a few months ago, but have fallen, deeply and irrevocably in lurve with you both. you’ve made me literally laugh out loud. and you’ve also made me look at myself, think about what i’m eating (or not). and being a proud Cornish maid i’d like to apologise for lands end, even the locals don’t visit….what does that tell ya! as for smart cars, well I was a passenger in a “sports version” oh my dear lord above, I damn near broke my hips getting in. I don’t go down that low for the hubster lol ……much love from cornwall.

  39. Boys I’m 69 a great age to be. Love your blogs. Laugh until tears run down my face, try to read them to husband who is looking at me as if I’m mad but can’t read the best bits for laughing. You should be on the national health. Wouldn’t want to start the day any other way xxxx

  40. Loving your work! a recent devotee . Find you bitchy comments far more entertaining that the saccharine ( splendour?) sweetness of all the luvvlies in the real SW groups. Your blog has nearly made me want to attend a group – then I think of the Peter Kay sketch with the clapping and stop myself!

  41. I have only recently discovered you and wished I had known about you ages ago but I haven’t been on slimming world long. You make each day start with a laugh and that is the best tonic. The recipes are a bonus really as I would read your blog anyway!! Long may it continue xxx

  42. You make me laugh so much! And you’ve made me not scared of slimming world. .. I look forward to many more posts…. Thank you xxx

  43. Haha the Fritzel joke was the absolute best!!! Superb recipe ideas too. I used to be a sw consultant so i have a love for the diet but a strong cynicism for the company and your blog hits it spot on for me!! Love it x

  44. I have only recently discovered you.Now I sit reading your blogs & laughing like a maniac at your antics , whilst the rest of the family say, look Mums off again!
    I’m a full time carer so your tales really lighten my day.
    Love your recipes, Sausage stroganoff ,fake KFC & parmesan chicken have been well received by all, thank you.

  45. Oh my! You guys kill me … what a fantastic post! I was crying with laughter and crying with empathy of your struggles with life at times and of course the loss of your lovely nana ? Thank you for sharing your lives with us ??

  46. Hi guys, Brilliant to know you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you. Love some of these recipes you publish, can’t say I read all your messages as I’m too busy cooking! If you have offended some people due to your swearing then all I can say is “if u don’t like it then don’t read or join in”! Personally I love you guys. Carry on the good work. Xxx

  47. I love your recepies they are brilliant, I also like reading your posts you bring a massive smile, keep them coming thank you x

  48. Big thank you to you great guys, for giving me back my love of food and slimming world and for the fantastic recepies, really gave me my mojo back when I was struggling!! Thanks for the comment on anxiety, sometimes leaving the house can be a struggle and knowing there are others out there that also know the feeling is a big relief!! Thanks guys for everything you do on your wonderful page, love it!! Lou xx

  49. Even if I’d never been to Slimming World, I would still piss myself reading your blog. But I have, and that makes it even better! I think a highlight for me was the caravan post. Keep up the great work!

  50. Once I got used to reading about the specifics of a loving gay relationship, I have been an avid follower since the beginning of the year – you make me laugh a lot, and you made me cry just now reading your comment on anxiety. I am in an unusual low for me at the moment (for reasons which I will not bore you with), and it so struck a chord. Oh, and by the way, your recipes are great – imaginative and relatively easy for me (a reluctant cook at the best of times) to follow – me being a person who would happily have an ‘Arthur’ or a ‘Jeeves’ to present me with a delectable and healthy dish at every meal ! You so remind me of one of the best friends I ever had, in my twenties, who was quite crazy and gay!
    Thank you for being so different.

  51. Hi, love getting your emails, the mirth, sarcasm and wit! Priceless! ? I’ve tried the Muscle Food, bought your honeymoon ebook and my next purchase will be your other book. Thank you and keep it up ? the writing that is ? x

  52. Love ur blog find if u can,t have a laugh the world would be very dull so thanks to u both hope u carry on blogging loving &dieting.Xxx???

  53. How on earth do we “pick” one thing ???????????? There are so many to choose from !!!
    One that I really enjoyed was reading about your false claims when the ambulance chasers
    call you especially when you said that “on impact one of your eyes fell out !!! ” but hey the
    task you have asked is impossible, just NEVER stop and we will all be happy, you are amazing and so
    verbally talented you should be on prescription.

