announcement: it’s TV time for the cubs!

God I hate writing about ‘us’ in the third person, but I couldn’t get the title to work. I promised you an update, a salacious one, and then merrily forgot to update because a) we’re unspeakably lazy and b) we’re surprisingly busy and c) my tonsils have decided they want out and are rebelling against me. Lots of people are suggesting going to the doctors but I don’t want to explain why each tonsil has a perfect imprint of a bellend pushed into it like wet clay. So I’m riding it out, but you best believe I’ve lived on nothing but fags and ice-cream for the last three days. I’m looking after me.


We’re on the telly! For a change, it’s not some blurry footage of me getting bummed in a lorry park either, which at least my mother is thankful for (though no-one forces her to hold the camera, just sayin’). Nope, we’re on THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, Tuesday 5th, 8pm on ITV. See if you can spot us in the trailer below (I’ll give you a clue, we’re the ones who look like Jeremy Spake’s stunt doubles wandering in from the cold).

There’s blog stories a-plenty coming about this, but the basic conceit is that you go on the show, pledge to do something significant and challenging and then you have a year to do exactly that. You go see Davina for a wee chat, film yourselves throughout the year and then come back a year later to reveal all. It’s a lovely programme and, how could we not? We applied and they turned down my original pledge to taste-test a chap from each town in the UK with a population over 5,000, but we got talking about weight loss and this snowballed into ‘THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, DAVINA, WE WILL LOSE TWENTY STONE BETWEEN US’.

Well, we had to:

Crikey. No spoilers, of course. You’ll have seen we have lost a little weight, but did we do it? Did we make a big change? Did we do the right thing by our readers and follow our own recipes and lose weight? Are we proof that not synning avocado, not drowning everything in Frylight and not making apple turnovers and cream horns from Quark and wraps will help you lose weight?

Wait and see! Wish us luck!




20 thoughts on “announcement: it’s TV time for the cubs!

  1. You’ve got this, I lost with SW but have been maintaining for 12+ months and need to lose another 6 stone – been sort of mucking about if I am honest, feeling good at size 18 instead of 26 but the reality is I need to push on through – upping the exercise and not eating Pringles of a Saturday night might help (my downfall!). Love your recipes and always pointing out SW group to your blog, love it when some come back and say “oh the language was a bit ripe but I roared with laughter” – you’re both a tonic (and remember if having a G&T, Syn it!).

  2. Stick to your lovely recipes —-JUST EAT LESS! Good luck. Keep us all up to date with your antics. Will see you Tuesday.

  3. Probably the only time i will watch Dav just to see you in the flesh (less flesh)! Your recipes and comments make me howl laughing (If only that burnt calories) 😂

  4. Stars at last! Hope you mentioned your blog on the show (hmmm can you mention cubs on TV? ). Can’t wait to watch it. And keep up the good work, it’s not often I laugh out loud, but you make me do proper (big)belly laughs. Thanks for all your hard work xx

  5. Have only just watched the show, you’ve both done fantastically well! Looking great guys, I’ll take inspiration from you as loosely following SW but not properly and just the thought of doing boot-camp….. makes me sweat!! Loving reading your stories too, absolutely hilarious, I love them! Keep up the good work guys, sending much love xx

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