merry Christmas: eat, drink and be merry!

‘ey up you lot – not a recipe post today, but rather just a simple message of goodwill from us twochubbycubs!

Christmas comes but once a year – no-one got to their deathbed and, upon reflecting on their life decisions, regrets and worries, turned to their loved ones and said ‘thank fuck I didn’t have a bit of Christmas pudding back in 1993’. Life is for living, after all! To that end, if you find yourself slumped in a chair on Christmas Day evening, face covered in all manner of sauces (including mannonaise, you filthy bitch), don’t feel glum: it’s another day. Just start again – you’ll crap most of it out anyway, then just go for a brisk walk or two and you’ll be cooking on gas.

The only thing stopping me from being ambulanced to the nearest A&E with blue lips is the fact every time I go to the fridge to get food Paul shrieks that I can’t eat that, this and the other because it’s FOR CHRISTMAS. God knows what he’s expecting to happen on Christmas Day but if there’s a nuclear holocaust, nip over to ours: we’ve got enough Waitrose party food to last us until our teeth fall out and our sphincters slough away from our bodies.

The other side of that coin is simple – if you’re one of those types who stay on plan over Christmas, more power to your elbow. But…

Eee, honestly.

Finally, before we go, just a colossal huge thank you to every single person who donated to our cat and dog shelter appeal this month – we ended up raising, when you factor in Gift Aid, £4,350! How absolutely amazing is that – it’ll make such a massive difference to the animals stuck in the shelter, I can promise you.

Have an amazing Christmas all, and we’ll see you in the New Year…