  54. Absolutely love you guys and your wee stories at the start of all the recipes really lift my spirits and oh boy do i laugh. Thank you please dont stop. X

  55. I’m a newby to your site and to be honest what got my attention was your blog. I can remember reading a post on my first day and crying with laughter. Your emails make me smile and laugh and the food is good too!! Thank you xxxx

  56. Absolutely love your posts. So look forward to reading each and everyone that comes in. And while you may think everyone just wants to get to the recipe, I think truly it’s the opposite. We all just love your humour and slant on life, so it’s the chat we’re really after. I most regularly catch up with you in bed before I snuggle down to sleep as a bit of light reading then I laugh so loud my partner makes me read it out to him. The trip to Lamdsend, well you took every single thing I thought about it too out of my head and put it into your words so that really cracked me up, such a shame it used to be so so beautiful and free ! when we were children. You have a great talent, never stop.

  57. So just how many syns are in a Brooklea yogurt?
    Keep doing what you do boys, a big dollop of humour on a side plate never made anyone gain an ounce!
    Big loves x

  58. I cannot think of 1 thing that amused me as every story you tell me I repeat to my hubby we both think that yous are hilarious and look forward to the stories as much as the recipes keep up the good work xxxx

  59. Gentlemen,

    Without your site, I would struggle with Slimming World. I’d have ‘one of those days’ and then think ‘feck it’ and seriously fall off the wagon.

    But I don’t, because I get regular emails from you both, which are damned funny but also touching, honest and remind me that I’m human and to err is just that.

    Oh, I almost forgot the bloody brilliant recipes, too…which I see and think ‘that looks nice’ so I cook it, rather than reaching for the take-away menu (which I did tonight incidentally, but I have had an absolute bitch of a week – although I have taken some Musclefood chicken out of the freezer to get back on the wagon tommorrow!) 😉

    Keep up the amazing work chaps – ruddy legends!

  60. I read your blog cos laughing my ass off is ” body magic ” right?????? If it is you guys will get me to my platinum shiny sticker keep it coming x

  61. You are certainly a huge part of my Slimming world planning. I make my shopping list every Friday with your recipes next to me planning the next weeks meals, the writing is illegible at times due to hysterical laughter. You guys are such an uplifting inspiration and soooooooo fun. I have taken your thoughts on tweaking totally on board and say ‘fuck it!’ Several times a meal in my head ?
    Thank you thank you thank you for all the laughs

  62. my days would not be the same without you to brighten them up and cheer me up. i look forward to your eventful days and your rants with baited breath dont ever change boys love you to bits.

  63. I’ve only recently joined your group and i think you are really funny and give us a laugh and good recipes . Keep it up loving it.

  64. The best thing about finding Slimming World was discovering you two adorable chubby guys! I have not laughed so much in years and the recipes are great! Knowing about other people struggling to lose weight and keeping their sense of humor makes it worthwhile. Keep it up—you help and make a difference! X O X

  65. I discovered your blog whilst searching for a SW recipe. Did me more good than any recipe + I check my emails daily hoping for a post to make me laugh. Every post so far has made me cry laughing… sometimes I even try the recipes.
    Keep up the great work – you should be available on the NHS – you’re way better than antidepressants !!!

  66. OMG “what is it like to be a Slimming World member ” this just made me chuckle out loud. I’m so happy that I found your blog a couple of months ago. I love the endless banter mixed together with truth and the fabulous recipes. Keep up the fabulous work boys! Xxxx ? ? ? ?

  67. Off the top of my head, two of the bits of writing that have caused me guffaw out loud at my desk and then have to pretend I’m having a coughing fit (I’m a receptionist in a fancy-schmantz offices) were when Paul got his arse-cheek pinched by a sun-lounger and the bit about different colours of scarves displaying your sexual predelictions – the Monte Cristo! Ha ha ha ha!
    I love your writing style, oh yeah and the use of acrostics with cooking instructions!

  68. Been reading the blogs and I can’t think of anything original to say about you two so i will just say that you are funny, fabulous, flirtatious, and like me, fat and struggling but loving SW. Any more Fs I can think of?? Probably- but dont want to upset your 1 reader who objects to it. The thousands and thousands of other happy readers owe you a massive effing debt of gratitude for the love and attention that you dedicate to this site. We love you; and it; and your food!!

    • Going through my backlog of email, deleting as I go but couldn’t help but read yours as they’re so funny. Please keep it up, you give me a giggle in my otherwise giggleless life xxx

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